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The Parable of the Cupcakes and the Male Spaces

When did vagina cupcakes become a thing?
When did vagina cupcakes become a thing?

Welcome, my brethren, to the Church of Jesus Christ Going His Own Way From Icky Girls. Today’s sermon is a reflection on the Parable of Cupcakes Invading Male Spaces Because Vagina.

Please turn to MGTOW 2:8109 and read along with me.

Cupcakes are busybodies who feel entitled to invade male spaces just because vagina while demanding to have female only spaces.
For truly, they are like baked goods, with vaginas.
[M]en act differently when cupcakes are around and cupcakes don’t understand why sometimes men want to just be with other men … . 
Verily, we are blinded by the light of their vaginae, and seek a refuge in which we can free ourselves from the foul temptation to behave decently for two minutes in the hope that one of these cupcakes will shine the light of her vagina upon us.
[B]lue pill men refuse to believe anything about cupcakes’ nature unless they experience it first hand, or … discover their special cupcake’s previous proclivities … .
For all men completely freak out at the notion of a woman having had sex with other people before them, right?
However, the men might have fun and cupcakes don’t like it when men have fun without them since cupcakes believe the world revolves around them and their almighty vagina.
And that is not the case even though we MGTOWs spend every waking moment obsessing about these filthy sexy vagina-having cupcakes.
If their vaginae aren’t needed for men to have fun, they lose their power and nothing upsets cupcakes more.
Hell hath no fury like a cupcake whose vagina is scorned. We’re pretty sure. I mean, these sexy bad evil vagina cupcakes are all mad that we don’t want to hang out with them, right?
Cupcakes are far more interested in controlling as many men as they can in all circumstances and male only spaces makes it harder for them to do so which is why they invade.
Get thee behind me, cupcake! 

NOTE: Well, a question, anyway. When exactly did vagina cupcakes — I mean the real, baked kind — become a thing? I mean, if you do an image search for “vagina cupcakes” there are gazoodles of pictures of them.


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7 years ago

“Please, please stop these horrible women from hurting my feelings!”

6 years ago

I know I’m REALLY late to the party, but if they spent more time eating cupcakes they’d likely have much happier women and happier women are much more likely to not care if they turn the garage into a man cave or go drink beer with the guys every week.

just sayin’….

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