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"A man’s nut is sacred," pickup douchebag Roosh V declares. And it gets worse from there.

One Warning Sign A Guy Is a Rapey Creep: He's This Guy
Roosh V: One Giant Warning Sign

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The lovely piece of human garbage that is Roosh Valizadeh recently posted a helpful little list of “6 Warning Signs A Girl Isn’t Worth A Relationship.”

It’s a bit of an ironic list, in that Roosh, a self-described expat “love tourist” who makes his living giving men terrible dating advice, inadvertently provides any “girls” reading his list 6 Clear Warning Signs That Roosh is an Angry Sexual Predator Who Should Be Avoided at All Costs.

Roosh starts by warning his readers about the terrible plague of the music changers.

The first thing I do when get a girl over to my shack is put on some music. Depending on the mood I’m trying to set, I’ll go with something like The Weeknd, Vanessa da Mata, or Michael Jackson. As I’m making drinks, if she goes to the laptop, cuts off my music, then pulls up her own music on YouTube, she’s only getting fucked that night and never again. Even though she wants to play “this one song,” I cut her crap off and put mine back on. I say, “If you wanted to listen to your music you should’ve invited me to your place.”

Anyone that touchy about someone changing his music is not exactly great boyfriend material.

Several more items reveal Roosh to be someone who bristles with rage whenever a woman, in his mind, disrespects him. If a woman texts someone while on a date and doesn’t apologize for it, for example, Roosh feels that “you might as well hand her your balls.”

And then his list gets very dark indeed. TRIGGER WARNING for rape apologia dark.




The Fifth Horseman of the Warning Sign Apocalypse is this: Asking you to postpone your orgasm so she can gain more pleasure.”

As Roosh sees it,

If you’re about to bust your nut and a girl does tells you “No” or “Wait,” she’s an inconsiderate slut who is now causing you direct harm.


A man’s nut is sacred, and for her to impede that should be criminal. I’m serious.

Backing away now.

One time a girl postponed my nut and then I lost it completely. I couldn’t get it back and I was left with minor groin pain. I never contacted her again.

What a terrible assault on Roosh’s manhood. He once experienced MINOR GROIN PAIN. That evil harlot should be locked up for life for the crime of a dude not having an orgasm once.

If all this seems a bit rapey, well, it gets worse with item #6: “Not urging you to continue pumping even if it’s starting to cause her discomfort,” in which Roosh explains that girlfriend-quality “girls” shouldn’t be permitted to say “stop” after agreeing to let a dude’s penis in.

I’ll tell you what love is: when a girl begs you to keep going even though you know she already came, even though she’s drying up, and even though you know it’s causing her pain.

I suppose it could be “love.” It could also be a rather different emotion known as “fear.” Fear that the angry, woman-hating asshole fucking you, who seems to erupt in rage whenever a woman disagrees with him, will flip out if you ask him to stop. And will keep going regardless.

If she tells you to stop the millisecond after she gets her nut, without you getting yours, I want you to tell her that the point of having sex with women is so a man doesn’t have to use his hand, and that she has performed below the hand.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

That’s why we do all this shit to bang women—to get our nut. If she can’t do that for us, then she’s useless as a living being.

If anyone tries to tell you that the “red pill” is really just about self-improvement for men, ask them to explain this.

If someone shows you an article from A Voice for Men arguing that “rape culture isn’t real,” show them this, and ask why they ran a long-two part interview with Roosh in which the interviewer wrote that Roosh was “a deep thinker,” and “a layered, tempered and earnest guy, who truly wants to help other men in their most basic and primal of life goals,” adding “I got nothing but respect for the guy.”

Roosh, you may recall, has also proposed legalizing rape on private property, which he bizarrely claims will bring an end to rape. I think it’s fairly clear that Roosh has no interest in ending rape. What he wants is for people to stop calling it rape. As he sees it, women saying “no” or “stop” or “get off me” are all an affront to the “sacred nut.” And we can’t have that.

EDIT: Minor edits to clarify a point.

202 replies on “"A man’s nut is sacred," pickup douchebag Roosh V declares. And it gets worse from there.”

Wow. Sorry for the necro, I just now got to read through this, and apparently I am a sociopath. Huh.

Yeah, uh, Lisa?

Go step on Legos, because being autistic is definitely not being a sociopath. I may have learned emoting, but I have always had emotions. And I may not be able to interact with people all that well, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t teach myself empathy. I’m still trying to break myself of constant apologizing because of people like you who act like anything else is a sign of utter selfishness.

Go step on Lego again. And again. And even more. Repeat until you are ready to stop being ableist. It doesn’t make you look smart, it just makes you look like more of the same I see everywhere. You know, the people who want me to not exist unless I am convenient.

And teal. I am apparently teal.

No, brain, bad. “a sociopath according to Lisa.” Not drop Lisa part, plz. 😛

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