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Donate, please! The We Hunted the Mammoth First Quarter 2015 Pledge Drive is upon us

Your offering pleases kitty
Your offering pleases kitty

Not that long ago, We Hunted the Mammoth reached a milestone of sorts. Someone here posted the 500,000th comment to this blog.

That’s a lot of comments. Even more amazing than the quantity of the comments is their quality — excepting, of course, those little turds dropped by passing trolls. I’m amazed and humbled by the awesome community that has grown up around this blog.

I couldn’t do this blog without the support of the commenters here, and the support of all of those who’ve stepped up to help this blog, with their time, their creativity, and, yes, with their donations.

Today marks the beginning of the First Quarter 2015 We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! Which is another way of saying “several days in which I beg you all for money.”

To repeat my simple pitch from my previous pledge drives: If you enjoy this blog, and can afford it, please click on the “donate” button below and send a few bucks my way. Or, if you’d prefer, a lot of bucks. You don’t need a PayPal account; credit cards are accepted, and there are other options as well. If you’re outside the US, PayPal will automatically convert your weird non-American money into American bucks.

Oh, and the PayPal page will say you’re donating to Man Boobz; don’t panic! That’s just the old name of the blog.

As always, your donations are all greatly appreciated, whatever size they are. They keep the cats in cat food, and enable me to keep this blog going, helping to compensate me for the considerable time and energy I put into it. And thanks to all of those who donate between pledge drives as well! Some of you are really going above and beyond, and it means a lot to me.

I also, it goes without saying, greatly appreciate all the non-monetary things you all do to support the blog, from contributing smart and funny comments, designing graphics, sending me tips on stuff to write about, sharing posts on Twitter and Facebook, moderating comments, and so on.

We Hunted the Mammoth has dramatically expanded its audience and influence over the past year, and I’m hoping this year can be even bigger. If current trends continue, this blog will rack up more than 10 million page views this year; I’d like to make that 15 million.

Right now I post (almost) every day, sometimes more than once in a day; I would like to post a consistent two posts a day, or more, this year.

I have plans for other initiatives this year, which I will spell out if and when I get closer to launching them.

I can’t do any of this without your help.


The cats, I’m sure, would thank you too, if they weren’t cats.


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Leda Atomica
Leda Atomica
7 years ago

I’ll scrape in something by the end of the month. Your blog allowes me to search and keep up with the manosphere filtered through your satire, which is a lot less horrible than diving in head first. You provide a valuable service by keeping your ear in the muckiest of grounds (sorry for the imagery).

Gahh, that wall of “egalitarian” text was like one huge mess of NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED, but I think I’ll just go find my way to my privileged women only toilet and see if it caused more than regular heartburn.

7 years ago

omg the cat in that pic is identical to my cat- can you tell me where that pic came from?

Paradoxical Intention
7 years ago

Through a reverse Google Image Search, I’ve discovered that it’s a viral photo that’s been making the rounds on tumblr quite a bit, and the viral popularity may have come from this Daily Mail article:

I don’t think I can pinpoint the exact point of origin though. : /

7 years ago

Damn that cat is ballin’. How’d he get so much money? I hope he’s not some kind of kitty drug baron, selling catnip to the masses.

7 years ago

That teal deer just convinced me to make my donation.

My credit cards are on fire at the moment, but I’m getting a bonus in weird (South)American money later this month and I’ll most definitely save a bit for you, David!

I’ll also take this moment to thank you for all your work and for keeping this great community going.

7 years ago

Fashion, Modelling, Arts, Culture, Dancing, Glamour, Media, Cosmetics, Anime, Gymnastics, Yoga, Travel, Living, Lifestyles, Advertisements, Commercials, Television Shows, Soap Operas, Pornography, Social Media, Theater, Performing Arts, & so on!

Is that a list of Yahoo Directory Categories?

(Anime? WTF).

7 years ago

Regarding the teal deer above, setting aside the gish gallopy aspect of the whole rant, it really bothers me when people cherry pick a few articles here and there to “prove” their point. About those supposed articles, I think our teal deer missed out on some of the points, if he even bothered to look beyond the headline. A lot of those articles, like “The End of Men” and articles on girls outperforming boys are hand-wringing, “what about the menz” style whines. There’s a lot of “schools cater to girls but boys can’t be boys” pearl-clutching.

Also. The New World Order? Srsly? I thought that was a male-dominated conspiracy theory. (sigh) It’s hard to keep these things straight.

The article list also fails to take into consideration *all* the umpteen articles, editorials and blogs about men doing man-things. Why lately, a bunch of congressional men brought an Israeli man to talk about men who make nuclear weapons, and a male president rebuked them. And there are science articles, if one cares to look, about how men outperform women on some task.

As for all those fields where women dominate: sure more women use cosmetics, do yoga and like to decorate (lifestyles). Somehow, dances seen as “unmanly” (not the fault of feminists!), but in the performing arts and theater, there are loads of men, gay, straight, bi. The dude really needs to take a look at what is happening in the theater scene!

As for the others: travel? porn? social media? advertisements? Has he actually traveled? Watched porn? Gone on social media? Seen an ad? There are men everywhere!

7 years ago


I can only assume that because men are seen as the default and are in almost everything, they become almost paradoxically invisible to men. Cause of male privilege they don’t take much notice when they’re there cause that’s just the norm and how things are, they only notice when non-default types get attention, and then it looks like they’re getting all the attention.

Basicaly, a story about men is a story, a story about women is a story about women.

7 years ago

@Paradoxical Intention:

I get a chuckle out of the fact that the only time I’ve seen that particular image is when it’s been captioned as “Equality” vs “Justice”… with the sides reversed as to how you use it, and used to argue against feminism (They just want equality! Not justice! Look at what happens when all you get is equality! FENCES!)


@ GQnm305:

respected Sir (Mr David Futrelle),

You know, you seldom see that these days. Leading with “respected” is a good touch. I wish more letters started like that. “Sincere Sir XX”, “Handsome Mr. YY”, “Adaptable Ms ZZ”.

I am an ordinary guy who has been researching on gender issues for the past few years, on the media & the internet. I read a lot of newspapers, magazines and books; & also watch TV shows & movies. I have browsed through several misogynist & misandric websites on the internet. I, personally, consider myself to be an ”Egalitarian” or ”Equalist”, and I genuinely understand that there are both good & bad things in modern feminism & MRM movements.

That’s awesome! I wish you the best in your search for knowledge. It’s a bit funny you take time to point out that you are an ordinary guy. Would your perspective change if you had the ability to fly and was, as such, extra-ordinary?

Sir, with all due respect, I understand the genuine difficulties that women & girls have faced throughout history. I also understand some of the genuine difficulties that even men & boys have faced throughout history.

You don’t need to use the phrase “with all due respect” when what you say is in no way objectionable. It’s a phrase used to lessen the blow of something offensive, so as to make it less so, often used in conjuction with statements about plans or future ideas. If you just use it randomly it loses its meaning a little.

“With all due respect, can I have the milk please?”
“With all due respect, honorable sirs, is it possible I may have some salt for my eggs?”
“WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, assistent shopkeeper, I wish to acquire this pair of leggings, may I endeavour to inquire as to the possiiblity of your assisting my purchase of these?”

I don’t want to sound myself like a conspiracy theorist,

I’m sure you won’t! I mean, that’d take going on about some long running global conspiracy against everybody on the planet, masterminded by evil forces hellbent on our destruction. You just said most people have had it difficult throughout history.

but it is true that our modern world has been under the oppressive control of powerful people, global elites, governments, corporations, etc, since a few hundred years ago, and it still continues to happen.

I suppose I can agree with the argument that some people do seem to exert more control over the world than others, I don’t really see that as too objectionable although I would hasten to point out that sometimes people get things wrong…

Yes, although mostly men have been (& somewhat continue to be) in powerful political positions (with some exceptions & uncertain futures), most modern men & boys of this world (particularly those from the middle-class, working-class & poor categories) are NOT in positions of privilege, power, economic richness, leaderships, & so on.

Wait what? Of course they’re not. Leadership positions in heirarchical systems imply limited positions at the top with more the lower you go, generally shaped like a pyramid. I doubt anyone would actually argue that all men at all times in all places are automatically leaders of the world. That’s not quite what “Privilege” means, if I may, it just means that they might still benefit from some situations like–

Of course, women & girls DESERVE to be properly empowered, helped, funded, resourced & so on,

What? Where did that come from? Of course they do, that’s a more equal soci–

but NOT at the cost of innocent men & boys of this world! Both discriminations AND reverse-discriminations are bad.

Slow down a second, you went from no conspiracy to a possible conspiracy to men being left out when women get help, can you stop for a second so we can talk about–

Yes, there are cases where men are misusing the MRM movements in order to carry out misogyny & seek privileges. Yes, even I HATE terms like ”PUAs” (Pick Up Artists), ”Getting Laid”, ”Banging Women”, & so on,

that doesn’t relate at all to privilege and economic possibilities and resource funds! That’s not what—

as they are extremely discriminatory towards genuine women & girls. I also sincerely hope (& the governments & societies are doing their best also) to empower women & girls in all spheres of life & works, including STEM, Sports, Businesses, Politics, Entrepreneurships, Medicine, Healthcare, & so on. Moreover, women & girls should also be protected from sexual issues & violence.

Yes! Exactly! Wait, what? How did we go U shaped from resources to pick up back to res sources?

However, there is a need to understand that not all men & boys are privileged.

I’m not sure anyone would claim that, it’s a weird thing to claim? Of course some people suffer, why wouldn’t they, you said so yourself that—

Human males are still considered to be disposable, by society & governments, because they don’t have wombs, and hence, can’t give birth to continue the species.

What? Did you read the Lucifer Principle and come to the wrong conclusions? That only applies if you’re thinking of society as a strictly monitered sort of being that can consciously make choices about who to sacrifice, and I’m fairly sure human cities are not ant or bee hives so–

Also, there are SEVERAL fields of highly-paying professions, works & industries, that are heavily female-dominated; where men & boys are drastically under-represented & under-paid. Some of them are as follows: Fashion, Modelling, Arts, Culture, Dancing, Glamour, Media, Cosmetics, Anime, Gymnastics, Yoga, Travel, Living, Lifestyles, Advertisements, Commercials, Television Shows, Soap Operas, Pornography, Social Media, Theater, Performing Arts, & so on!

Wait what? Yes? Maybe? How does that relate to male disposability? Also, arts and culture? Gymnastics? Living? LIVING? I don’t think men are underrepresented among the living!

Moreover, MOST of the visual & vocal media fields are dominated by women & girls; proofs of which are in the newspapers, TV channels, magazines, ads, commercials, social media websites, internet, etc, wherein MOST of the videos, photos, images, etc, are of MOSTLY women & girls.

But what does that have to do with resources? Wombs? Male disposability? Keep on track sir, I beg of you that you—

Also, women & girls are viewed, liked, followed, tagged, etc, much, much more than men & boys, which results in MUCH more ads & revenues for female bloggers, writers, authors, uploaders, models, actresses, content producers, & so on.

Are they? Do they? I doubt it. There’s an astounding amount of male youtube stars and online people who do things. I don’t think their inherent “Male-ness” drives away advertisement by way of their ineffable penis rays.

On top of these things, we have SO MANY women-only & girls-only schools, colleges, scholarships, funding, social programs, NGOs, NPOs, Government facilities, gyms,

Yes, of course we do – scholarships help even out some of the accidental sorting mechanisms of history, so–

clubs, bars,

wait, what? Bars? Errr.

sports clubs, special loans, special entrepreneurship grants, financial facilities, taxis, kiosks, rooms, toilets, hotels, travelling & tourism facilities, education programs, fashion shows, modelling ventures, dancing schools, gymnastics schools, yoga centers, & so on. Just by doing a simple search on Google, we can see a HUGE NUMBER of search results for female-only facilities, while little or nothing for male-only facilities.

Male only facilities exist and have existed for a very long time, but it seems weird to use it in an argument about ressources, disposability and the ad revenue of male youtube vlog stars. I mean, there’s a few things here that don’t really add up. Also there might be a reason why female-only facilities are so common across mainly physical activities?

Also, a LOT of feminist people & groups HEAVILY support genocides against human males,

woah, that came out of nowhere. I thought we were discussing ad revenue from youtube!

male population reductions, castrations,

Because this is clearly not ad revenue territory and I can’t imagine a show about these things that could bring in ad revenue. Wait, well, apocalyptic fiction is pretty popular these days. New show idea: “The Last Menz: What About Them?”


That seems very specific. Do I need to take time out between murdering 90 % of the adult male population to insinuate they’re not manly enough?

abortions of only male fetuses,

Look up the Chinese rates of abortion v male / female spread. Weep. Despair. Shudder. Redo that argument.

violence only against men & boys, & so on. I don’t want to unnecessarily take names of those people or groups, but they are there.

But that clearly has nothing to do with ad revenue! And just because we want to murder all males does not mean they’re disposebal, just that they’re so very kill-able.

Things like males should be 10% of the human population, to International Castration Day, to #killallmen campaigns on Twitter, Femitheist Divine groups, & so on, are planning doing EXACTLY what radical groups throughout history (like Nazis, fascists, etc), have done.

It is an odd sort of argument that includes bars, cafes rooms, male genocide, youtube ad revenue and a side-discussion on the specific of goddess-centric feminist divine epistomology.

Wait, no, unless you mean that young lady who argues on youtube that killing men is a good thing? I wonder what her ad revenue is. Probably higher than mine.

I’m not on youtube.

Then you have things like radical feminism,

That is a thing.

lesbian separatism,

That is also a thing.


That might be a thing?

that focus ONLY on destroying the lives of men & boys.

I’m pretty sure that is not what those things do. Lesbian seperatism isn’t really about men except in the technical sense, it’d be like saying that the moon landings are about escaping Earth rather than getting to the moon. Also it’s terrifying and weird to say that lesbian seperatism is out to destroy the lives of men, I mean, come on, that’s two steps short of saying that all women need to date men at all times because their function is to be breed-able and when they opt out of that system they’re detroying men’s lives.

Also I thought men where disposable, because of their lack of wombs? Wouldn’t that same argument apply to lesbian seperatists who opt out of giving birth? Your terms are confused.

Moreover, you have almost ALL forms of media, news, books, magazines, newspapers, internet, etc, including SEVERAL internet websites, like The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Salon, Slate, Mother Jones, Business Insider, BBC, CNN, The Independent, NY times, NY Daily News, Yahoo!, TIME, etc, that preach, nearly EVERY SINGLE DAY, the following kinds of things:-

It is a strange mind that goes from ad revenue to genocide to a specific youtube opinion-person to lesbian seperatism to qouting specific headlines.

The End Of Men; Are Fathers Necessary; Are Men Necessary; Are all men rapists after all; The New World Order; Imagine Matriarchy; Girls Outperform boys in schools, colleges & education systems; Women are better leaders; Women are stronger; Women are better CEOs; Women can do everything, but men can’t do anything; Women are more natural; Women are the fairer sex; Women are better at multitasking; Women have more efficient brains; Women are the superior sex; Women are more peaceful; Women can’t do anything wrong; I bathe in male tears; Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them; Men are the new ball & chain; Women earning more money than men is FAIR; women are better listeners; women can do everything, while men can’t do anything; etc, etc, etc, & SO ON.

You repeated “Women can do everything” twice. I bet a woman wouldn’t have.

How modern men & boys going to even SURVIVE are based on these kinds of depressing, shameful, derogative & illogical forms of media & social propaganda?

Well apparently lesbian seperatism destroys their lives, so I guess they won’t survive? Possibly they will survive because “Are fathers necessary?” doesn’t lead directly to male genocide, you need a youtube ad revenue discussion for that.

Now, you will call me a misogynist for pointing these out.

No I won’t.

But, to be honest, I have nothing against women & girls achieving their dreams; earning lots of wealth & resources; getting credited & recognized for their achievements, becoming leaders, & so on.

That’s great.

My only concern, is that, we should be empowering ALL people, irrespective of their gender or sociological & economic backgrounds, by moving on from the bad things that have happened in the past, rather than unnecessarily carrying out REVERSE-DISCRIMINATION against innocent men & boys of this world.

Reverse-discrimination is just discrimination. That’s what the word means. “Reverse sexism” isn’t actually a thing, it would just be sexism. And the reason you’re a misogynist, albeit an oddly earnest one, is that you seem to think cafes, bars and sport facilities are the same as youtube ad revenue is the same as calling for mass male genocide are the same as discriminating against men!

Thank you sir, for reading this comment.

No problem, it was my pleasure.

7 years ago

I’m really quite curious about how lesbian seperatists are destroying men’s lives. Have they developed pills that turn straight married women into lesbian seperatists? Have they invented a raygun that gives men bonersads? Are they taking over? Did my feminist friend Katie provide them with their laser technology? Will men be enslaved and forced to toil in their underground tampon mines?

I, for one, welcome our new lesbian overlords.

7 years ago

Done! I love this blog 🙂

7 years ago

I gave you a dollar. I’m very poor.

Pocket Nerd
7 years ago

David, have you considered setting up a Patreon account?

7 years ago

I just threw a bit in.

It’s not much, but should hopefully be enough for some lovely ScentedFuckingCandles™ to burn whilst researching and posting.

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