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If they only had some sense: A Voice for Men gets the Wizard of Oz backwards (Memesplaining #2)


Really, guys? Really?

How do you watch the Wizard of Oz and get the impression that Dorothy’s pals are stupid, heartless cowards? The whole point of the movie is that these three fellas didn’t need anyone to give them heart, brains or courage; they had those qualities already!

Indeed, at the end of the film, the Wizard (who isn’t actually a real wizard) can’t give them anything but tokens of what they’d asked from him — a diploma, a heart-shaped watch, a medal — but that’s all they really need, because all they were really lacking was faith in themselves.

I mean, what the hell, dudes? Have you even seen the movie?

In semi-related news, I now have an excuse to post this, so I will:

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7 years ago

It’s especially common in the U.S., especially among hip-hop/rap musicians, to make the main character – Tony Montana – to be some kind of heroic “self-made man”. The reality was that Brian DePalma was mocking the dog-eat-dog sense of entrepreneurship in the 80’s, not endorsing it, and Tony Montana is a completely miserable shithead who can never have enough.

It’s like Wuthering Heights, a book we’ve discussed previously on this blog… I love that book, but it’s really weird how people can interpret Heathcliff as a romantic character. Emily Brontë really goes out of her way to show that he really is a horrible person. He became a horrible person because almost everyone treated him like shit when he grew up, so there’s this explanation, but as an adult, he really is horrible, it’s not just some thin layer of horribleness that can be scraped off to find a heart of gold underneath. FFS, he tries to kill Isabella’s dog just to torment her and it’s pretty heavily implied that he rapes her too!

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