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A Voice for Men celebrates the holidays with a horrifying, sexualized rape apologist meme

No Christmas this year. After seeing AVFM's terrible meme, Santa just gave up.
No Christmas this year. After seeing AVFM’s terrible meme, Santa just gave up.

Straight from AVFM’s terrible Facebook page — if anything even worse than the site itself — comes the meme below, courtesy of AVFM meme king “John Galt.”

I’m putting it after the jump because it — and the comments that it inspired — may well ruin your Christmas.


I’ve censored the image a bit because I’m pretty sure this woman did not consent to having this picture taken, nor to having her sexualized image used as a representation of a drunken false rape accuser.

Here are a few of the “top comments” you can find on the AVFM Facebook page for this image.



And they continue on in this vein:

Jimmy Webb Her eyes may be closed, but her body says" come and get me" as mr burns would say" excellent" Like · Reply · 3 · December 22 at 4:14pm Pat Kambhampati Not all rape is the same. Deal with it. Drunk sex is not the same as gang raping a boy. Fun fact. Most youth gang rapes are committed by girls. NOT boys. Like · Reply · 2 · December 22 at 4:25pm      7 Replies · 6 hours ago  Lea Greenall . "As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion. " Prov 11:22 Like · Reply · 1 · December 22 at 9:10pm Gender reverse test The savest thing would be to make alcohol illegal for women, as they obviously are too retarded to handle it Like · Reply · 1 · December 22 at 6:48pm

Apparently AVFM’s Facebook fans never get tired of rape jokes:

Pierre Savoie We need to wear a cam on our foreheads to prove we did nothing more than draw a dick on her lips with magic-marker... Like · Reply · 2 · December 22 at 5:03pm David Lent Church Lady? I think not. Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 6:32am Chad King No one is asking for it, just leave the dumb drunk bitch alone.  If she dies in her own vomit so be it.  Never leave your buddy behind to drown in his vomit that's f'ed up!  Bros before hoes!!! Like · Reply · Yesterday at 12:21am Muh Sojiny Dat ass, doe. Like · Reply · December 22 at 10:31pm

You may want to stop reading here, as it gets even worse:


Michael DeCarlo Just throw on a magnum and sodamize erybody Like · Reply · December 22 at 6:18pm

And yes, he did post that under his own name.

The amazing thing is that AVFMers actually think they are a force for good in the world.

90 replies on “A Voice for Men celebrates the holidays with a horrifying, sexualized rape apologist meme”

“Forget coal. These guys all deserve nothing but fresh reindeer turds.”

The problem is that if reindeer turds are anything like moose turds, this isn’t much of a punishment. Moose turds in summer are a bit like cowflops, but in winter when they eat mostly bark and twigs and water is scarce, they form neat little dry balls with no odor — in Maine, they make jewelry out of them, earrings and necklaces, no shit I mean no joke.

@ kittehserf – I’m imagining the Captain being persuaded to tit dye his great coat. The tails would look splendid if he turned out to be one of the twirlers. Probably safest for everyone if he removed or corked the hook, though! Also, he’d probably get on famously with the bikers!

SQUEEE!! The funny thing about that awesome picture, no one would think a flying pirate ship was weird in that context.

I’m sure the tie dye would be a tasteful job. Maybe one of the master dyers could origami a skull and crossbones on it for him?

Um…LSD actually puts me to sleep after a little while.
The first few times I tripped, no, but after the six hits of windowpane night, it actually makes me sleepy after a few hours of tripping.

I guess melting the car was intense enough, so I just kinda shut down afterward…
But, saying that, it’s a light and dream-laden sleep, I don’t think someone could start assaulting me and have me not wake up and go off on them.
Probably start throwing stuff at them, that’s my most primitive response.

Ugh. I can’t stand the way MRAs talk about male victims of sexual violence like they’re some sort of ammunition for them to use as some sort of “gotcha” against feminists.

They could do SO MUCH GOOD for male victims of domestic violence and sexual assault if they’d pull their heads out of their collective asses. And that makes it all the more frustrating and sad for me. So much potential lost…

They don’t care about other men’s problems, they just use them to try to get shots at people who are mucking up their game, such as feminists and manginas. All their screaming about evil women is just an attempt to distract from the fact that they can’t help but notice that most men (damn those Betas!) enjoy being with women, and that women prefer men who enjoy being with women.

… That moose turd stuff is even weirder than the kangaroo nutsack purses they sell to tourists around here.

I had an old hiking buddy who died a few days ago (she was 85, and simply used up her time). We would frequently go out climbing mountains in winter, so we would often come across piles of nicely shaped moose droppings, and she would always pick up some of the best ones to make earrings with. I don’t know if she ever actually made any, but about a year ago I visited her in the hospital and we had a ball horrifying a couple of young nurses with a conversation on the beauties of moose dung jewelry.

The funniest/scariest part about the majority of the Men’s Movement is that they don’t actually do anything to help men or boys. I’VE done more to help men and boys (and women/girls) than they have in my 20 years of working with the homeless ( a lot of homeless are men), those with mental health and addictions issues as well as people suffering from PTSD including refugee men who have been tortured and veterans.
Most men’s activists say they really just want to help men and boys but that is a line they have to say instead of the truth: they really just hate women.

Thanks for your service. It’s really sad and it makes me angry that many Mens movements are not helping men at all, they are just there to keep women from getting their rights and to be treated like people. Men deserve so much more than this.

Thanks everyone for the poop I don’t think I wanna eat now XD

ManWank is BANNED wank, so if he’s out there lurking and screenshotting imaginary evidence of feminist hatemongering, he’ll have to do it from another IP address. But yeah. Funny how feminism is also, coincidentally, very good for guys, even if it doesn’t put them automatically ahead of women in every fucking thing!

Also, re: moose poop: Up north, gift shops sell it as a snack. (Spoiler: it’s really chocolate almonds, but by the looks of things, real moose poop doesn’t look terribly different from that. Something to bear in mind if you’re ever lost in the bush and you start feeling peckish!)

ManWalk (aka ManWank) was a troll who turned up a couple of times, and socked as Castle. David banned him the other day. He was a very ordinary troll but did lead to the posting of a lot of excellent kitty pics.

@ blahlistic – (and sorry for the late reply). Yeah, you’re right. I should have considered that some people have idiosyncratic responses to drugs, and not dismissed the anecdote so quickly on one single point. I still think that it sounds kinda fishy, but I’ll revoke my LSD based doubts. And, if it did happen, I’m still comparing her response (“it was no big deal for me, personally, so everyone else who’d been in a similar situation should STFU”) to Prof. Dawkins’ “mild pedophilia” claptrap.

Sorry if I’m late to the party, but when I read the study on page one (about men vs. women as rape perpetrators), these two statements lept off the page at me which no one mentioned yet:

Males were significantly more likely than females to report coercive sex or attempted rape, with similar but nonsignificant results observed for completed rape. White youths were more likely than nonwhite youths to report perpetrating coercive sex, and Hispanic youths were less likely than non-Hispanic youths to report perpetrating coercive sex. Similar, nonsignificant patterns were noted for youths reporting completed rape. Youths living in low-income households were less likely than youths living in higher-income households to report attempted rape. Similar, nonsignificant patterns were observed for youths reporting coercive sex perpetration.

That makes me wonder about reporting bias, even to this survey.

But the second thing, earlier up, is a methodological limitation which I makes me question the entire thing, unless I can see the data (which I can’t):

To more closely align [their fourth question] measure with the time frame of the other 3 sexual violence perpetration items (ever), youths who reported forced sexual contact at any of the 5 waves were included as perpetrators.

This may be a problem because:

Stata version 11 statistical software (StataCorp LP) was used to conduct all statistical analyses. As such, reported percentages are weighted, whereas sample sizes are not.

So the question is, how does this change in question four weight on their perpetrator numbers as a whole? I really wonder.

I think the takeway here (well, one of them) is that these people don’t think that you can rape someone unconscious. It ties in well with their belief that you need an active “no” (and sometimes even that doesn’t count) to be raped.

Human beings can be so appalling. Their comments go beyond “rape jokes”… they just sounds so hateful. It’s scary because you never know if someone you work with – or who you might be acquaintances with – has these same viewpoints about women. :S

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