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How A Voice for Men's Facebook memes inadvertently reveal the deep sexual insecurities underlying the misogyny of the Men's Rights movement

Detail of a perhaps inadertently revealing A Voice for Men meme
Detail of an unintentionally revealing A Voice for Men meme

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From time to time I like to check in on the Facebook page for A Voice for Men, to see how that eminent men’s human rights organization’s program to advance the human man rights of human men through badly designed and even more poorly conceived graphic “memes” is going.

Well, I can report that this program is going, and going, and going, a bit like a famous battery-powered bunny.

Looking through them today, I couldn’t help but notice the weird sexual undertones — and overtones — of many of the memes, and realized that, while none of the memes tell us much about the world, they do, in an altogehter accidental way, offer some pretty interesting insights into the ids of those making and “liking” them on Facebook.

You don’t have to be a trained psychoanalyst to see the not-very-well-hidden straight male sexual insecurities that lie behind a large number of AVFM’s memes — both the ones they create themselves and the others that seem to have arrived on the AVFM page after being forwarded via email from someone’s cranky misogynistic uncle. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1) AVFMers have apparently convinced themselves that the history of mankind is the story of nice guys being nice to snooty women who won’t date them.




2) The straight men who make up the bulk of AVFM’s audience are pretty much terrified of women.




3) A lot of these guys seem to really enjoy fantasizing about women being forced into crappy jobs and/or sex work.





4) One of AVFM’s meme makers, the fellow who goes by the name of “John Galt,” has trouble distinguishing between the real world and certain (perhaps unacknowledged) sexual fetishes he appears to be a little obsessed with.




5) Straight cis male AVFMers hate fat women who don’t please their boners, and are angry at feminists for convincing at least some fat women not to hate themselves.




6) These AVFMers evidently prefer women who are very young, very thin, and photoshopped into anatomically implausible proportions and positions. But they simultaneously hate these women for giving them boners.


(Slightly censored version of the AVFM original.)
Perfect woman, or photoshop disaster? (Slightly censored version of the AVFM original.)


8) AVFMers really, really hate male feminists — and pretty much every man who doesn’t hate and fear women like they dO — and not-very-subtly project their own sexual insecurities onto them.




9) They also really, really, really hate me.



But I think that’s probably because they’re jealous that I have that second pair of arms.

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emilygoddess - MOD
emilygoddess - MOD
7 years ago

This thread needs more Catwings!

7 years ago

Beloved cherished her childhood copy of Catwings, as well as an illustrated edition of Growltiger’s Last Stand. ISTR we discovered both had water damage a couple of years ago.

7 years ago

Honestly I find these memes hilarious. And a little creepy, if I think about them for too long.

Steve D
Steve D
5 years ago

That last picture looks like a tardigrade to me. Can you survive in vacuum or take 5000 rem of radiation? Don’t try on my account.

J Jones
J Jones
4 years ago

I think feminism means something different in USA than Europe, As in Europe it only means fighting abuse and subjugation of women. Such as women didn’t have as many rights and were less represented in their own country. It wasn’t until recently women had the right to not be raped by her husband. In USA it seems to be men who hate women, who spend their time searching out examples of idiots who talk nonsense to say all women who fight against abuse are like that. Funny how they spend top much time online whinging against women, filling comment sections no matter what the subject as an excuse to whine on against feminists and saying what women should want, but no woman finds an abusive misogynist who feels threatened by women who have rights against them to be a turn on

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