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Completely Inexplicable #GamerGate Meme of the Day

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

Found on the Twitter. Here.

And a couple bonus pics that aren’t quite as inexplicable, but which are pretty ridiculous. From here and here. #WinningHeartsAndMinds #YesDudesImSureYoureAsBraveAsThatChineseGuyWhoStoodInFrontOfTheTanks

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The MRAs have used the term Misofeminy in an attempt to shift the purported hate from women to feminists but thats a new one.

Give the real definition of “misogamy” and #GamerGate’s huge overlap with MRA/TRP/etc, I think we know which side is packed with misogamists.

What a shame misogamy already has a meaning, hatred of marriage, since the -gamy suffix (e.g. monogamy, bigamy, polygamy) comes from the Greek γάμος, meaning marriage. Though any alternate definition involving miso soup is certainly likely to be scrumptious.

Sadly, its come down to a war of words and that is sort of like a propaganda war. In their little minds its about who can best ‘sell’ a particular philosophy to the American public.

I’m not down with any hatred of miso, which is delicious. It’s also quite good for you, so clearly it has no relation to gamergate.

It’s funny because literally none of my gamer friends are remotely offended nor feel threatened by criticisms of GG and are actually embarrassed and outspoken about the Gators. It’s as if they know they aren’t part of the problem.

Also, doesn’t this mean that MGTOW are misogamists? Oh dear, looks like gamergate has to oppose them too.

Sorry to spam – does anyone know what the gentles in the “Communist China” image are doing?

The funny thing for me is that my friend’s boyfriend worked for a major gaming media site, and judging by what he had to say most of the people working there had pretty much the same attitude towards women the gamergate dudes do. Think how well they’d get along if the gamergate dudes weren’t so determined to see themselves as a persecuted minority.


It looks like they are inflating life rings. For what purpose, I could not say.

It really is a room full of mirrors.

I found a happy thing that some of you may have seen, a wonderful woman’s response to a sexist review to her performance in the UK where she (gasp) had a “wardrobe malfunction”. I can’t link, my monitor died so I am on my tablet and none too clever at it, but if you search Amanda palmer dear daily mail you will find it. It is pretty great.

They do look like kisby rings. I’ve never seen them with a joint but it makes sense, given how hard it is to pull the damn things up over your hips or down over your shoulders and chest to get them around your waist on dry land. I can only imagine how trying it would be in an emergency situation.

I…. still don’t understand the reference. Foolish of me to expect it to make sense, coming from those goons.

zennurse: That was mostly a lovely retort (lost a half-point for the use of ‘twats’ as a slur, but only a half-point, because the rest was brilliant).

Misgamy (n): A cultural phenomenon wherein the traditional marriage ceremonies all center around the cooking and consumption of miso soup, mainly practiced by weeaboo sects of the Pastafarians.

They tried to make rings out of Pocky but had to give up because there was no mom around to clean up the resulting mess.

8chan had a little gamergate party at a strip club says NY magazine, it really says it all about the mentality behind this. They seem thrilled with the coverage, taking the reporter back to F. Brennan’s apt for the after party with no awareness how terrible the coverage will be. The photo is hilarious. I’m sorry I cant link for you.

8chan, Stormfront, Forney, Aurini and Toto, Brietbart. What a crew.

I think they’re trying to imply that the men are inflating the rings to save the poor women who are drowning in the gaming industry (because, as we all know, women can’t make games).

Of course, in my mind, these women aren’t really drowning. Presumably, they built a raft of successful video games and have paddled away before the guys can finish inflating the life preservers.

This site:

describes the image as, “Chinese paramilitary police prepare for a storm in the South China Sea.” A 30-second Google search provides no additional information on the image itself. However, it looks like it was featured on Cracked and captioned with various permutations of, “the Chinese make people do pointless things just to keep them busy,” which I guess is hilarious?

Freemage, not British but believe twat is an idiomatic insult there, as is cunt. I don’t like it much either and it doesn’t even rhyme with cocks.

Everything they don’t understand is “communist”. Because Those People all look alike to them, no doubt.

Also, misogamy, as was pointed out above, means “hatred of marriage”. Which totally sounds like an MGTOW thing.

The tank one is definitely overwrought and and self-congratulating, but I can see it getting traction because it’s not entirely wrong. I mean, twenty years ago, being a male gamer* stereotyped me as a basement dwelling loser. Now, the stereotype is a woman hating loser. Neither has anything to do with my actions, so it’s easy to shrug and disengage with the people pushing those lines.

Of course, that’s quite a lot of people, many in the media, so said disengagement means a lot of distance between myself and society and, looking at some of the people buying into Gamergate (the cannon fodder, I mean, not the leadership), I don’t think that’s terribly uncommon. It is unfortunate that the Misogynist Lobby managed to turn that social disconnect into a recruitment drive, but I suppose somebody was going to eventually.

*to address the inevitable complaints, I’m not including female gamers because I didn’t know any growing up and thus can’t speak to their perspective

“[T]he Chinese make people do pointless things just to keep them busy,” is hilarious is that so racistly stupid it’s absurd and makes you chortle because how else to respond sense.

That Pablo Stanley cartoon is almost well-drawn, though. If anything, I think it would have less traction with these guys because it doesn’t look awful.

“[T]he Chinese make people do pointless things just to keep them busy,” is hilarious is that so racistly stupid it’s absurd and makes you chortle because how else to respond sense.

Speaking of pointless things and keeping busy…ISN’T THAT WHAT GAMERGOMERS DO???

Oh dear, that projection is really coming back to bite ’em today.

Misogamy sounds like it sould be describing the act of marrying a pot of fermented bean curd.

Using Google’s English-Greek translator (the origin for the words misogyny and misandry are from Greek, not Latin), the best I can figure (which, I should warn you, is not very good, I should point out I have zero experience with the Greek language), the proper term for hatred of gamers (or just games) would be something like “misopaichny”.

I tried to find out how to say “games” in greek, which is apparently “paichnídi” (or “παιχνίδι”). Greek video game sites seem to refer to video games as “video games”, so that wasn’t much help.

I also considered “misopaktis”, which is easy to pronounce, and I think means something like “hatred of players”, but then I figured that “player hater” already had a meaning of it’s own.

I’m not sure why I did this, but I’m even less sure why the gamergater who came up with “misogamy” *didn’t* do this. Trying to show off your skills as a master of the classical languages by fumbling through the use of an online translator sounds like it would be right up Davis Aurini’s turtleneck.

Maybe the meme’s point is that defending women in gaming is pointless, just like inflating a fuckton of life rings in preparation for a storm in which some people might drown without a life ring is pointless.

Oh, wait …

Obviously, anti-gamergaters are supposed to be a mindless hive-collective blowing up life-rings for ungrateful harpies who will grab them and jump, laughing, into alpha rescue boats while the men drown.

Or something.

I kind of now want to call them “gamygaters”.

Me reading this post:

“And there’s the title image. Heh, no idea what’s going on in that pic, but the caption follows the other meme. Alright, let’s read now. Ooh, a new GG meme! It isn’t embedded? Better follow the link to see what it was. Wait… that was the meme? Oh.”

Finding out misogamy has a definition is pretty hilarious. Almost moreso than the tweet attached to the definition. “Read it and weep, eh?” Oh no, they made up a word to describe a persecution that doesn’t really exist! Everything is lost!

That Pablo Stanley one though… It’s referencing the dude that stood in Tiananmen Square, right? That’s just a bit disgusting.

GG: *harasses women*
Media: “GG harasses women”
GG: “Oppression! Tiananmen Square massacre! Stop hating video games, misogamists!”

I guess this is just the latest squirm of the great abusive beast that is GG.

I swear I won’t do this all day but upworthy has some really perfect stuff.

Thank you haters is a response to online harassment that does it for me.

Can’t link but its easy to find.

Yet another example of privileged jerks trying to co-opt the language and imagery of their opponents, without bothering to understand what any of it means.

Spoiler alert, dudebros: Words like “misogyny” and “sexist” are not magical trump cards — and if you think feminists use them that way, it’s because you haven’t really been listening.

Given a quick Google and my incredibly rusty Greek, I think “hated of gamers” should be something like “misokybeuty”.

Is the ‘it’s really about defending women in gaming’ them trying to co-opt the “your ‘ethics in games journalism’ cover sucks” memes in order to point that anti-GGers (aka decent people) are trying to pretend the criticism of the gaters is about their treatment of women but it’s really about… whatever they think it’s about

I dunno this is like legit incomprehensible to me

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