#gamergate drama kings memes whaaaaa?

Completely Inexplicable #GamerGate Meme of the Day

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

Found on the Twitter. Here.

And a couple bonus pics that aren’t quite as inexplicable, but which are pretty ridiculous. From here and here. #WinningHeartsAndMinds #YesDudesImSureYoureAsBraveAsThatChineseGuyWhoStoodInFrontOfTheTanks

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Now, the stereotype is a woman hating loser.

That is the stereotype of a gamergater, not a gamer.

Neither has anything to do with my actions, so it’s easy to shrug and disengage with the people pushing those lines.

If it’s not about you, it’s not about you.

Of course, that’s quite a lot of people, many in the media,

No it’s not a lot of people. The majority of the media can distinguish between the misogynistic losers and the vast number of other gamers who aren’t.

so said disengagement means a lot of distance between myself and society

A completely unwarranted distance. You would benefit far more by moving toward decent society and distancing yourself from gamergate, and also living your life and being another example of a cool gamer who embraces diversity. Since you said you’re not a woman hating loser, you don’t even need to do anything actively. Just keep playing games and being nice to people.

and, looking at some of the people buying into Gamergate (the cannon fodder, I mean, not the leadership), I don’t think that’s terribly uncommon.

Yes, unfortunately it’s very common for people to believe conspiracy theories, and to be terrified of losing their privilege. Those people need to educate themselves in both critical thinking and facts in general.

It is unfortunate that the Misogynist Lobby managed to turn that social disconnect into a recruitment drive, but I suppose somebody was going to eventually.

It’s unfortunate that misogynists are good at preying on people who are scared and feel isolated, just like other abusers.

If you have any examples of the stereotyping you’re talking about, link me up. I’d like to see what you’re referring to exactly.

“Now, the stereotype is a woman hating loser.”

A stereotype that, as gamergate shows, isn’t that far of the truth for many gamers.

How to avoid it? Don’t be a gamergater. Like most men show, it’s actually pretty easy not to be.

A stereotype that, as gamergate shows, isn’t that far of the truth for many gamers.

No, not many. Just an obnoxious, loud minority.

Well, to me, a couple hundred is quite many. Of course, reasonable people easily outnumber them – #stopgamergate showed that well.

It would be many if you were in a room with them (which level of hell would that be?) but a couple of hundred out of many millions of people who are gamers isn’t many. I do think the percentage of virulently misogynistic gamers is larger than that, since they’re not all involved with gamergate.

The Tienanmen Square comic is a joke, right?

No one is really making that comparison.

They couldn’t be.

Oh no.

These Gamergaters take themselves, verrry seriously.

(no one else does)

Well, Kim, the issue is more with how loud they are. I’ve run foul of them once and ended up with about five hundred messages to clean.

The more I look at that tank meme, the more offensive it becomes (and it was pretty damned offensive at first look). The levels of fail in that edit go from the profound (Tank Guy probably paid for that courage with his life, which is not even slightly like the situation of GGers) to the conceptual (the original depicted a literal tank, while the edit turns the tank into a toothless editorial-cartoon metaphor) to the technical (they turned a short and punchy and super-effective line into a ramble, presumably because they can’t stand to call themselves nobodies) to the superficial (the fonts don’t fricking match).

I can find literally no redeeming value in that edit. It makes me angry every time I accidentally see it.

I think a sure sign of a movement that’s intellectually bankrupt is when they can’t figure out absurdist humor.

Like the guy who made the top one clearly understands that people are laughing at him with these absurd memes, yet when he tries to replicate it, his utter lack of self-awareness and his complete divorce from reality are the only things that make it on the page.

The correct word for someone who hates games is “misathlimic.” (It also means one who hates sports; Greek does not have a strong distinction between the two. Nor does English, as evidenced by all the poker on ESPN.)

In case, you know, they actually want a word.

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