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Woman-hating Internet losers attack Malala Yousafzai for … not being a good enough advocate for girls and women


Return of Kings contributor “Billy Chubbs,” whose previous contributions to the wisdom of the ages include posts titled Men Should Not Help Sluts, Bangable Women Can Still Be Gross, and Unmarried Older Women Need To Go Away, has outdone himself in the awfulness department with a post this week attacking 17-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai as “A Coward And A Hypocrite.”

Apparently inspired by Chubbs’ bold move, the Sarkeesian-hating, Anton LaVey-looking far-right nitwit Davis Aurini has junped on the bandwagon with his own blog post dissing Malala.

We’ll get to him in a minute. But first, Chubbs.

It’s hardly surprising that a writer for a site that portrays women as emotionally immature, intellectually inferior, and “inherently terrible people” would have a problem with a young woman known around the world for her courageous advocacy on behalf of education for girls.

But Chubbs attempts to portray himself as a true defender of “oppressed girls in crappy countries” and an enemy to “anti-female extremists.” Yes, that’s right: a man who has described young women as “society’s mobile sperm banks” and single women over 30 as “unappealing and repulsive … hoebags” is trying to pretend that he’s better advocate for girls’ and women’s rights than Malala Yousafzai.

His evidence that Malala is a “coward and a hypocrite?” The fact that she has not returned to Pakistan since being literally shot in the face by a Taliban assassin.

The reason the Taliban shot Malala in the head was to send a message that they would attack girls who wanted to get a western-style education. …

Getting shot in the head is pretty extreme, and I could respect Malala if she took it and continued to live in Pakistan. But she ran. She gave up. The extremists won unequivocally …

Malala has done more harm than good to oppressed girls in crappy countries. She says books and education are what we need to change the world, then proved that completely untrue after she ran away when a man with a gun fired a bullet into her.

Yes, what a coward for “running away” after a guy shot her in the face, say Billy Chubbs, a dude who claim to fame in the world is writing clickbait blog posts attacking women, under what I assume is a pseudonym, on a website run by a professional pickup guru who feels resentful that he has to wipe his own ass in order to appeal to women.

Malala has been an activist for education and against the Taliban since the age of 11, when she started writing a blog for the BBC on life in the Swat district of Pakistan, then under the control of the Taliban. A tireless advocate for girls while still a girl herself, she started receiving death threats, some slipped under her door, after her identity was publicly revealed. In 2012 she was shot in the face in an assassination attempt.

And Chubbs — who lives in Canada, and who is unwilling to even post a real picture of himself on the internet — thinks she’s a coward for not returning to Pakistan — where she was shot in the face, and where bookstores won’t even stock her book because of threats from the Taliban.

And he also seems to think that she’s “lucky” for being able to move to England.

Malala was lucky that she was co-opted for an agenda and was given a great place to live in the western world, because while she is touring the globe, advocating girls rights to education, those same girls are the ones forced to continue to live in places where they can be hurt and killed for trying to attend school.

And what were the “lucky” circumstances that led to her relocation to England? Oh yeah, she was shot in the face in a country without the medical infrastructure necessary to treat the injuries she received from being shot in the face.

Chubbs also throws in some old-fashioned imperialist arrogance and racism into the mix:

While Malala was laughing, playing and enjoying the safety of receiving an education in a predominantly white country found upon Christian morals, school girls in Africa were being kidnapped. …

So yes, never fear you ladies of the 2nd and 3rd world. You, too, can brave all those bad men and receive an education: so long as there are prosperous countries founded upon and still more or less exercising European Christian morals that still exist for you to run to (and which you can afford to run off to in the first place), and that you’re willing to be a hollow mascot for the powers that be in those countries.

At one point, Chubbs actually belittles her for … reading books:

Instead of reading text books and trying to fill her head with words, Malala would have been better served to take that textbook and hold it in front of her head to try and stop the bullet.

That doesn’t even make a tiny bit of sense.

Davis Aurini, meanwhile, has weighed in with an equally ridiculous, if not quite as outrageously offensive, attack on Malala for her … alleged unoriginality.

In Aurini’s view, Malala is a mere “youngling,” and a copycat of “Civilized” Western ideas. who doesn’t deserve the Nobel Prize or the money that comes with it.

[F]or the most part, love ‘em or hate ‘em, the past recipients have at least made their mark on history. With few exceptions, they’ve all walked a dangerous path and stayed committed to their cause, and they’ve brought forth intellectual and political blossomings that were unprecedented. They’ve all been inventors.

You cannot say the same for Malala Yousafzai.

Thus far in her life, she’s been little more than a poster child for the prevailing superstitions of our times.  Arguing that women should be allowed to read books is not revolutionary when you live in Britain, and while it may be brave for a girl in Pakistan to make such statements, they’re still not creative in nature; she’s merely channelling the culture of the Civilized West, repeating words that were written by others.

This from a guy whose main claim to, er, creativity consists of this “film.”

So brave, dudes. So brave.


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7 years ago

God I despise that narrative. What the hell stops a terrorist from giving false lead after false lead that eat up time until the bomb goes off? I mean seriously. Or even having several that’re intended to be the dummy, and just keep “confessing” where they are till the important one explodes?

That was exactly what happened in The Da Vinci Code. The four guys Silas tortured to obtain the location of the treasure repeated the same lie and led him to a dead end. When even Dan freakin’ Brown can point out the holes in your killer argument, you need to go back to Philosophy 101.

They always come up with these neat and tidy little extreme ethical dilemmas where you have to sacrifice your previously stated morals to avert a catastrophe,

They’re neat and tidy because they’re meant to force a particular conclusion. Harris wants to justify torture, and THEN builds the dilemma around it.

7 years ago

They’re neat and tidy because they’re meant to force a particular conclusion. Harris wants to justify torture, and THEN builds the dilemma around it.

Exactly the issue I have with a bunch of arguments against some of the subtypes of consequentialism.

No philosophical framework is perfect in every single conceivable situation. It is very easy to work out an angels-dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin argument against all of them. So what? The situations contemplated are so ludicrous that any philosophical position created in order to create the best possible outcome in an extreme case is unlikely to be suitable for situations that occur normally. It’s the philosophical equivalent of advocating that amputation be performed in cases where there is blood poisoning in a limb, because of the extreme situation where there are no antibiotics (as the first analogy that sprang to mind).

7 years ago

MyRedpillmemoirs: “To be honest, I just don’t read the articles that have negative tones, such as the article written by Chubb’s.”

Then, erm, what articles do you read on ROK?

7 years ago

I have an unjustified but lingering feeling of annoyance at Malala, so I can kinda understand why these guys would be hating on her. I remember when she was still in her hospital bed asking that her schoolwork be sent to her and just having that shuddering feeling of self-awareness of what an annoying swot I was in high school. I never – you know – got shot in the face, but I was the kid who said “Weren’t we supposed to have a pop quiz today?” or “Weren’t you supposed to be assigning us a report over spring break?”. Meanwhile back in Pakistan, there were kids saying “We don’t think we should have homework this week because we’re upset about Malala,” and she’s in her hospital bed asking for extra credit assignments.

I suspect though that these guys were the ones groaning in the back when I asked to be given the pop quiz. I bet those slackers still hate me a little.

I feel that she’s learned some, because she has complained a tiny little bit about how hard it it is trying to keep up with her schoolwork while accepting Nobel prizes and such like.

7 years ago

… Was that sarcasm? My sarcasm detector’s not working today. I sure hope it is, because this six-month-old thread about the attempted murder of a civil rights hero by misogynistic fundamentalists really doesn’t need a necro troll stepping in to blame the victim because neeerd.

Paradoxical Intention
7 years ago

Wow, that’s kind of a jerk move, rugbyyogi.

Malala worked hard for her education. She got shot in the face so she could go to school. Why wouldn’t she continue her education as soon as she could?

Hasso von Moltke
Hasso von Moltke
6 years ago

So in their eyes the Dalai Lama must be a coward too. If he really believed in his cause he’d have stayed in China to be executed/ “disappear.” What’s with these people wanting to show their cause to the world at large, instead of dieing for it? That’s why I assume those MR As that say Saudi Arabia is a feminist ruled society plan on heading to Riyadh any day now to help liberate those poor little downtrodden Saudi men.

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