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The Semen Thief: One Semen-Obsessed Redditor's Search for Answers

They do real so hard.
They do real SO HARD.

The Redditor who goes by the name vlodia has what can only be described as a unique set of interests: Stocks. Diablo. Leaked celebrity nudes. Anonymous browsing. And semen.

And while vlodia seems to keep most of his semen-related inquires confined to porn subreddits like r/tipofmypenis, he recently wandered into the Men’s Rights subreddit to ask about a semen-related quandary more serious than where to find “Videos Featuring A Guy Cumming Really Fast After Blowjob or Handjob?”

In his Men’s Rights posting, vlodia asked the subreddit’s legal whizzes just what a decent regular fella like himself could do to protect against false rape accusations in three distinct scenarios – one involving a girlfriend with a secret “agenda against you,” another involving a spiteful one-night-stand, and one involving an especially devious false accuser that vlodia calls The Semen Thief.

Yeah, let’s just skip ahead to that one.

Scenario 3: “The semen thief” — a woman paid a hooker to seduce a man, specifically instructing her to have sex with condoms, so [the hooker] can bring the semen-filled condom to the woman so she can put some in her vagina as a proof she was raped by this guy. When the woman was examined by a doctor, it was proven your sperm was positively inside her. As it turns out, this woman who is charging you happens to be your acquaintance through work. How can a man fight back against this charge?

The assembled Men’s Rights Redditors generously offered their hard-won wisdom on how best to handle these scenarios.

Thementallyillclam urged vlodia to avoid all contact with women.

thementallyillclam 4 points 20 hours ago   AVOID all intimate/personal contact with women. They are, in general, delusional LIABILITIES. At least in the US. You will be far better off WITHOUT them (and their COSTLY wastes of YOUR time, energy, and resources at minimum on STUPID crap THEY "think" is meaningful/worthwhile) in your life. They are PROFESSIONAL VICTIMS, "NOTHING" is their fault! If something doesn't work out, it's ALWAYS YOUR FAULT. Be warned, in their delusions YOU ALWAYS OWE THEM!  I didn't even have to read your scenarios. Just HEAD the OTHER way!

Lazlounderhill, by contrast, urged vlodia to avoid all contact with women.

lazlounderhill 2 points 16 hours ago   Scenario 1: MGTOW level 4  Scenario 2: MGTOW level 4  Scenario 3: MGTOW level 4

MetaMGTOW suggested a rather inventive strategy to help vlodia avoid all contact with women.

MetaMGTOW 1 point 8 hours ago   You obviously put quite a bit of thought into these scenarios!  I can only offer a possible pre-emptive protection strategy: Wear tidy & clean but slightly shabby clothing. If you do this you can get away with wearing decent shoes as they won't trump the shabby clothes. Don't shave more than once every few months and don't be afraid to grow a soup-catcher. Whenever women need to be interacted with, effect a high-camp voice and pout. Seems to work quite well at keeping 'em at bay in the first place, i.e. the only way to stand a near-perfect chance of avoiding your scenarios. As u/lazlounderhill said below, L4-OW if you need to eliminate all risk...

Mtersen, meanwhile, urged vlodia to avoid all contact with women. Or at least all women working at upscale clothing stores. And then to flee the country.

mtersen 3 points 17 hours ago   After working at a upscale clothing store, being the only hetero male with female and gay male co-workers, this is not surprising. I witness girls joking all the time that "if their man didnt do this, i'll tell the cops he raped me" and learning about 2 female associates who would fuck rich older customers if they bought clothes for them from the store (the old guys would buy the clothes, give them to the girls, and this also helped the girls reach their sales goal), and listening to my gay managers say "i hate all theses girls, their just a bunch of lying cunts, fucking and lying to get whatever they want, im glad i went gay" IM GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF THIS COUNTRY. The store was Express, and Express for men.

Though I hate fo find myself agreeing with Men’s Rightsers on anything, I too would recommend that vlodia avoid all contact with women.

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Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
7 years ago

I only stated that men need to be careful where they put their penis, as well as clean up after themselves. How is this in any way “living in a fantasy world”?

No, you stated more than that.

I also agree that the stated scenario is possible, but rare.

The stated scenario is not possible. It is not “rare.” It doesn’t happen. Nobody wants your precious sperm that badly.

Seems like a lot of work, would be easier to just sleep with the dude and “forget” the pill.

Birth control sabotage is overwhelmingly done by abusive men trying to trap a woman in a relationship forever by getting her pregnant. Only in your fantasy land do women yearn to have your babies and suck your bank account dry.

7 years ago

Seems like a lot of work, would be easier to just sleep with the dude and “forget” the pill.

…and go through nine months of a potentially dangerous condition, and become one of the most bullied classes in Western society, and be saddled with a dependent creature that will need your love and money for almost two decades…

The one
The one
7 years ago

You would think that it mgtow men are retarded women wouldn’t be wasting this much time commenting about them. After seeing places like this im thankful for mgtow forums and I love seeing how angry women are that we speak our mind anf men built this country why don’t you women leave.

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