Links: Multicolored Republicans, woman-hating atheists, jail for trolls, capital punishment for abortions, and more

From a new GOP ad celebrating their partu's alleged inclusiveness. Apparently the admakers don't understand how screenshots work.
From a new GOP ad celebrating their party’s alleged inclusiveness. Apparently the admakers don’t understand how screenshots work.

Some links for you this Thursday. I’ll start with one that’s actually pretty heartening, before getting into the more hilarious and/or appalling stuff.

Internet troll gets jail time for tweeting rape threats ‘in protest’ of Jane Austen banknotes, by Robyn Pennacchia at DeathAndTaxes. For background, see here.

The New “#IAmARepublican” Campaign Is Backfiring In Predictably Spectacular Fashion by Chez Pazienza at The Daily Banter

Republicans’ New Black Friend Is Either A Stock Photo Or Is Having A Very Interesting Day by Tommy Christopher at The Daily Banter

Dominant Male Atheist Leaders Seem to Have a Problem with Women, by Amanda Marcotte at AlterNet

Quiz: Can you tell the difference between National Review’s Kevin Williamson and a 4chan troll? by Elias Isquith at Salon

[Note: That’s the “capital punishment for women who have abortions” one. Also, it’s not the Kevin Williamson of Dawson’s Creek fame. Different guy entirely.]

The Sexual (and Racial) Politics of Nerd Culture: A Dialogue* by Priya Alika Elias and Ezekiel Kweku at The Toast

Update RE: YouTube Sex Abuse by Laci Green on her blog.  See more on the issue and her video on Sam Pepper here.




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I’ll have you know that every one of those stock photos are registered republican voters.

I chose to only focus on the troll spending jail time, for the sake of my brain.

(And in much more pleasant news, AAAAH BOSTON. STILL EXCITED. Also meeting everyone and his sister Jane there, it feels like. We are very popular!)

Yes, Mr. Steig just captures so much of my personal experience. Also, Samuel Clemens (in his more misanthropic pessimism).

Now I really want to go to Boston! I’ve been there on The Last of Us 😛 but I read somewhere that the major cities in that game are geographically waaay off. [shrug] A game’s got to have some faults!

RE: Bostonian

Yeah, we lived there a few years, before finally being driven off by sheer economics. But we’re coming in tomorrow, staying till Thursday, and we’ll be meeting up with kirbywarp and emilygoddess! Perhaps you too would like to join the Mini Mammoth Meet-Up?

(Also, I’ll be at MICE, a wonderful little comics con. If any local Mammoths are interested in comics, art, or just local creators, stop by! It’s free!)

@ Puddleglum – I rather suspect that they’re like “ordinary” Reform Party members…

@puddleglum Define “normal?” lol I’ve got a fair number of Republican friends and family. Lot of people with military and/or religious backgrounds, and mostly (but not exclusively) white.

That ad is funny as hell, though. 😀

We could learn from the Brits, who apparently mean business in prosecuting rape-happy trolls.

I sincerely hope the FBI will follow up on our tips about ThePhilosophyOfRape.

LBT, I am no longer in Boston, for the same reason. I do still have most of my family there, though.

Yeah, I don’t miss Boston, but I do miss my friends there. I was a social success there, and I’m getting kind of tired of moving hours away and then having to start over every year. It’d be NICE to rest on my laurels, dammit!

When the notes were first announced, I considered protesting that Miss Austen deserved something better than only ten pounds, which was the amount given by Sir Thomas Bertram to Fanny Price when she went on her visit home to Portsmouth, and also by Lady Bertram to Fanny’s brother William (which greatly angered her sister Mrs Norris, who had given William “something considerable” – later revealed by one of the Austen cousins to have been one pound). My thought would have been for a fifty pound note, at least four such figuring in the plot of *Love and Freindship* (her original spelling).

Yes, Redditors, we destroyed gaming! We have replaced every stubbly white dude with a fat trans lesbian of color! There will be no more killing or bullets, only feelings and rainbows!



In the comments on that dialogue on The Toast, there is a user named PierrePoutine. Is it Katz, or an imposter?!

In the comments on that dialogue on The Toast, there is a user named PierrePoutine. Is it Katz, or an imposter?!

*gasp* It’s an imposter!

Now I really want to go to Boston! I’ve been there on The Last of Us 😛 but I read somewhere that the major cities in that game are geographically waaay off.

On the plus side, from what I’ve seen as a non-player, it looks like they at least got the look of the T stations right. They at least used real T signs, even if they did top them with a big “Subway” sign (which may just be for the player’s benefit). Maybe it’s nitpicky, but few things throw me out of a story like getting local details wrong. I’m still mad about that guy in The Mist talking about “Rumsford”, and not just because being near Rumford would put them uncomfortably close to my grandparents’ summer cabin…

Hey David, I just noticed the book links in the sidebar. You should look at being an affiliate with book depository and kobo books as well, which are where I buy my books, and are both better than Amazon. Free global shipping from BD, and being able to use any e-reader besides a kindle from Kobo make them much better than Amazon IME.

@wordsp1nner, there’s actually a whole documentary about Katrina survivors fighting to get their dogs back from foster families, sometimes years after the fact. I can’t bring myself to watch it, but it’s called “MINE” if you’re interested.

Did anyone see the first comment on The Daily Banter’s piece about Republicans’ new black friend?

“You mean they don’t have binders full of black women?”


cloudiah, the guy posting the camel pic is right – best selfie ever!

Oh, that doggie video. MUMMYMUMMYMUMMYMUMMY!

That’s a situation where there is no good choices. At least this time it was only a few days (though I was pretty bonded to my kitties after a few days, so…)


Ugh. I wish that the next anti-rape educational effort would address the idea that men/boys are always up for it and erection != consent, because it clearly hasn’t gotten out far enough yet.

On the topic of brain… well, not so much bleach, if you like chemistry and/or explosions and haven’t read this series, I strongly advise you to get to it. It is an organic chemist going through all the chemicals that he considers too dangerous, explosive, and/or stinky to work with:

Clarifying my first paragraph: I would like an anti-rape campaign to address the rape myth that men/boys are always up for it and that erections equal consent.

Wordsp1nner, right? Also, boys don’t always want sex and saying no doesn’t make you less of a man.

Yup. I didn’t find anyone to teach me THOSE lessons till I met hubby. It’s actually one of the reasons I have been deeply disappointed in the so-called Men’s Rights Movement. They claim to care about the rape of boys and men… but they really, really don’t. The closest one to being useful I’ve heard of is ToySoldier, and dude thought my getting grilled for being a male rape survivor was just desserts for being a feminist.

So yeah. Much disappoint. Very aggrieve. Wow.

@cloudiah: Lol at that heavy metal link. It is like they don’t even realize what opinions many of the people who make their favorite music have. XD

I hate that people always just want to high five teenage boy rape victims. There was so much of that on Gawker last night about this story. Predictably, even though feminist commenters were the ones calling it rape and the dude bros were the ones scoffing at the notion, there were still mras

Lots of Canadian bad history there. The Emergency Act replaced the War Measures Act and had nothing to with compulsory service. Conscription in Canada has only existed at two times in the nation’s history: 1917 and 1944; they were established under other bills or orders-in-council as emergency measures and were quickly discontinued.

In Canada, the right of Aboriginal peoples to vote was never dependent on military service. During World War I and II, First Nations men volunteered at higher rates than some Euro-Canadian communities. Yet, Aboriginals did not get the vote until 1960. The right to vote was always connected to abandoning communal lifestyles on reserves and embracing liberalism by becoming a private individual. It was freely offered in hopes that it would make Aboriginal assimilation faster but very few took the government up on the offer.(for recent coverage of the topic, see Keith D. Smith, Liberalism, Surveillance, and Resistance [Edmonton, AB: AU Press, 2009]).

Sorry if that was boring. I don’t comment here often but It physically pains me as a PhD candidate in history a to hear people who don’t know actually know Canadian history, talk about Canadian history. This is especially true when her motivations are so vile. She’s ignorant and I need a drink after watching that nonsense.

Wow, I posted to wrong thread. You can delete all of that if you want. /embarrassed

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