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Men's Rights Redditors: Don't help kids in distress, because a "hambeast" might accuse you of molesting her "crotchdumpling."

I‘ve been so busy with all the shenanigans surrounding AVFM and their little conference that I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting the good old Men’s Rights subreddit. Don’t feel bad, Men’s Rights subreddit, for today I took a few moments out of my hard-core semi-vacationing to pay you a little visit!

While there, I noticed the regulars discussing a terrible quandary that faces all modern men: “As a man, would you help a child in distress?”

Here are some of the answers that got upvoted:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at Tue, [Jul 8], 14 3

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at Tue, [Jul 8], 14 1

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at Tue, [Jul 8], 14 4


Yep. Upvotes for a fellow who says he let a three-year-old boy literally fall out of a shopping cart and smash his head open because, oh no, some hypothetical hysterical mother might have accused him of  child molestation.

The details of his story make so little sense I can only assume he’s making the story up — if he was walking past the bakery, how could he have been close enough to “reflexively grab” a child in a shopping cart inside the bakery?

I’m not sure which is worse, the thought that this guy actually let a kid fall and smash his head, or the thought that he made up a story about doing so in order to gain some internet points from MRAs. (Well, the former, obviously, but either way this is a mortifying spectacle.)

But not everyone got upvotes. Here’s a comment that got thumbs down from the Men’s Rightsers  — along with a heavily upvoted reply:

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at Tue, [Jul 8], 14

Human Rights: You’re doing it wrong.

Thanks to r/AMR for pointing me to this lovely thread.

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7 years ago

Look, I can’t imagine these wretches don’t look like wretches when they emerge, pale and blinking, from their hovels. Parents are right to be suspicious of frightened opossum-like men approaching their children, even if they have good intentions. (Can a person who thinks women and children are satan spawn really ever be said to actually have good intentions?) As for the act of intervention they won’t do, isn’t it most likely they would just make any situation worse? Frightening the poor children and bashing them on the pavement in a caveman-like fashion when they cry. Best to let them walk on by.

7 years ago

So glad my husband doesn’t think like this. He came home one day beaming with pride, because he had run across a lost little girl in Golden Gate Park and he saved her, helping her find her family. Now that’s a human being.

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