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Return of Kings blog: High school girls are responsible for school shootings because they won't have sex with nerds

A memorial for the victim of the shooting
A memorial for the victim of the shooting

Attention pretty high school girls! If a nerdy looking dude in your school shows up one day loaded with guns and Molotov cocktails and starts shooting up the place, it’s actually your fault, for not sleeping with him.

That, in any case, is the argument of a recent post on pickup guru Roosh V’s repulsive Return of Kings blog. In a post titled Why Did Karl Halverson Pierson Attack His School And Kill A Pretty Girl? guest blogger Billy Chubbs looks at a recent shooting at Arapahoe High School in Colorado, throwing out the few bits of information we do have about the shooter and making up a story of his own.

On December 13 2013, Karl Halverson Pierson walked into his high school with a gun, wounded a fellow student named Claire Davis and then killed himself. The assumed motive was Karl’s anger toward a teacher at the high school but others in the mainstream media posited their own theories as to the reasons behind the shooting. The usual suspects were called out to blame: prescription drugs, mental illness, gun control, etc. … One theory that was noticeably absent from the ‘experts’ who reported on the situation, however, was Karl’s probable sexual frustration.

His proof? The fact that the girl he managed to shoot and mortally wound before killing himself was quite conventionally attractive. Chubbs posts pictures of the shooter and the girl he shot, who subsequently died:

What do you notice right away? Karl’s not a stunningly handsome dude and Claire is a smoke show. As of this writing, there’s not much information on Karl’s sexual history. It’s doubtful that Karl had a girlfriend, and it’s likely that he was a virgin.

Chubbs makes clear that even if he’s completely wrong about all this, he’s not going to let mere facts stand in the way of his theory.

By the way, if further details are released in the future which discredit my assumptions, well, ignore the Karl parts of this article obviously. Yet even if I’m wrong in my assumptions of Karl’s life, the basic gist of this article is right and does apply to the majority of normally peaceful men who suddenly turn violent and perpetrate these tragedies.

And so he moves on to state what he considers his very brave thesis:

Return Of Kings has touched on this subject before, but since the cowardly and narrow minded mainstream media refuses to even consider positing such a theory, it’s up to us ROK truth sayers to repeat ad nauseum such observations: women’s selfishness makes men kill.

And by “selfishness” Chubbs means their unwillingness to shower sex on all men.

What do I mean by women’s selfishness? The majority of women are consistently sexual only with a minority of men. This is a fact. The percentages aren’t certain (some studies claim a 60w/40m percentage – I personally think it’s as high as 70w/30m based on my own empirical observations), but the basics are a sure thing.

If by “sure thing” you mean “completely wrong,” then yes. There’s no evidence to back up the oft-repeated manosphere myth that women are having sex with only a small percentage of men. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of adult men are having at least occasional sex. According to one recent survey of American sexual behavior, some 86% of men said they’d had sex in the past year; only 70% of women said the same.

In our society today, there are hundreds of thousands of young men with insatiable sex drives who are receiving little to no sex from their female peers—not even the less attractive women whom traditionally would be paired off with less attractive men.

Wait, someone on Return of Kings is suggesting that it might be acceptable for a man to date a “less attractive woman?” The sort of woman that Roosh and Return of Kings routinely ridicule, and ridicule men for dating?

Chubbs wants to have it both ways. He wants to play at being an alpha male, but he also wants the privileges of victimhood as a poor, oppressed beta. Indeed, in his bio, he describes himself, paradoxically, as a “bipolar, optimistic Alpha male who truly believes that Beta chumps like himself are doomed in today’s politically correct utopia.” Alpha or beta: which is it, dude?

In his post, he postures as an alpha even while recounting his own story of beta victimhood:

Life without sex is a horrible experience, especially when you’re a young man. Although I get laid consistently, I have gone long stretches without any sort of sexual contact with women.

Well, that kind of sucks, dude, but, you know, welcome to life. Sometimes life sucks.

It was gruelling.

No, the Bataan Death March was gruelling. You had a dry spell.  I’ve had dry spells. Everyone else I know has had dry spells. Virtually everyone in the world has dry spells. They can be really rough. But they’re not a fucking human rights violation.

My unfulfilled sex drive made me jack off on average three times a day—four or more on gym days when I upped my testosterone level.


NEWS FLASH: Women aren’t obligated to jump on your stick every time you get a boner.

For the vast majority of men their sex life is a central part of their character and a major part of their motivation for all aspects of their life. If men are barred from it (whether they actually are or merely feel that they are) for whatever reason, they feel little incentive for anything else; even if that incentive is to not go crazy and shoot people.

Wait, how did we get from, boo hoo I have to masturbate to, well I might as well just kill a bunch of people?

Karl wanted to have sex, and just by looking at him it’s obvious he wasn’t getting much, or any. Claire is a beautiful young woman and is doubtlessly the object of affection for many young men who know her, including lonely and sexually frustrated ones. Karl was certainly amongst them. Karl had no chance to ever be with her and he knew it. And that’s why he encountered her in his school, armed with a gun, he turned it against her.

So it’s her fault for getting shot by a dude because she didn’t fuck him?

Am I saying Claire should have known better and had sex with Karl in advance? No. Claire was for all intents and purposes (looks, status, wealth) far out of Karl’s league. Yet there’s little doubt that there were many, many women in Karl’s high school who were in his league.

Oh, so it was some other girl’s fault that Claire got shot, because this other girl didn’t fuck him.

So why wasn’t Karl at home relieving his sexual frustrations with a girlfriend on par with his looks instead of simmering in anger alone, writing typical angry teenaged political messages on his Facebook and purchasing guns? It is because the inherent selfishness of all women has been allowed to run rampant in our Western societies.

How is it selfish for women to choose who they want to have sex with? No one is obligated to have sex with anyone they don’t want to have sex with.

Women whose level of physical looks give them no right to be picky are allowed to chase after the upper tiers of men with no shame while men who are just as, or perhaps even a little more, attractive then themselves are forced to remain virgins into their twenties and are forced to wait until women’s looks begin to fade around the age of twenty-six before being given the chance to enter into a relationship with them.

What the fucking hell? What planet are you living on and how on earth, even if this were true, does this justify murder?

Also: there is no epidemic of American men “forced to remain virgins into their twenties” by evil women. Indeed, the average American male loses his virginity just shy of age 17, slightly earlier than the average American female.

And even then, the relationship is a farce. The woman has only entered it out of desperation since all the upper echelons of sexually enticing men who used to have sex with her have cast her off and she is emotionally damaged by her selfish experiences.

Really? This little narrative describes the life of precisely zero women I have ever met.

What future did Karl have to look forward to? Working a mediocre job (if he could even get one), living in a society that does not look out for him or his interests in the slightest (while often ridiculing the people like him in the media – when not actively selling out his future) and having to wait until he was twenty-five or older before being able to enter into a sexually satisfying relationship with a woman on par with his looks (who would be incapable of actually loving him by that point due to her dozens of sexual partners)?


Young men like Karl – who aren’t blessed with looks, or exorbitant wealth, or the top tier social skills of the small percentage of men who are getting laid – have been left in the dust by our female-centric, uncaring societies.


And society does not care until men like him pick up a gun and starts shooting.

And now we come to the blackmail portion of the rant: Sleep with us or we’ll kill you!

The assumed catalyst as to why Karl went on the rampage was that he was demoted by a teacher in charge of the debate team, and that this caused murderous frustration in him. Do you think Karl would have had so much murderous frustration if he was receiving as little as a blowjob every so often?

All he wanted was a blowjob! It is the sacred duty of every high school girl to seek out high school boys with the greatest surplus of murderous frustration and ease this frustration with sex.

So long as society encourages women of all ages to be the inherently promiscuous creatures they are and allow them to limit their sexual choices to the men at the top of the pyramid (when many of them have no right to), sexually frustrated men will continue to lash out with extreme violence.

Wait, so after demanding that women be more promiscuous, you’re berating them for being promiscuous?

Not that I’m surprised in the slightest.

The Columbine’s will continue. The Sandy Hook’s will continue. The Arapahoe’s will continue. Until society sits down and thinks over these problems with an unclouded mind, men will continue the shootings. More people will die just so Jane Doe can continue to ‘explore’ her sexuality until she hits the wall.

So young men should be guaranteed sex — OR ELSE THEY’LL SHOOT YOU — but young women are somehow evil for having sex with men who aren’t murderously frustrated nerds?

Of course, it’s always easier to scream, “PRESCRIPTION DRUGS! GUN CONTROL MENTAL ILLNESS!” and ignore the root of the problem and twiddle one’s thumbs until the next shooting. For many men, hundreds of thousands of them, they live in a mentally ill society. It’s a testament to either their humanity or their cowardice that more of them do not lash out like this.

And it’s a testament to your lack of humanity that you even think like this.

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Could we maybe include warnings for spider gifs*? Arachnophobia isn’t exactly uncommon. I’m not talking trigger warnings, but maybe just a note…

*I’m pretty sure those were harvestmen, but my phobia is still phobed.


I read Rose’s book Parallel lives eons ago, but remember it quite fondly. A great study of how complex Victorian marriages were because divorce wasn’t an option.

Despite everything I know about these dunderheads, the Raw Story title is still jaw-dropping: “Men’s right activists call for rape ‘accuse-a-thon’ to smear sex assault victims advocate’. Good God.

It was Nick Reading’s brilliant idea? This guy is may be the worst of the lot, which is a towering achievement.

I’m usually not bothered by spiders but good god that Vine made me recoil.

And now I feel sorry for the little guys getting their winter home disturbed by some ape just for curiosity.

Could we maybe include warnings for spider gifs*?

Sorry, I should have but I only thought of that after everyone was going “AAAAH SPIDER” already.

Seconding emilygoddess, particularly since I’d managed to have a truce with a house spider in my room that was recently violated by a now dead spider. It says in the corner, I leave it alone. On my bed was not in keeping with the terms of this truce!

Otoh, I now have motivation to get dressed and head out in the fucking FREEZING weather. So thanks, I guess?

Harvestmen = daddy longlegs? I LOVE daddy longlegs! They’re cute and harmless to humans, can’t bite at all.

And thanks, Deoridhe! Ew, some of those comments made me D: like the guy who was like, “there’s nothing we can do about these things, and we shouldn’t, it’s not rational, stop being so emotional about dead kids, you emotional people!”

Harvestmen = daddy longlegs? I LOVE daddy longlegs! They’re cute and harmless to humans, can’t bite at all.

I bet you still wouldn’t want 1000 of them crawling all over you…

There are very few things I would want a thousand of crawling on me. But if I had to choose SOMEthing, daddy long legs would easily trump other things such as scorpions, black widows, or elephants.

I might actually prefer 1000 elephants crawling on me.

I’m not watching it again, but are there any non-video/non-image explanations for how something that looks like a big fluffy caterpillar can instantly morph into 100s of spiders?

I couldn’t watch the vid, but from my experience, sometimes daddy long legs clump together. I don’t know why–warmth? Socializing? Sometimes when we were crawling through caves, we’d see what looked like daddy-long-leg carpet on the wall, and you’d have to give them a couple pokes to get them to move out of your way.

Harvestmen are one of three arthropods colloquially referred to as “daddy longlegs” (Wikipedia link, no pictures). Where I grew up, the term referred to harvestmen – I’m not sure if the variation is regional or generational or what.

Ah! Yes, harvestmen were specifically what I knew of as daddy-long-legs. I can’t remember how old you are emilygoddess, but I’m from Texas, and that was the name all the folks I saw used for them.

The spiders are so cool! I had to google, and yep, they’re harvestmen, aka granddaddy long legs. They cluster together like that when they hibernate (warning: pictures of spiders. Lots of spiders):

And AVFM have been shown up by MR reddit, so they have to try and top them. I hope the police are taking note. They’re pretty much posting evidence of criminal activity they plan to engage in.

And AVFM have been shown up by MR reddit, so they have to try and top them. I hope the police are taking note. They’re pretty much posting evidence of criminal activity they plan to engage in.

Good…nothing will please me more than to see those dunderwits tripped up by their own clotheslines. Maybe they can make the Nick Reading Harassathon an annual event, just so anyone who’s serious about sexual assault reporting issues can have a handy yearly reminder of who NOT to trust in.

@Ally S

That Vine is pretty freaky, but those “spiders” seem to be harvestmen (AKA daddy longlegs). And those arachnids are as harmless as flies.

I normally like daddy longlegs, but the huge horde kinda freaked me out a bit :/

I don’t know if they’re planning on reporting her to the police; my understanding is that the AVFM bunch are being reported to Edmonton police themselves, because this is clearly a harassment campaign, and a public nuisance. By now, the cop shop has probably heard from a number of people that something is brewing here. What their campaign will consist of, I don’t know; I didn’t watch the video because there’s only so much fugliness my eyes and ears can take. But at least the cops now have a heads-up. With any luck, these guys will forget to skirt the law and will outright break it.


Ew, some of those comments made me D:

Yeah, I have a love/hate relationship with MetaFilter. I’ve learned a lot about how to influence people, but mostly that includes not screaming, “WHY ARE SO MANY OF YOU ASSHOLES??? STOP ASSHOLEING IN PUBLIC!!!!!” Here and Pharyngula (and increasingly Scalzi’s blog) are increasingly safe spaces where I know that shit won’t stand. It makes me feel safer. MetaFilter I love for its eclectic mess, but it’s very racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, OMGSTOPASSHOLEINGist…. You know.

” I’ve had dry spells.”, yeah being a male feminist orbiter you will continue to have dry spells until one day you’re so thirsty that you’ll perform a live self-castration on youtube.

Well, Mikey, your just a little ray of sunshine here, aint’cha?

Yeah, so how does suggesting a man commit “live self-castration” line up with the whole “compassion for men and boys” thing?

Interesting that the troll left out that Chubbs had also admitted having had a dry spell. Does that mean every man who ‘has a dry spell’ is a male feminist orbiter? So… ‘incels’ are now feminist orbiters? But what about the male feminist orbiters who get to have lots of sex? Do they no longer orbit?

Wait, I get it! Dry spell doesn’t just mean not having sex, it’s code for the dreaded friend zone!

Now I’m picturing intergalactic explorers studying the Feminiz planet with it’s Beta moons in the dreaded Friend Zone. Didn’t they make that movie already?

I love how this douche is trying to argue that men are shooting up schools because they’re sexually frustrated and that it’s the women who are being selfish here. Even if we pretend men are entitled to sex (they’re not), exactly why are they entitled to KILL people because they didn’t get it and why isn’t THAT selfishness not being condemned?
Hahaha just kidding I know the answer to that one.

Watched a bit of Teen Wolf today. A character actually said, “We’re betas, Scott. But you were bit by an alpha!”
Can dudebros watch that show without thinking it’s a documentary?

Also, I re-read the OP. Apparently, the writer thinks most societies are “fem-centric.” **looking around** Where? That island where Wonder Woman grew up?

” I’ve had dry spells.”, yeah being a male feminist orbiter you will continue to have dry spells until one day you’re so thirsty that you’ll perform a live self-castration on youtube.

Go play on the freeway.

Trolly’s probably upset because anyone admitting to having dry spells has implicitly had sex on other occasions – probably plenty of other occasions, if the dry spells are the oddity.

Now, who wants to guess why the idea of other people having satisfying love lives upsets MRAs, hmm?

yeah being a male feminist orbiter

I love how these guys think their stupid, made-up insults will be insulting to anyone who doesn’t share their worldview. It’s like calling someone a scruffy-looking nerf herder and expecting them to be offended.

And the brave hero scarpers back to the He-Man Woman Haters Club tree house to boast of the coup he’s counted in the very teeth of the Furrinati. He is toasted with Faygo and PBR.

gosh look at all the famous MRAs in the comments on rawstory. GWW, Dean Esmay, Toysoldier, Are they always on there?

@emilygoddess, I can’t believe how hard I was rooting for that little one. Go, puppy, go!

gosh look at all the famous MRAs in the comments on rawstory. GWW, Dean Esmay, Toysoldier, Are they always on there?

For MRAs activists, that constitutes advocacy and fighting the good fight.

“And society does not care until men like him pick up a gun and starts shooting.”

I still don’t care that you’re not getting laid, dickhole

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