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Men's Rights Redditors flood Occidental College's online rape reporting form with false accusations

Last night, a regular commenter in the Men’s Rights subreddit — inspired by a thread on 4chan — posted a link to an online form on r/mensrights under the headline “Feminists at Occidental College created an online form to anonymously report rape/sexual assault. You just fill out a form and the person is called into the office on a rape charge. The “victim” never has to prove anything or reveal their identity.”

This headline is not only inflammatory but untrue: Yes, Occidental College has an online form that allows victims of or witnesses to sexual assault to report the incidents to the school. But, as a statement at the top of the form makes clear, the point is to collect data on how much sexual violence there is at the school, who the victims are, and so on.

If the person reporting the crime names the alleged perpetrator,

a member of the Dean of Students Office will meet with that person to share that the person was named in an anonymous report, review the Sexual Misconduct Policy, and inform the person that if the allegations are true, the behavior needs to cease immediately. Information shared in this form alone will not result in anyone going through the grievance process.

I’ve put the last bit in bold to emphasize a point: No one will be charged with anything based only on information gathered using this form. As would be clear to anyone who thought about the matter for more than a few seconds, it’s rather difficult to investigate, much less prove, a rape if you don’t actually know who the victim is.

Somehow this rather elementary fact eluded the OP, and virtually all of those who left the hundreds of comments on the popular post.

Indeed, a host of Men’s Rights Redditors were so convinced of the innate evil of the online form they all had the same bright idea: let’s flood the school with false reports of rape and break the form. Here are some of their comments. (There are more in the thread.) Note the number of upvotes each of these suggestions got. (Click the images to see the comments in context on Reddit.)

SirSkeptic 167 points 15 hours ago (209|45)  That's awesome.  I'd like to see one sent with the name of every member of the Dean of Students Office as the offender. Hey, it's anonymous and no evidence is required.  Sometimes that's the only way fanatics learn.

blueoak9 83 points 15 hours ago (129|46)  The quickest way to shut this one down is to anonymously report random women and let them sweat in the hot seat. This will be over before it begins.  How are they any less expendable, and more to the point, above suspicion that the men?  And if the school treats them any differently, there's your Title 1X complaint.

WhiteThrone 15 points 12 hours ago (24|9)  Step one: Get a list of every 'Feminist' at Occidental College who supported this system.  Step two: Anonymously report them for rape.  Step three: Watch them squirm as their lives are hanging in the balance over a false rape charge.  Step four : Shutdown the BS online form.

Jonathan_Taylor 26 points 11 hours ago (30|4)  I'd just like to say that I don't condone using the form to make false accusations against officials. Flooding the forms with other ridiculous things as a means to demonstrate how ridiculous the form is, on the other hand...

While a few commenters stood up to point out that in fact the school will not charge anyone with anything as a result of anonymous information gathered by the form, they were outnumbered by  Men’s Rightsers gleefully reporting that they in fact had reported false information. Among them:

froggymorning 46 points 15 hours ago (59|13)  I've already filled one out.      permalink     source     parent     save     give gold     hide child comments  [–]Muffinizer1 6 points 7 hours ago (9|4)  Was kind of fun. I swear to god though, if they track us down it would be terribly ironic, however it's mildly likely.

Your_Bacon_Counselor 5 points 6 hours ago (6|1)  Looks like there is an epidemic at Occidental, particularly female-on-female assault.  Even though most of these will be scrubbed, I promise the numbers will be kept and used to justify programs.


unexpecteditem 6 points 9 hours ago (11|5)  I like this. Where can I fill it in. I've been raped all over the place. Let's get submitting boys? Has anyone been raped by the dean of women's studies? Surely somebody. I find her a bit creepy.  I've also been raped by the president of the US. And of course by everyone I don't like. Heck, why don't I just go down the phone book. I've been raped by everybody. There. That ought to do it. Nothing like a practical demonstration of the absurdity of an idea.

gonecatfishin 8 points 11 hours ago (9|1)  Filling this out is fun!

It’s one thing to criticize an anonymous reporting system because of its potential for abuse; this is something else entirely.

The post has been up for 17 hours at this point, with more than 700 net upvotes, and some of the calls for “breaking” the form have been up for nearly as long. The moderators of Men’s Rights have done nothing to stop their subreddit being used to interfere with a school’s attempt to assist rape survivors — including men.

“Breaking” a school’s rape reporting mechanism is apparently a form of Men’s Rights activism.

273 replies on “Men's Rights Redditors flood Occidental College's online rape reporting form with false accusations”

I’m pretty much convinced that GWW uses long, obtuse formats (like webcam videos) to prevent anyone being able to easily quote her or respond to what she’s saying.

Golly, that’s quaint…nobody does that anymore.

Yes, they do.

“This is an unlawful assembly, you must disperse”.

They did it to Occuppy on the Brooklyn Bridge, They “kettled” them, told them they were unlawful and arrested them because they had no place to go.

Why are we constantly providing them moral permission and various options to not officially report, when victims not reporting results in more future victims?

Because of shit like this:

The night she was sexually assaulted in September 2011, Barrett said she was asked by a Missoula police officer if she had a boyfriend.

“I said, ‘No, but why does that matter?'” recalled Barrett. “He responded, ‘Some girls cheat on their boyfriend and regret it and blame it on rape.'”

The years since that remark turned Barrett into an activist who brought national attention to the town, stirring the U.S. departments of Justice and Education to investigate the police and the university for mishandling sexual assault reports. And they spurred Muir to institute reforms. A civilian review panel has begun examining the department’s handling of sexual assault investigations, for example. Muir said the panel looked at nine cases this week…

Barrett said a Missoula detective later apologized to her for the officer’s comment. But then the detective warned that nothing was likely to come of an investigation, because it was a he-said, she-said situation.

Two months later, police interviewed the man Barrett had identified as her assailant. The detective later told Barrett that the man had cried and insisted the sex had been consensual.

Barrett said she learned in November 2011 that police considered her case inactive. She and a friend, who had similar experiences with Missoula police, met with Muir, who addressed his officers’ comments.

“I apologized for the fact that she felt that the detective was more sympathetic to the perpetrator,” Muir said. “That was simply a matter of her perception.”

The conversation was cordial, the chief and the women agreed, until the topic of false rape reports arose.

Barrett said that she insisted no more than 6 percent of rape reports are bogus, citing a 2009 study that originated with End Violence Against Women International. She and her friend, who asked not to be named, said Muir disagreed, saying that some studies show a majority of rape reports are false.

Muir said he “disputed that it’s not disputable” that a small number of reports are false.

“I explained to her I don’t believe those numbers that are on the high end,” Muir said. “But I just wanted to be perfectly clear that there are studies that have been done. Not everyone supports them, but that [false reports] may be as high as 40 to 50 percent.”

Makes me wonder what the “higher” numbers he doesn’t believe are.

I tried to comment and WP ate it, since glossary troll has me fuming, I’ll just retype this bit —

Don’t worry about it Kitteh, I figured you were poking fun at MRAs, not gaslighting (and I’m having a shit week)

“Makes me wonder what the “higher” numbers he doesn’t believe are.”

We’ve had MRAs saying 90%+ haven’t we? (Or am I getting confused because the opposite is true?)

“I explained to her I don’t believe those numbers that are on the high end,” Muir said. “But I just wanted to be perfectly clear that there are studies that have been done. Not everyone supports them, but that [false reports] may be as high as 40 to 50 percent.”

If I weren’t horribly sleep-deprived, I would have laughed out loud at this.

You can quote my poem anywhere. In case someone didn’t know, it’s ripped on the famous beginning of William Blake’s “The Tyger”:

Tyger, tyger, burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

Apparently every line begins with a capital (just now checked). Also, perhaps the last line should be “Could match the fearful price you ‘got”. Some native speaker could consider optimizing word choices for dramatic effect. And maybe bastardize the whole poem…

Auggz — that logic, cuz I’ve had my fair share of jerkbrain about it, goes like this — if the rapist is inclined to rape you, they might be inclined to rape someone else, if you get them put behind bars, then they can’t do that. Thus failure to get them sent to jail means not protecting their future victims.

Have fun parsing that onion of fail.


“A police officer with an MRAish attitude to numbers (and to women).

And they dare ask why rape isn’t reported more.”

This does seem to be quite a prevalent problem in many PDs here in the U.S., sadly. 🙁

just another way for these irrational men’s right activist to prove they have no intention in protecting men from actual issues. They simply wamt to stick it to women any way they can. This is also proven by the way they treat men who try to stand up for women. If a man says “don’t disrespect your ladies,” theses mra types demand his man card or throw a homophobic term.

Its obvious that false rape isn’t what they have issue with: they (most mra I’ve come across) seem to think one of two things 1. Rape is a myth or 2. Rape should be treated as a myth so no man is wrongly accused.

It makes me sick. I am glad I didn’t have a daughter to grow up with so much of this thought. I will teach my son to respect you ladies and stand against these cowards. With my wife being his mom, it should not be difficult.

Goodluck to all. Please remember that we are not all like this. Most men aren’t woman haters, just as most women are man-haters.

MRA/FRA are all useless and failures of the human species. God/Goddesses help our future generations from these stun humans!

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