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A Voice for Men’s Honey Badgers ask: Why hasn’t Anita Sarkeesian been harassed MORE?

A Voice for Men’s so-called “Honey Badgers” — its little super-team of female MRAs, led by blabby Canadian videoblogger Karen “GirlWritesWhat” Straughan — have a new theory about Anita Sarkeesian. And it’s a doozy.

Sarkeesian, you may recall, is a feminist cultural critic who’s faced pretty much nonstop harassment from misogynistic internet assholes since she launched a project to dissect sexist tropes in video games. AVFM has contributed, in its own special way, to this wave of harassment, with articles describing Sarkeesian as, among other things, a “moneygrubbing liar” and a “queen bee … girl interloper” in the world of video games; AVFM’s Dean Esmay also held her partially responsible, along with an assortment of other internet feminists, for the suicide of one Canadian Men’s Rights Activist.

The principals at AVFM have blamed her for — either inadvertently or deliberately — bringing this harassment on herself by going to 4chan and posting about her project. (As I noted in a previous post, there’s no actual evidence she ever did this.)

The Honey Badgers, for their part, are certain that getting harassed by 4chaners was  part of her devious plan all along.

In a teaser for their internet “radio” show tonight, the “Honey Badger” known as TyphonBlue writes:

Like all professional damsels in distress, Anita Sarkeesian had to choose a good dragon. Just the right looming shadow to fall over her delicate and fragile sensibilities; just the right cackling stage-villain to inspire her cries of helpless horror.

She chose 4-chan. An internet forum known for it’s underbelly of foul-tempered and hair-triggered trolls.

Then, after accusing Sarkeesian of inviting countless rape and death threats upon herself (and only a portion of it from 4channers, I should add), the Badgers take their weird conspiracy theory one step further:

But we at Honey Badger Radio have noticed something… odd. The wave of so-called hate that Anita received from her carefully chosen dragon, wasn’t really all that bad.

Yeah. A year and a half (so far) of pretty much unending harassment and baseless criticism, complete with violent threats directed not only at her but at other women who have defended her — that’s nothing.

Compared to 4-chan’s usual scorched earth strategy–raizing [sic] everything to the ground and pissing on the ashes, Anita got a little singed, like she sat too close to a campfire.

So we have to ask… Did 4-chan white knight Anita? I mean, come on. Was that the best 4 chan could do?

Yes, that’s right. The Honey Badgers are accusing those who sent rape and death threats to Anita Sarkeesian … of “white knighting” her.

I can’t even.

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Alice, I never thought of it being rude to deaf people – I hope it isn’t (I mean, I wouldn’t know, obviously).

I have to say I snortled my tea, reading it. The context was “person not talking because Rules” not “deaf person”.

Maybe there should be a prologue where they arrive separately and each talks to the waitstaff?

kittehs – I wouldn’t know either, but still. I know the context, and I wasn’t intending to put anyone down, but the *signs* thing might be offensive.

Maybe the prologue will help.

Apologies for offensiveness.

Also, if you read the Dateable Rules for Girls, there’s an assumption that there’s a girl is dating someone who already has an SO (and is presumably monogamous).

WTF? Are you (the author of R. U. Dateable) implying that men are inherently cheaters? Or are you implying that women are causing men to cheat?

“Unless it’s just women who aren’t supposed to talk and men are supposed to just talk at them?”

Well, I did get told to talk less and listen more when I took the female one. Which is, you know, something I’ve heard basically since I started talking. (See, I didn’t really start talking until I was nearly 5, I knew what everyone was saying, and did as told and such, but, ironically for the current topic, had my own little system of signs for what I wanted…wasn’t until my brother started using words that I did too. Story goes that I haven’t shut up since 🙂 )

I totally didn’t realize that the correct answer to all the questions was supposed to be “false.” For starters, I totally misparsed this one:

He asks you what you are doing this weekend.
You say nothing.

Due to the missing quotation marks, I thought it was telling you to literally say nothing when asked a question.

Or what about this one?

At the end of the date there are still so many things you want him to know.

If you never talk and concentrate on being mysterious, isn’t that going to mean that there are more things you want him to know? Or are you just supposed to not care what he thinks you’re like? What’s even the point of the date if you’re explicitly not supposed to get to know the other person?

As for the pledge:

As a dateable girl I will: shut up and be mysterious, not lie to myself

Don’t lie to yourself. But do lie to the guy if he asks a straightforward question like what you’re doing that weekend.

WRT feminist borg: Are we going to make this intersectionality month and is there going to be a post announcing so? Because if so, I do have a post written up, but if we’re not going with the themes, I’ll just put it up on my blog instead.

I think we’re doing themes so yes?

*skims post queue* yeah, everything here can be shoehorned in. And idk which prompt he meant, but that may answer pecunium’s issue — I asked him to write on either/both women in the military (there was stupidity here earlier) or disability, he didn’t know quite how to make either relate to feminism. If we do intersectionality month (that’s a mouthful!) and he meant the later, problem solved.

You want to write up a short post to sticky? Should I draft one?

Also, the only email I have for you is the one you used when collecting writing samples, I’m assuming by your question that that is a valid email?


It’s really quite simple. When women are depressed they talk about it. They talk to a friend, they admit it and other people will support them. If it continues they go and see a GP who will send them to a psychiatrist who will treat them. Women are far less likely to be ashamed of feeling depressed and get help when they need it.

Most men see being emotional as a weakness and being suicidal as something to be hidden, as some kind of admission of failure so they don’t admit it, don’t get help and are far, far more likely to kill themselves.

And, of course, the issue of the method makes as serious difference as well.

Skipped a couple of pages to vent my frustration.

Makeup, yay! I enjoy makeup by MAC, but it can be pricey so I don’t buy it as often.

Feel my pain. I lashed out on MAC months and months ago, used it a couple of times – and haven’t been able to find it since. Have to go to daughter’s super duper pre-wedding party (high tea) tomorrow so there go multiple $$$$s.

And we all know perfectly well that the vanished bottle of MAC will magically reappear next week once I’ve bought its replacement. Oh well. It’s only money, siiiigh.

And for suicide? There’s a recent study just out. Damn thing’s behind the usual paywall, but some of you might have library access.

Here’s an article by someone who has read it.


The primer definitely helps and it lasts longer in summer because it doesn’t sweat off as easily.

Hey! Don’t knock a bit of sparkly bronzer, vampire or not, it makes a nice finishing power if it’s loose, rather than pressed. When I was all pale and wan from chemo I used it as camouflage and managed to pass as a normal person.


I see your problem and I have a suggestion. At the risk of sounding like an ad, you might find Dr Feelgood by Benefit useful. It’s clear, goes on invisible and blurs any redness or blemishes. I also find it really pleasant to use, is very protective and it has a really nice perfume. Put it on with your fingers and it will hide enlarged pores and give you a very good surface for foundation but it can be worn on it’s own. You can hide blemishes with a bit of concealer and then put a bit more Dr F on top to keep it in place. It works well with a lip and cheek stain and I doubt very much that your dad will notice anything but the perfume.

I’m kind of embarassed to admit this, but I see you talking about this Feminist Borg and articles therefore and interesting things, and, uh, how do I find those or a link or anything? Google gets me naught.

And can I write anything in any way that might help? Link me to something that coveres that already if it’s there.

Please? 🙂

Oh wow, if even Fibinachi didn’t know about the new magical place of wondrousness I feel less bad about being like ‘whaaaaaaaat?’

… that’s a frightening, quiz, by the way.

Somehow I got: ”
But don’t get cocky. You have to be tough and keep hanging on to self-control. You are totally focused the right way. Keep it up!”, by iddling clicking.

I have to keep hanging on to my self control?

What exactly is the implication of what will happen here if I don’t, in this date situation?

As a dateable girl I will: shut up and be mysterious, not lie to myself, keep it covered up, remember that I’m not one of the guys, know that it will not last.

What won’t last? The relationship? Or our looks?

Having spent the last hour wading through the comments, I’m going to give up and just post. Sorry if it’s been posted before, but it’s relevant to the topic and IMO funny enough in this context to post 10000 times. Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger. (Yes, I don’t know how to embed video.)

Watch out MRA’s the honeybadgers are coming to eat your snakes!!!! :/ Honey Badger don’t care!

Sorry if this has already been addressed (600 comments in one night, holy crap u guise!), but David, what’s with calling GWW “blabby”? It’s not clear what you mean by that (she talks a lot? She makes a lot of videos? She can’t keep a secret?) and has shades of “women talk too much, amirite?” IDK, it made me uncomfortable, but I’m sure it can be clarified.

Re: phony suicide attempts as cry for attention…even if this happens, why is it cause to treat the person with contempt rather than compassion? There seems to be this idea in our culture that if someone wants attention, be they child or adult, the appropriate thing to do is not give it to them. But humans are social animals and connecting with other people isn’t just a selfish whim, it’s a real psychological need. If someone feels so starved of that connection that they will endanger their life as a last-ditch effort to get noticed and cared for, then something has gone wrong. Either they really are that isolated and neglected, in which case their social support network needs an overhaul, or the attention they do get doesn’t fulfill the need, in which case they probably need therapy at the very least. Either way, they need help, which is a form of–guess what?–attention!

Teal deer version: Those who demand attention do so because they require it. Compassion, not contempt, is the proper response.

Re “keeping it covered up” from this ‘quiz’, perhaps it means, wearing a niqab? Or at least a veil? This will totally add to the essential sense of mystery, because if you have played your cards right, your date has neither heard your voice, nor knows what you look like! Of course they will return for more (if only to find out for certain that you aren’t really their arch-nemesis/ blood relative/ the FBI)

Anyway, I found this on cracked and thought point 2 might be relevant

Damn, I missed a troll. Admittedly, he was a boring, repetitive ass, but… Ah, well.

One small point I’d like to fact-check myself on. The alleged smoking gun for Sarkesian was a video where she said she didn’t like first-person shooters, specifically, because of the violent nature of the genre, and this gets twisted into evidence that she hated all video games, forever–is this correct?

I don’t play first person shooter either. But I have 3 different gaming systems besides my computer.
There are games like Jungle Tokyo that are awesome and not first person shooters.

According to the state of California, if the caretaker of a minor child is NOT on welfare, the father of the child can get his child support obligation reduced from a measly $500 per month to zero.

I just wanted to thank all the tireless men’s right’s advocates for putting yet another individual on welfare instead of owning up to your already small obligations and responsibilities towards your children.

Looking at all the terrible stuff in the comments, I’m just going to stick with the ‘feminine’ stuff.

Re: long hair that tangles horribly

My youngest has hair like this, so here’s what we’ve found that works.

1. Using a shampoo/conditioner combo (a two-in-one) and only shampoo the scalp.
2. Then using a protein conditioner (or a damaged hair conditioner). Some days, we do this twice.
3. Never, ever rubbing head with a towel, just gently wrap the towel around her head.
4. Spray on detangler or leave-in conditioner.
5. Combing with a detangling brush (we use the Tangle Teaser we bought at Sally’s Beauty Supply).

One thing we never use on her hair? Argan/morrocan oil. It’s heavy, and better on thick, coarse hair (I have thick coarse hair, it’s awesome for me, but it makes her hair look instantly dirty again).

Oh, ninja’ed!

It’s not on google because I haven’t done the SEO yet because I want a consensus on the copyright question first. (Well, that and it’s a week old and google isn’t quite that impressive)

No, I got it sorted. I stumbled onto a simple way to do it in php wih str_replace. (Was looking for something else, but the example was replacing vowels and I went AHA!)

Otoh, if anyone wants to do the favicon, I’d be very grateful. (And fuck, if we are showing up I need to find non-copyright clipart for the header, that loach was meant as a placeholder and thus I didn’t check that)

Do you still need a favicon? I can do one. What should it be?

Argenti, I’m sorry about your grandfather.

All the makeup discussion reminds me – wwaaaayyy back around the turn of the century, before we become parents, my husband would occasionally do drag. He got a book by the (now late) Kevyn Aucoin, “Making Faces”. Despite not doing makeup or drag myself, I found it utterly fascinating. Thanks for bringing that buried memory to life.
On the gaming front – I used to play Civilization with the ‘no war’ option. I tried to play Skyrim and Morrowind without combat, but the game mechanics make that almost impossible. FPS games are, to me, like raspberries or hazelnuts; I realize that many people enjoy them, but the appeal is lost on me.

Oh and thanks…my father doesn’t think he’ll make it more than a few days. And I am so not ready for this.

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