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Friendzoning: The Rage Comics


Two rage comics that capture well the true human tragedy that is FRIENDZONING, both of which I found in the awesome Blue Pill subreddit. The one above is by dont_buy_me_gold; the one below by SaltyChristian (who is, incidentally, a CERTIFIED ALPHA).

I have heard rumors that the entire Blue Pill subreddit is not actually a hangout for super alpha dudes but rather a parody of the Red Pill subreddit but I choose not to believe them, much in the same way I choose not to believe in the supposed “law” of gravity. It’s A THEORY, people!

(Note: These are both parodies, by the way, in case there is any confusion.)


383 replies on “Friendzoning: The Rage Comics”

You have fuckall for nuance, unless by that you mean “mild gaslighting.”

Go. Be happy. Far away from here.

So exercise some self control and stay away. Self-control isn’t something that can be outsourced by annoying people until they control your behavior for you.

Eurosabra, and yet, as Cassandra says, every thread ends up with you talking about yourself.

I’m going to do what I’ve done in the past a few times and put you on moderation, and only let through those comments that aren’t about you. General talk about PUA, ok, but you’ve exceeded your “you” quota.

And no more on anything in this particular thread.

The rest of you, could you also cooperate and not talk about him either in this thread?

I’m curious, though, Euro. Do you ever throw down with posters on those MRA threads you don’t essentially like?

David: talk about who?

So how was everyone’s weekend? I think I have recovered from Vegas.

Other stuff! Um, I just bought some lingerie? Though I guess we save those conversations for when we need to bore trolls away.

Unfortunately, no. We were too damn tired to check out the Bacchanal buffet, which is supposed to be incredible.

The first night we were at Battista’s Hole in the Wall, and what they tried to pass off as cappuchino would make the baby Jesus cry.

But! I found a perfume I can only find online at Barney’s, which there are none of in ATX.

I did manage to fall asleep at the Cirque de Soleil Beatles Love thing. That was soooooooo not my thing.

Oh, and it was made very clear to me that I am NOT a gambler at the craps table. Next time I will just go the direct route and set fire to 40 bucks.

I spent my weekend writing a boring article, and now I’m proofreading it which is even more boring. I should probably give it my undivided attention, but NO NO YOU CAN’T MAKE ME YOU CAN’T.

Craps is hard. I can usually make $40 last at least a few hours at the blackjack tables. I always end up losing in the end, but I figure the $40 for a few hours of entertainment and cheap drinks kind of works out.

So what did you do in Vegas apart from the work, hellkell? Did you have a good time?

Funny thing was, last week an antique jeweller’s I pass every morning had a sign up saying they were going to a conference in Vegas, and I thought 1) is the timing right? and 2) if I knew whether hellkell liked antique jewellery or not I’d like to have told her.

Clothing info? I finally got a cable beret, as in BERET not head-hugging cap, done. And boy did it take a lot of mucking about and knitting inserts and re-knitting brims!

beret front

beret side

beret back, with tassel!

Kitteh’s: it was a good time. I got to hang with people from the other offices I haven’t seen in forever, and some I’d never met before. We did a lot of walking and people watching. The takeaway from that was LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS, PEOPLE.

We didn’t have a lot of free time, but we did squeeze some shopping in and saw that Cirque thing bored me silly. Mostly it was just hanging out in the casino.

I got a job as a web developer last week. And so my dad told me to read an 800+ page book on Ruby on Rails (of all things) over the weekend. But I didn’t because 1) I have many other good sources for learning Rails and 2) holy fuck how can he expect me to read a massive book on an advanced web development framework in just two days? Sheesh.

Thanks, Aaliyah!

What about summer hats for you? They’re a good idea anyway, sunburn-wise.

hellkell – ah yes, leggings! Comfortable but they don’t do the butt any favours, even when it’s a very shapely butt. My impression, anyway.

I watched Cirque du Soleil once on telly and yeah, bores me witless too. I also dislike their makeup and costumes. They seem really ugly to me for some reason.

Well, there’s a lot of possible eye-rolling from your partner’s entourage and lectures to him/her/hir about the possibility of doing better,

Which has fuck-all to do with whether or not the couple find each other attractive. Goalpost moving.

No, I have decided that the partner is not attractive to me. I conclude that the other person evaluating that partner has criteria unknowable to me, and I consider their taste for *physical* form different from mine.


Here, let me remind you of what you actually said:

So I can’t know if they are really attracted, but the example of the bride who dodged the groom’s kiss at her own wedding raises doubts.

You can’t know if they are really attracted, and this story means there are doubts.

This is what you call, “observable”.

And now you are changing the story.


I’m glad I got the job, too, even though it’s a part-time minimum-wage summer position that’ll last for only a month or so (maybe longer, but that’s only if I perform exceptionally well). On the flip-side, I really wish I could spend the summer with less stress so that I could have more time to focus on dealing with my mental problems. My father basically pushed me to accept the job (he made a deal with a friend he knows and that’s how he got the position for me).

But I suppose there are ways around that: my older sister suggested that I use my money to help pay for therapy sessions, which I think is a great idea. I just hope that I can find the time for appointments…


Summer hats? I think they look nice on other people in that they make people look happier for some reason, but I don’t feel comfortable wearing such a hat when I have extremely short hair (once again I was made to get a haircut).

I’ll add that, even though the job is only going to last for a little while, I do appreciate the fact that it’ll look good on my resume when I try looking for other jobs. Because the project I’m working on is pretty big.

Dave: The rest of you, could you also cooperate and not talk about him either in this thread?

Sorry. Done.

As for me… had unpleasant spinning adventure. I’ve been drop-spinning some yarn for a friend. I went to ply it up, and miscalculated the lay (i.e. which direction the twist was) and tried to ply it the wrong way. So I had to cut the plies (which were, “cobweb” [i.e. less than 1/60th inch across, to be more arcane it was averaging about 1pt]), and start over.

Then (this is the adventure), I tried to reverse the 10 meters or so I’d already plied wrong. It’s probably usable, but very, “arty”.

And it’s still really fine.

What about summer hats that are fairly plain? Cloth ones in a single colour, for instance. Think of ’em as helping frame your face while you can’t have your hair long enough to do so. At any rate, it’s important to cover up in summer. Speaking from the country with the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, I’ve heard this message a long time!


“Think of ‘em as helping frame your face while you can’t have your hair long enough to do so.”

That’s a nice way to look at it. Can you please show me an example of such a hat, though? It doesn’t ring a bell ATM.

This is more or less the sort of thing, though it’s a bit more extravagant than the ones I see around the place in pharmacies and the like:

This is the sort of thing I’m thinking of: some come with a turn-up brim, which helps counter updrafts.

I was also thinking of maybe straw panamas or trilbies, too, like this:

I know that doesn’t really go with your dress style at present, but for the future at least, or when you’re dressed up a bit for work, maybe?

I’m not sure how fine a line you’d have to walk with not getting your father flying into a “That’s a girl’s hat!” tizz, so I’m thinking of not-too-feminine stuff, or trying to.

Does anyone else have trouble understanding MRAs? Whenever I try to read anything from them, I’m left with that “… What the fuck did I miss???” feeling.
The right eloquently most of the time, but it still doesn’t follow for me.
I know I’m kind of hypocrite for saying that, since my writing can be bad sometimes, but jesus, it’s like every single MRA I’ve come across has that bizarre, humorless writing style.

The reason I’m saying this is because whenever I read Eurosabra’s comments, I have to reread them several times because I have no idea why he’s talking about whatever he’s talking about.

Eloquent? That lot? More like verbal diarrhoea, I’d have said …

Their stuff’s like those sentences that are constructed to show something can be grammatically correct yet make no sense whatsoever, except they miss the “grammatically correct” bit more often than not.

Pecunium — if you mean the yarn you showed me, it was going to look “artsy” in any case, that mixed green/blue is gorgeous (screen cap just the yarn for everyone else to behold?)

Me? I washed my hair…big achievement, I know! Going into the shop with my mother in the morning, which probably means MAOR IPAD GAMES!! Very exciting, I know.

I think reading any troll’s comments here is like a game of join the dots, because there often enough isn’t much connection between Rantwhine 1 and Rantwhine 2, even though they’re ostensibly on the same subject. Part of it’s goalpost shifting (like the slimer’s latest whine), part of it’s … because they’re dumbasses?

That, or they just repeat themselves.


I really like the second hat, but yeah, I’m going to face some gender-policing for sure if I do that. Thank you for the suggestion, though – I’ll definitely keep it in mind.

Maybe I can cover my head with this keffiyeh I have like I do sometimes. (I’m just holding it in the air – that’s not how I wear it on my head XD)

That way I can cover my head wIthout facing gender-policing (because it’s often seen as a masculine accessory)

I was thinking (frivolously) before of how your dad would react if you wore a hijab … but if the keffiyah is acceptable, go for it!

Argenti – to paraphrase Meatloaf, one out of three ain’t bad! 😛

You knitted that beret, kitteh?
I thought you were just starting! It looks really good.
I love the tassel.

That is so awesome that you get a job doing web dev. What’s the project you’ll be working on about?

Thanks, Maude! Yes, I knitted it. Third thing I’ve done with cable, about the seventh beret I’ve done altogether – the others were all in garter stitch. The pattern’s very easy.

I was pleased with the tassel, too! Easier to make than I thought, and it covers the bit at the back where the pattern goes haywire. I got the idea from a huge book on knitting Mum just bought for my birthday.


I’m working on a bookkeeping software – most of it has already been done, but I need to finish the work alongside my cousin (he also got a job for the same project). It’s a hefty project as it requires pretty much every single web technology I know and I have to do a shitload of additional reading. Especially on Ruby on Rails.

That sounds like it’ll be a great experience. I hope it’s lots of fun and not too stressful.

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