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Female MRA argues that the real abusers in the BBC pedo scandals were the underage girls

Jimmy Saville: The real victim? (Uh, no.)
Jimmy Savile: The real victim? (Uh, no.)

British barrister Barbara Hewson caused a bit of a stir last week when she called for the age of consent in Britain to be lowered to 13 so as to end the alleged “persecution of old men” like those arrested in the wake of the recent Jimmy Savile scandal, which revealed a widespread culture of sexual exploitation of underage girls (and some boys) at the BBC in the 1970s.

Now one female Men’s Rights Activist connected to hate site A Voice for Men has done Hewson one better, arguing that the real culprits in these scandals weren’t the predatory adult men but the girls they victimized.

Janet Bloomfield, a fairly regular contributor to terrorist-manifesto-posting AVFM who is better known as JudgyBitch, writes on her blog that:

[B]asically, the girls were groupies. They wanted all the benefits of hanging out with a big star and they understood it came with a price and they paid it, perhaps reluctantly, but with full knowledge that the trips to London and the fags and the sweet weren’t free. …

And now they are claiming the MEN abused THEM? Looks to me like it was the other way around.

Yes, Bloomfield apparently feels that these poor little rich men were robbed of cigarettes and candy and trips to London by predatory teenage girls. She continues:

It’s a story as old as bloody time. Young women with nothing to offer but their youth and sexuality chase after powerful men in exchange for favors. If we are going to arrest every powerful man who has ever availed himself of willing women, we are gonna need to build a whole lot of jails.

Uh, Judgy, in case you missed the point of the whole debate here, we’re not talking about women. We’re talking about girls. In the case of  BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall, one of the victims that he has admitted to assaulting was nine years old at the time. Nine. Savile’s youngest alleged victim was an eight-year-old boy, and dozens of his alleged assaults were upon children in hospitals.

In the end, Bloomfield kind of, sort of, admits that the men may have behaved badly in these cases. But she still wants them to face zero legal repercussions.

Powerful men always have and always will delight in young women hunting them. Young women always have and always will hunt for powerful men. Both sides are equally culpable. Both sides are engaging in abuse. Both sides are behaving shamefully. Both side are being idiots.

But only one side is being held criminally responsible? Bullshit. If the girls are not going to be strung up on charges of solicitation and prostitution, and I absolutely do NOT think they should be, then fairness and equality under the law dictates the men get a pass, too.

Again, you may notice, Bloomfield cannot seem to decide whether or not these girls are in fact girls or “young women,” and in the two consecutive paragraphs right above you’ll notice she slides effortlessly between the two. Perhaps her desire to tag these girls “women” is an admission that, at least on some unconscious level, she knows what she’s arguing is beyond the moral pale.

Elsewhere in her post, she puts up pictures of underage girls whom she seems to think would be impossible to distinguish from adults. Here’s one, of a twelve-year-old model. (She also includes a creepily sexualized picture of the same model at age ten.)


Anyone unable to tell that this is a picture of a child, not an adult, shouldn’t be having sex with anyone.

And anyone as morally deficient as JudgyBitch shouldn’t be judging anyone.

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pecunium, that study says “4.4% of women and 0.9% of men indicated experiencing unwanted sexual contact.” And unwanted sexual contact, as the researchers defined it, includes rape. So women are about five times more likely to be raped.

I think the author was taking it from “Most Serious Unwanted Sexual Conact Behavior Experienced: Did Not Specify”

Which has been higher for men from 2006 on to the present. It’s been fairly steady at about 10 percent for women in the services, but it’s gone up for men, from 26 percent in 2006, to 38 in 2010, and 34 in 2012.

The difficulty with this report (apart from it being 1500 pages) is that it’s take from two different data sets: One is those cases for which a report was made (and there are two types of reports, which muddies the waters, because one of those types is can be lost in the shuffle; restricted reports are limited in their release. They are supposed to be aggreagate by the officer in charge of the various programs which are in place to deal with sexual assault, but some of them aren’t). So that slide is from both data sets, and it looks like most of the others are from the data set of reported assaults.

That data shows women as the group more likely to be assaulted, and far more likely to be raped.

The other data set is from an annual survey, done at random through the services. It’s a anonymous survey. It shows a higher percentage of men saying they were the victims of unwanted sexual contact, which they didn’t characterise.

Across the board (94 percent) of offenses against women were committed by men. Of the total, 99 percent had men involved (four percent were mixed, with both male and female offenders; there was one percent of cases with only a woman committing the offense).

There is no data for the ratios of offenders against men. I don’t know why, because it was a reportable figure in the previous reports. In 2006 there were multiple offenders in about half the cases, and it dropped to about 30 percent. For offenses against women it has stayed stable, at about 30 percent.

The second portion of the report is easier to extract data from (though it’s a PDF, and has lots of power point slides).

And what I’ve managed to slog through is confusing… for example the first part of the report says only 8 investigations were completed in 2012 (and may have been initiated earlier), but it lists more than 150 rapes of Nat. Guard personnel. So I don’t know what to make of that.

1,500 pages. Of DoD speak. It’s a mess.

An update: Avicenna from Freethought Blogs has taken on Judgy Bitch, and she actually showed up to do some doubling down. One of her defenses is that she was speaking generally and had no studied those British cases too closely.

Tsk tsk, feminazis are never satisfied when ut comes to straight men having sex. When he has sex with an “underage” girl, you whine about (statutory) rape, when he waits until she us actually already “of legal age” in that particulat territorial jurisdiction, you still whine about “grooming” which to the rest if the world is simply the age-old good old-fashioned traditional practice of heterosexual courtship which I suppose has largely died out in the White West since the Feminazi Sexual Revolution. Then again, you’re the people who also love to bitch (pun intended) so-called “power differentials” even in adult relationships despite the natural instinct of females of any species that reproduces sexually to be attracted to powerful males, the greater the better (I despise Kissinger for ideological , political, cultural reasons, but he was right on the money when he said that power is the best aphrodisiac for humans ever). Also, the problem with “ages of consent” is that they’re figuratively all over the literal map, so like organized religion, how can you be too impressed and enamoured of something that can change so drastically even within the same timezone? Finally, Pecunium, I don’t what’s worse about you, that you’re an arrogant braggart who smugly boasts of his attractiveness to Mrs Robinson/Stacy’s Mom in the golden days of his pubescent youth or that you’re an foolish idiot who didn’t realize at all just how very lucky/blessed he was and utterly failed to seize opportunity when it presented itself. Ah, I know too many guys who would have paid any price (and still would if they could somehow go back and do it all over again) for such good fortune tsk tsk. Btw, there ARE actually a legion of legal-age pornstars, even and especially in America, who DO look as young as Brooke Shields did in that Pretty Baby picture. Why do you think Larry Flint created/originated the Barely Legal genre of porn in the first place, eh?

*more or less ignores the annoyance*

Pecunium! You fool! You should’ve slept with a woman you didn’t want to sleep with because other people would’ve done anything for the chance!!

Argenti! You fool! Is that a twizzler loose in your bed?!?

abnoy (transitive verb)
meaning: to simultaneously have terrible reading comprehension and be a creepy misogynistic rape apologist towards someone.

Stop abnoyying us you piece of shit.

(failed pun attempt? perhaps, but I still felt like it)

he was right on the money when he said that power is the best aphrodisiac for humans ever

Why would I want a powerful man when I can be a powerful woman instead?
I also deal with powerful men all the time-they are little different than nonpowerful men except maybe more annoying when one needs to get something done.

even in adult relationships despite the natural instinct of females of any species that reproduces sexually to be attracted to powerful males,

But you’re talking about the females of the human species here, right? You mean women? I guess some women are sexually attracted to power or money, but I don’t think that’s the case for too many. Most women don’t get physically aroused just by looking at money. If that were true, then making a trip to the bank would be way more exciting. And some men like Putin imagine themselves to be great sex symbols just for having power, but I think that whole effect is way overestimated.

By the way, are lesbians and bi women also attracted to powerful women? Or does this only work if we’re talking about a man with power attracting straight women? Enquiring minds want to know, or I am asking because I’m bored and want to see what you’ll say.

Why do you think Larry Flint created/originated the Barely Legal genre of porn in the first place, eh?

My guess is because he’s gross. I didn’t know Larry Flint was all that popular with feminists and that we should care what he does. Now tell me what the other great feminist of our times, Howard Stern, thinks about “barely legal teens”.

I think I’m just going to give Abnoy an extended time-out, maybe forever. Certianly no more posting in this thread, or on this topic, or on anything vaguely related to it.

Now I want a peach.

Hey, anyone got any corn recipes using fresh corn? I was thinking of making a corn salad, maybe with some leftover cotija cheese, but thought I’d cast a net to see if I found anything more exciting.

A rogue or a rouge twizzler? Got to get the colour scheme right.

(what the heck is a twizzler anyway?)

Yeah, “tsk tsk” was SteALe (which I’m now reading as “Stale”, appropriately enough).


stop putting underage and grooming in quotes, and acting like statuatory rape is something that people whine about for no reason, not a crime. It makes you look like a fucking abuse apologist

and i just saw that he was on time out. thank god.

Abnoy doesn’t just look like an abuse apologist; he is one. He’s claimed to have had sex with children before. Whether or not his boasts are real, he is promoting pedophilia (and calling grooming ‘courtship’ as if they were remotely similar – hello, my father, married at the time, was not courting the sixteen-year-old he was fucking).

A little off topic, but here is some more Judgy Bitch.
She is being interviewed on the culture of slutshaming with three other (feminist) women. She goes off on a rant ~19:40 when prompted “Society shames girls, but not men, doesn’t it?”

Also, the irony of these two posts just gets me. In the first, she blames the girl in the Steubenville case for being a “dumb fucking whore” who deserved being raped because obviously she was trying to hook up with high status boys. She concludes that the girl and her rapists should have both gotten slaps on the wrist and allowed to go their merry ways.

In the next one, she talks about how her 12 year old daughter received rape threats and how she responded to them (calling the police, talking to neighbors and the school, etc). It baffles me how hypocritical she is. Apparently the only women/girls who deserve protecting from sexual assault are the ones that she arbitrarily deems as valuable.

Now I want a peach.

Cloudiah, I was just looking up peach recipes. I’ve been grilling everything I can lately, so I think I’m going to make some sauce with Kahlua, brown sugar, and orange peel, and then toss grilled peaches in it until dessert. Soon. Soon, my pretty little peaches.

Can you grill your corn? Then, you can put it in tortilla soup or make salsa with it. If not, how about some Thai corn fritters? I don’t have a recipe for those, though. I just made the ones on and they weren’t the ones of my dreams.

In the next one, she talks about how her 12 year old daughter received rape threats and how she responded to them (calling the police, talking to neighbors and the school, etc). It baffles me how hypocritical she is. Apparently the only women/girls who deserve protecting from sexual assault are the ones that she arbitrarily deems as valuable.

That’s a feature, not a bug. It means all women have to worry about every action, all the time.

re Abnoy: I’m glad I could be the focus of his foaming at the mouth enough to get banned. That he did it by completely missing the point is icing on the cake/brandy in the coffee/all sorts of lagniappe.

And JudgyBitch says:

As I’ve mentioned before, children from troubled or very poor families are integrated into regular neighborhoods in our town, rather than housed in some sort of council or ghetto.

I’ll just leave this here.

Shut your mouth; you’ll catch flies.

Pecunium – Abnoy also homed in on calling grooming “courtship” after I mentioned my father grooming a girl until she turned sixteen. Apparently “married man in his thirties grooming teenager” counts as courtship in Abnoy’s filthy world.

Thanks David. Abnoy’s just a little asshole and Rush Limbaugh groupie who wants to have sex with underage girls. So glad he lost his temper.

Some young girls advance early beyond normal years, and can be very sinister, cunning and mischievous, and mark their performers/predators with piercing precision and unmatched desire of will, perhaps, maybe. I wouldn’t know observedly. But still poor judgement, and just simple lack of class & manners predicates foul on the elder’s (whichever gender) failure to deny temptation and vice, which may be very difficult to resist, amidst endless drugs money, power, lust and debauchery, devils work no doubt. Was fun had? Annoy may want to know, I do not care to think of that as it disturbs me to estimate the consequences on the younger party(s). Open up salems lot and burn these young witches at the steak before the devil gains his foothold on our consciences.

I don’t think that yoga practice is working out so well for you, dude. Have you considered the possibility that you’re doing it wrong?

*sighs, strikes up the band*

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