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Romney: Defeated by sluts?

Slut voters slutting it up

Leave it to the Men’s Rightsers to come up with an even more ingeniously loopy explanation for Romney’s defeat than even Karl Rove has managed to come up with. According to the anonymous blogger behind the Christian Men’s Defense Network blog, on the far-right fringe of the already pretty fringey Men’s Rights movement, the thing that brought Romney down was “the slut vote.”

Let’s let Mr. Christian Men’s Defense Network explain:

[T]he Democrats tried to make this election about a single issue:

The right to slut.

Or more precisely, the right to slut without the responsibility of consequences.  The famous “gender gap” isn’t really a gap based on gender.  The right overwhelmingly wins older and married women.

But, alas, these fine, moral, married ladies are increasingly being challenged by younger, sluttier single gals.

[M]arried women constitute an ever-decreasing share of the female population.  Women want to delay marriage as long as possible so they can “have it all,” and usually “have it all” means “have as much hot alpha sex as possible without any consequences.”  And thus, less married women and more sluts

And so, Mr. CMDN concludes,

The “gender gap” should more accurately be called the slut vote.

In order to understand the Democrats’ evil (and successful) strategy to win over the slut vote, Mr. CMDN explains, we need to understand how they won over blacks. And yes, his explanation is racist as fuck:

Democrats have won the black vote because the black community is dominated by illegitimacy, and the Democrats are willing to subsidize and support that illegitimacy (as well as provide access to cheap abortions) so as to take away from sluts the consequences of their actions.  Consequently, young black people grow up on the dole and not only never realize there might be something wrong with that, but eventually come to believe that’s the way it should be.  The Democrats have won the black vote by first “empowering” single black mothers.

But now, you see, this kind of “illegitimacy” is spreading amongst white – or at least white sluts.

This is now beginning to happen in white suburbia, except unlike women in the urban black community, white suburban sluts start from a place of relative wealth and privilege (daddy’s little princess).  Thus, food stamps–and increased rewards for having illegitimate kids while on food stamps–don’t (yet) appeal to them.

So instead Obama appealed to rich white sluts by forcing someone else (the Catholic church, in this case) to pay for their birth control, and by scaring them about alleged threats to their ability to take advantage of Planned Parenthood’s services (Planned Parenthood being conveniently located in the minority part of town, of course, so as to provide anonymity to visiting white girls whose white girl friends never go over there–except to visit Planned Parenthood themselves).

All the Democrats had to do to win over these slutty white gals was to frighten them a little:

One thing one has to remember about women, especially slutty ones:  They usually don’t make decisions based on reason.  So all the Obama administration had to do was scare them that Mitt Romney was going to take away their birth control and their access to abortion.  The fear for them is that, without birth control and abortion, they might actually get pregnant and have to give birth.  That is scary not simply because of the economic burden of having a child (since, hey, they can get all kinds of cash and prizes if that happens), but because if that happened then everyone would know they’re sluts, and their image as daddy’s pure little snowflake princess goes out the window.

Having just told us that “the “gender gap” should more accurately be called the slut vote,” Mr. CMDN now tells us that there’s more to the gender gap than mere sluttiness.

[T]he desire to slut it up isn’t the only factor in the gender gap.  America has a fiscal problem primarily because women want free stuff without ever having to work.  America is over-regulated because women don’t want to have to compete in the free market.  America has profound moral problems in part because the rationalization hamster makes it impossible for 54% of the American electorate to ever admit a moral shortcoming.

However, this election cycle shows that the Slut Vote is real, and Republicans lose because they discount the existence of original sin in women.  Abortion is often called the “third rail of American politics,” but in truth, the third rail is a woman’s right to slut (with cash and prizes).

One thing one has to remember about MRAs, especially shitty ones: The world they live in bears only a passing resemblance to reality.

And apparently, Mr. CMDN can only take so much reality: he took his blog private after this post of his was mentioned on Jezebel, which is why I had to link to the Google cached version rather than the blog itself.

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