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Paul Elam on “stupid lying whores,” Rebecca Watson, and how he never claims to be a victim even though he totally is one.

Paul Elam, in a rare moment of calm

In the fast-paced, perpetually busy world of today, we don’t all have time to read every post on A Voice for Men. So here is an edited version of Paul Elam’s latest post, on Rebecca Watson of Skepchick. And whores. And how he personally doesn’t spend all his time claiming to be a victim, even though he totally is one, in case you forgot since the last time he reminded you of that.

Here’s Paul:

Whores … typical whore … Main Street walking, garden variety anybody’s whore … honest whore. … corporate whore … corporate whores … whorish sexual symmetry … stupid whore … stupid whore … whore … lying whore … whore  … lying whore … whore … lying whore … corporate whore … a lying whore can also be a corporate whore … whoring for the cause … whore … PZ Myers … stupid, lying whore … not just a lying whore who also happens to be a stupid whore … a different subspecies of whore altogether … stupid, lying whore … whore that rigorously abandons intellect, rationale, evidence, decency and compassion, and also fosters much deserved hostility toward themselves … stupid, lying whore … stupid, lying whore … .

Paul Elam, meet Tom Martin.

Speaking of stupid, lying whores, let’s discuss Rebecca Watson’s latest article … about how she and other women who trash and demonize men regularly are helpless victims, getting nasty emails and tweets from some people who don’t like it. … Once [sic] such comment came from an individual who penned, “Hope Dawkins will bestially rape you…in the elevator to hell.” …

I have a keeper file of death threats, but I never wrote an article about them. I have been hounded recently by half the media hacks in Canada …  it does not even compare to John the Other facing a gang of 20-30 assholes on the street, some wielding box cutters … 2 plus 2 equals stupid, lying, whining whore. What John and other MRAs are starting to encounter every day, and the future of what is to come, makes getting bestially raped by Richard Dawkins sound kinda funny. We just don’t get the luxury of playing the damsel in distress, nor do we want it.

There are maybe 1200 more words to his post, but I think you probably get the gist of it.

Watson’s post, by contrast, is worth reading in full.

304 replies on “Paul Elam on “stupid lying whores,” Rebecca Watson, and how he never claims to be a victim even though he totally is one.”

@ hellkell

When former fans cringe in embarrassment when listening to your new stuff, I’d say it’s time to retire. I’ve never forgiven them for the whole partying-in-a-hotel-room video fiasco. Remember when those guys didn’t even make videos? Watching them turn into a sad 80s party rock band was, well, sad.

I don’t think meowbifying AvFM is quite mean enough. Is there a way to make it all My Little Pony? Either that or Care Bears would be perfect.

Also, that was the only AVfM thread I ever have or ever will scroll through. I learned that we’ve been wrong all along: they don’t hate women, they just hate bitches. They are also apparently a social justice movement.

How have we allowed you to deceive us for so long, David Futrelle!? FOR SHAME, SIR!

Cassandra, I thought Metallica was half-past retirement years ago after their shitfit over Napster. Uh, hello, guys? You got your fan base by tape trading.

The more I think about it the more perfect the Care Bears are. Can you think of anything that would infuriate those guys more than the idea of adorably fluffy things changing the world with the power of love and cuddles? It’s a perfect inversion of their philosophy.

The Napster thing produced vicarious embarrassment too. I mean, I always knew Lars was a dick, but really? You want to sue your own fans? Dude, that’s so not metal.


Mind you, Wain’s earlier work was fairly strange anyway, I’ve always thought.
Susan Herbert is much more my style. I adore this one … sweetest Romeo and Juliet ever.

::prays for html success::

Hey, at least the second link actually went somewhere! It’s a start. Like I said, I may just be missing a needed plug-in.

That’s the one, Myoo, thank you! I was starting to wonder if it’s a protection of some sort on Susan Herbert’s work. (Understandable!)

It must be an anti-hotlinking measure to prevent people just posting the link to the image somewhere and use up the bandwidth of the original site. You can probably see it in your link because you had already loaded the image.

Is there such a thing as OT here? 😀

What a nasty little specimen that one is. Presumably he doesn’t think that God had a plan for any other animals’ sexuality, since God doesn’t seem too bothered by bonobos and all the other umpteen species who don’t do the ‘purely hetero’ thing.

Y’know it just struck me (belatedly) that’s another of Owly’s special inconsistencies. He equates homosexuality and pedophilia, but talks about being aroused by little girls. Um, hello? You one of them sexual anarchists, Mr Owlscat?

I must try to track down that comment one day. It gets mentioned so often. Say, has it got into the Book of Learnin yet?

I think his rationalization is that the girls must want his sexual attention, or he wouldn’t find them so attractive, so really it’s their fault. Which is exactly the same rationalization that a pedophile with a preference for boys might use, but hey, this is Owly, we can’t expect things like that to get through his anti-logic force field.

Sexual Anarchy sound like they should do hilarious covers of “Afternoon Delight” in a really tacky hipster lounge.

Owly ever tries that schtick on my daughter…

At least he acknowledges that he’s attracted to little girls at some level rather than the “oh, I thought she was sixteen” escape.

I think Anti-Logic Force Field would be a great band name.

Or a way to repel Vulcans.

One thing you have to say about Owly, he’s not sneaky or covert at all – all of his prejudices and fucked up ideas are right out there in the open.

@M Dubz, thank you! 🙂

I should find the ones of him when his adult fangs were coming through over his baby ones and he looked like the Baby Kitteh Gary Oldman Dracula.

I decided to Google these B4UACT people to see just how seriously the psych community is taking them (not very, it looks like, thankfully). But ugh, they have a YouTube channel. Is there some sort of YouTube promo campaign that’s all “please join us and post your terrible awful very bad not good ideas, creepy horrible people of the world!” that I’m not aware of? Because any time I venture outside of the cute videos of animals and music realms I find YouTube downright alarming.

I’ll think a thought to him, Cassandra, he passed over three years ago. 🙂

I wouldn’t know an REM song if it hit me over the head, but this pic always makes me think of the cover of one of their albums – was it called Monster?

My new cat will actually let me rub her belly without attacking me afterwards. She’s one of the only cats I’ve ever met where that whole rolling on the back and exposing the fluffy belly thing is not a trap.

Cat2’s is a trap but not a very serious one. She’ll do the collapse-on-the-floor and look-at-me-I’m-so-cuuuuuute thing, but when I tickle her belly she just makes little whiny noises and braces her back foot on my hand. Not exactly a ‘Now I’ve got you!’ response! 😀

I think she’s actually coming around to being cuddled. She’s always allowed short cuddles but the other day she not only purred but did the kneading thing on my arm. She’s weakening …

Say, does anyone else here have a cat that likes to have an audience while eating? Cat2 is forever coming up and rubbing ankles, then wanting us to follow her to her bowl and watch while she eats a few nibbies.

M Dubz, it’s not the picture I was looking for – that one doesn’t really work for a scan, alas – but here’s Hadj in his baby Drac days.

Cat #1 loves belly rubs! But they’re the most social, needy cats I’ve ever seen, both of them. Right now Cat #2 is tugging at my arm because I pulled away to type this. He’s a cuddle-start motor.

Say, does anyone else here have a cat that likes to have an audience while eating?

No, but when our Boston Terror puppy was little, she liked to have an audience when she pooped. She’s do her special “come look at me shit!” bark. It was weird. And cute. Weirdly cute.

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