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How to Get Downvoted on the Men’s Rights Subreddit, Sandra Fluke edition

If you ever have the desire to get yourself downvoted on the Men’s Rights subreddit, here’s one sure-fire strategy: Write a sensible comment suggesting that birth control benefits people with penises as much as people with vaginas.

Here are the two top replies to this comment:

I was going to point out some of the ironies inherent in Men’s Rightsers getting mad about women getting “free” birth control, but I suspect you can figure those out on your own.

This is why the so-called Men’s Rights movement is not so much a rights movement as a take-away-other-people’s-rights movement.

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9 years ago

My Aunt is currently waiting for a hip replacement. She just got the 3-monthly letter asking are you still alive / do you still need a hip? When your turn does come up, you only get a couple of days’ notice.

Rural areas need heaps more doctors, nurses, physios, radiologists, ambos, etc. Anyone here a health worker? You’d be made very welcome 😀

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

… Apart from in the states like Victoria and Queensland where cutting back on healthcare is the government mantra!

9 years ago

I’m in NSW – we got a brand new hospital and two – count ’em – TWO linear accelerators 😉


Does it have the same kinds of wait times that the NHS has for major procedures like operations?

I will have to make a note to myself to come by with the actual data on Monday since I have it saved at work but wait times in the US for those who have insurance when compared to Canada at least (might have something on the UK though), show up to be little shorter then the Canadian system.

You still have to have a surgeon with the time, the hospital bed and space, the blood for transfusions, the nursing staff, etc..for a surgery regardless of where you are. Frequently that means the treatment will take just as long.

I think outcomes post surgery are much worse in the US though-there have been studies that show when you allow profit into the mix, medical providers will increase above and beyond the “scared of being sued” factor that they have (which is based more on malpractice premiums shooting up due to the monopoly on that particular insurance segment then on the actual incidents of lawsuits. Malpractice lawsuits have been stagnant/dipping slightly for decades despite up to 90,000+ actionable deaths a year and do not ask me about the actionable nondeath disastrous treatment, those numbers will make you cry.) In addition to that problem, most hospitals in the US prevent their information getting out on what kind of care that you can expect so no one has an idea how bad it really is.

Patrik Roslund
Patrik Roslund
9 years ago

Wait, what? I cant pee standing up here in Sweden? That’s news to me.

9 years ago

Unfortunately the pdf that I had bookmarked has turned into a download about the Canadian wait times. So here is the rest of the website:

For the worse outcomes-it is for profits hospitals that leave people sicker or dead than other hospitals:

On deaths by malpractice:

Summary of all of that:

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