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Man Boobzers Join the Poster Revolution Against Misandry and Mean Ladies!

One of Cliff Pervocracy’s outstanding contributions.

As I noted in my last post, the gang over at A Voice for Men have launched a veritable POSTER REVOLUTION against the evil gynocracy, by which I mean a couple of dudes have designed some posters and a couple other dudes have put some of them up.

Much like the web site they represent, these posters are dumb and ugly and incoherently angry. Feeling generous, some Man Boobzers have designed some more posters for them to use, trying their best to capture the unique qualities that make A Voice for Men posters so, well, special. Cloudiah has collected them together on her hilarious blog Artistry For Feminism. And Kittens. Check them out!

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Yeah, I forgot to say earlier, the posters are excellent.

Are those oranges on the Legolas poster? Because it looked more like a pumpkin to me.

ostara: I’ve been back to school recently (the GI bill is my friend) and my previous partner was going to school (undergrad and grad) for all the time we were together.

So I’ve got a pretty good sense of things; at least in Calif. Yes, there is a lot of congruence.

But I’m not seeing papers about it. My ethics class had nothing like it. My critical thinking class didn’t have anyone try to bring it up.

It didn’t come up in my cultural anthro classes (and we had someone do an observation of speed dating).

Pookhie was telling us that I’m seeing papers that echo MRM positions and attitudes. More and more, the guys who talk about misandry are getting thoughtful and approving nods.

And while I’m willing to stipulate they exist, I’m not buying the increase. I suspect confrimation bias, and a bit of hopeful interpretation.

So, I’m just learning about this MRA shit – my question is, what do they think of gay men? It appears that this group is all about sexual frustration of the hetero variety – so, if they were gay, all their issues would be invalidated.


A nod of approval sounds vaguely plausible, since people don’t usually nod their heads when they disagree with something, but I have to say that I’m sceptical about the word ‘thoughtful’ in this context. How can you distinguish them from people nodding thoughtlessly?

In fact I’ll go beyond scepticism and note that it’s simply an attempt to suggest that the people nodding have brains notwithstanding the evidence to the contrary given that they are apparently agreeing to manifest bullshit…

David I am VERY CONCERNED by the dirth of knitting-themed posts ’round these parts. And Cloudiah, I’m seeing a lot of Artistry for Feminism, and not a lot of hints for beginner cooks.

I’m just saying, you guys can do whatever you want. As long as you don’t care that THE ENEMY WILL WIN AND IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT.


I am perfectly capable of creating knitting-themed derails if you want more of that 🙂

To be fair, it’s possible Pookah is a gender studies professor, because I imagine the subject would come up more in a class like that (at least, it would be more on topic) but papers, you’re probably right that there isn’t an increase in most courses (if any). But I don’t think that there’s a shortage of hateful dudebros who repeat misogynist memes at any college, unfortunately. I mean, heck, I remember there being a shitstorm a few years back about some dude ranting in I think the Johns Hopkins University newspaper about the supposed dearth of fuckable hotties or whatnot. That’s why I guess I should say I wouldn’t be surprised if an increase in MRA-ish papers were the case, but yes, the Tom Martins of the world who spend entire semesters whimpering about hard chairs are probably still pretty rare. Not to mention, I feel that’d be hard to measure anyway.

Perhaps it’s because I’m cynical, or because I’m from a conservative background but anymore my general reaction to people saying “people are writing and saying and doing these horrible things!” is kinda “Shit, that’s awful, but doesn’t surprise me.” So an increase in MRA papers? Unlikely, but yeah, wouldn’t surprise me. Still, I don’t think anybody who isn’t a troll is silly enough to expect ONE person to singlehandedly shut down every MRA website out there.

Even if all of pookah’s claims were true, I don’t expect David to be able to derail the entire MRM anymore than I’d expect any other sole feminist blogger to singlehandedly dismantle the rape culture or singlehandedly close the wage gap once and for all. I’d expect that’s why there’s more than one feminist blogger. And it seems redundant, again, to anyone who isn’t a troll, but just because someone might be fighting against something doesn’t mean they can’t take time to make some laughs every once in a while. Pookah seems to be under the impression that the only thing ANY feminist bloggers do is mock MRAs. Which, admittedly is fun, and admittedly most of what happens here, but is an assumption anyone who’d perused the feminist blog-o-sphere could disprove and is definitely something I’d expect a gender studies professor to know.

That’s my general beef with concern trolls. Even if they ARE as concerned as they say they are and their concerns ARE totally valid, they’re generally not really doing anything with their “concern” other than derailing the conversation (at best).

David et al, have you seen this? U.S. v. Jeffries – in which a guy embroiled in a longstanding custody dispute threatens a judge via song.

The song lyrics (which are reproduced in full in the opinion) are a hoot. Legalgeekerywise, it’s one of only a handful of court opinions to include a dubitante opinion (like a concurrence, but doubtier and written by the same judge who wrote the majority opinion).

I just love* the attitude of “I’ll do anything for my child… anything except play along with the system, keep my court dates, accept limited custody, and handle the divorce amicably and in good faith so as to make this untraumatic for her. I won’t do that for my child.”

*do not actually love

@Dani Alexis — Appellate Court in Knoxville? That’s right in my front yard! How did I not hear about this? Maybe I’m spending too much time on Manboobz?


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