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Man Boobzers Join the Poster Revolution Against Misandry and Mean Ladies!

One of Cliff Pervocracy’s outstanding contributions.

As I noted in my last post, the gang over at A Voice for Men have launched a veritable POSTER REVOLUTION against the evil gynocracy, by which I mean a couple of dudes have designed some posters and a couple other dudes have put some of them up.

Much like the web site they represent, these posters are dumb and ugly and incoherently angry. Feeling generous, some Man Boobzers have designed some more posters for them to use, trying their best to capture the unique qualities that make A Voice for Men posters so, well, special. Cloudiah has collected them together on her hilarious blog Artistry For Feminism. And Kittens. Check them out!

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9 years ago

@Dani Alexis — Appellate Court in Knoxville? That’s right in my front yard! How did I not hear about this? Maybe I’m spending too much time on Manboobz?


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