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Men’s Rights Redditor: “(Most) women don’t love men.” (Also, it’s only respectful for dudes to hang onto nude pics of an ex-girlfriend.)

Over on the Men’s Rights subreddit, some of the fellas are discussing a recent post from Arthur Goldwag on the Southern Poverty Law Center Hatewatch blog. Goldwag looks at some of the hero-bashing comments from MRAs in the wake of the Aurora shootings, which we’ve discussed here and here.

This somehow inspires the prolix Men’s Right Redditor Demonspawn to set forth some of his opinions about (most) women and how shitty they are. The whole discussion is worth reading, as a sort of case study in MRA hypocrisy: all this woman-hatred comes in a thread in which Reddit MRAs wax indignant once again that anyone might possibly label them hateful. (Also, how dare women suggest that there’s anything untoward about a dude hanging onto nude pics of an ex, when clearly not deleting them is a sign of “respect.”)

Looks like Demonspawn won himself a convert! Congrats. you beautiful douchebag.

124 replies on “Men’s Rights Redditor: “(Most) women don’t love men.” (Also, it’s only respectful for dudes to hang onto nude pics of an ex-girlfriend.)”

The red-tinted face on David Futrelle’s blog is actually an accurate representation of his full form, a la the Face of Boe.

I like how the thought hasn’t seemed to have crossed Demonspawn’s mind that perhaps the reason women don’t love him as much as he thinks they should is because he at least believes that keeping naked pictures of his exes is okay. I’m actually pretty okay with this representation of women though; who knew that all women were the face of reasonable morality all of a sudden.

Of course, 5 million years in the future, David Futrelle is Face of Boe!

Dr. Who Spoiler Warning:

(Keep in mind, nowadays, that means he’s Captain Jack Harkness!)

I will not be objectified for my money

Don’t worry, I’m sure that won’t be an issue.

I consider this a shining example of cultural misandry

You would, yeah.

And women who work – and especially, who are as successful as me – are much less inclined to expect me to subsidize their livelihood

Again, I want to know what kind of dates you go on that could possibly count as ‘subsidizing livelihood’.

Shush with your disinfo campaign, lowquacks!

Enlightened, intelligent people know that it was The Smoking Man who shot Kennedy. (And MLK.)

This is just bible bullshit I remember being taught. “The women needs love, and the man needs respect.” (Though respect often meant obedience.) Anyway,women are just as capable of loving their partners as men are.

What will they come up with next to try and prove women are inferior?

So they want to be treated like children but they also want to be the Big Man In Charge, and then they also want to be able to fuck over women whenever they want but make sure she has no ability to do the opposite.

Ok…that makes….sense….

In other news…..

I heard that David Futrelle is actually a group of super-intelligent mega-kittens who are conducting experiments on the human mind by placing random words together and copy-pastaing various things from the Internetz for the lolz. The website appears whatever way the viewer expects it to look based on IP address, which is why the trolls make absolutely no sense.

Again, I want to know what kind of dates you go on that could possibly count as ‘subsidizing livelihood’.

I don’t think he meant that the dinner and livelihood stuff were the same. He just doesn’t know how to write very well and probably meant lifestyle when he wrote livelihood. But from what I’ve read these guys don’t really have to worry about golddiggers or females after their money 🙂

You know it’s a bad day when Celda is the temperate, downvoted voice of reason in the mister subreddit.

Again, I want to know what kind of dates you go on that could possibly count as ‘subsidizing livelihood’.

There are some men who believe that women are able to amass a fortune because they “never have to pay for dinner or drinks.” Apparently, the clothing, makeup, salon work, and other self-maintenance that is required to look appropriately attractive to be one of these dating girls is completely FREE.

“David Futrelle is….(fill in the blank).”

Pathetic Earthings, the plot is much simpler that that. David Futrelle is a cut-out for his cats. It’s the cats who are sowing all this confusion, and it’s the cats who are going to take over the world. You heard it here first.

David Futrelle is Bane.

Think about it. You never did see what he looked like under that mask.

The “success object” nonsense is awesome.
Feminism: Often times society doesn’t recognize women as individual human beings with ideas and emotions. Instead women are seen as objects to be used to make penises happy.
MRAs: Oh yeah, well sometimes the penis pleasing devices won’t make our penises happy (like they’re supposed to) if we don’t have a lot of money. SAME THING. Check mate, feminism.

David Futrelle pushed Sherlock.

David Futrelle is the final Cylon.

David Futrelle is the Bat-Man. Bruce Wayne is just a front man.

Well, gang, looks like the Ghost of Apple Blossom Farm was really Old Man Futrelle all along!


Well, if you had enough money you could pay for a custom-made monkey spanker with boobs.

David Futrelle is Professor Katz!

In other news, I’ve been reading SteelePole’s wonderful example of investigative journalism grandiose word salad of a blog this morning, and I think I may have actually pulled something laughing. How’s life in opposite-world, Mikey?

Oh, sorry…

?yekiM ,dlrow-etisoppo ni efil s’woH

Trapped in the past, David Futrelle finds himself leaping from life to life, putting things right that once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

If I ‘repsected’ her I’d consider her capable of considering the potential of us breaking up when she allowed those pictures. I’m keeping them because I’m holding her responsible for her decision.

Keeping them to “hold her responsible” screams “I’ll release them to the internet” to me.

Which is why I generally won’t let dudes take nudie pics of me. I’ll allow only specific pictures that in no way can identify me, but it’s limited to a few pictures…if I even agree to it in the first place, which mostly I don’t. Up close picture of my boob? Sure, as long as my face is nowhere in the picture, because my tit will get lost in the myriad of breasts on the internet. (I know other people would be mortified, but if a guy identifies me by my boobs/vulva, I’d probably die laughing. It’s like I could look at a random penis and go, “Oh, hey, I know that guy!”)

Basically this guy is saying “Yeah, well, my girlfriend trusted me enough to take nudie pictures of her/send nudie pics to me, but she was wrong because I’m more of the bitter asshole type who doesn’t care about how she feels.” I wonder how he’d feel if women kept refusing nudie pics on the basis of his statement above – I’ve known guys who were really, really insistent on it (like that will change my “absolutely not”) and pouted when they couldn’t, which proved to me that I was right in not allowing it. The two guys that I sent nudie pics to were actually understanding of my concern and were perfectly okay if I had said “no”, and one actually prefaced his request with something along the lines of “if you’re not comfortable with this, I’ll understand”. Something tells me that he’s less than honest with them, and I highly doubt he respected them at all.

When asking for consent includes an implied threat, that’s coercion, not a choice (if they asked in the first place). If someone trusts a person enough to send nudie pics to their dating partner, it’s the partner’s responsibility to recognize that trust and keep private pictures private. Personally, I’m not bothered by guys who hang to my nudie pics with the intention of having personal wank material but I can understand where other people wouldn’t be okay with it. Also, if the subject of the pictures does not want him to keep them, the respectful thing to do would be to delete them, but he’d have to respect her in the first place.

Well, I’m glad someone decoded the post, because as far as I was concerned, it contained twenty layers of WTF.

Seriously, do these idiots want people to go around pinching their cheeks and telling them what cutie-wooties they are? I can’t imagine that helps when trying to be hired or promoted.

I am now so relieved I didn’t give in to “If you don’t send me nude photos of you then I won’t speak to you anymore” after reading Demonspawn’s post.

It has been foretold by the Mayans that David Futrelle will spark the end of the world this December with his flatulence.

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