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“This is female privilege” is comedy gold! [UPDATED with links]

This doesn’t ever actually happen.

My new favorite terrible Tumblr blog is this is female privilege, a blog that posts user-submitted examples of, well, female privilege. It’s a pretty MRA-adjacent idea for a blog, seemingly designed to be appreciated only by those who can use the word “misandry” without giggling. The woman who runs the blog seems to be fairly MRA-adjacent type herself; she recently responded to one critic with a sarcastic “Wow waahhhh it’s so hard to be a woman wahhhh!” (Literally; that’s an exact quote.)

So it’s hardly surprising that many of the posts seem to have been cut and pasted straight from the Men’s Rights subreddit – at least figuratively, if not literally. (Click on the pics to see the posts in context at this is female privilege.)

But a lot of the alleged privileges are a bit, well, odder than that. The blogger says she posts everything she gets, so either a lot of people have pretty cockeyed notions of just what privileges are, or some feminists are trolling her blog by sending along the dumbest non-privileges they can think of to make the blog even more ridiculous than it already is.

Some suggest that biological differences are “privileges.”

Some of the so-called “privileges” are the results of traditional gender roles that box both men and women in:

Dude, if you want to shave your body hair, shave your fucking body hair. There are lots of guys who shave or wax.

Some are comically delusional:

Chance this last one was submitted by a guy: 110%.

Some are just kind of whiny.

You know, there’s an easy solution to this: wait for a fucking stall, like women do.

Some are kind of weird:

And some are just, well, beyond hope:

Seriously, if you see these things as female privilege, you really, really shouldn’t be talking about privilege in public on the internet. You’re just making a fool of yourself.

The one redeeming thing about the blog: people argue back in the “notes.”

EDIT: Another redeeming thing: It’s inspired the response blog Actually This is Male Privilege.

EDIT 2: Amanda Marcotte riffs on the one about women having the wonderful privilege of sex any time they want!

455 replies on ““This is female privilege” is comedy gold! [UPDATED with links]”

Well, I’ll agree with you on that, and yes I will have fun laughing it up with my fellow racist douchebags, we certainly have plenty of material.

thanks for giving us a really good example of how having privilege works, i guess!


I think the last time I infested your pages with my awful racist filth, you took some umbrage at me saying that if leftists were consistent they’d point out how the average Jewish white outperforms the average regular white, but naturally they don’t because that would make them sound like Nazis. I mean, Jewish privilege?! What are you, a stormtrooper?!

I don’t begrudge Jewish people their success, I just like popping people’s bubbles. I also like things that help show I’m right:–Is-your-religion-your-financial-destiny-.aspx

Anyway, here’s a drink to all the wealthy, lovely privileged whites, and the even more privileged white Jews! I can’t afford the fine vintages they can, but I’ll honour them in my own humble way.

Am I the only one tempted to go there and post even more ridiculous examples? This could be fun!

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