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Clop clop clopping along with Epic Atheist Brony, MRA extraordinaire [UPDATE: Probably a troll.]

You remember the Men’s Rights Bronies we met not so long ago? Well, I have discovered another one, this one on Twitter! In addition to being brony and a “highly active MRA,” he is also – brace yourself for this – an atheist who loves to wear fedoras and talk in public about what he likes to do with his penis. (And they say stereotypes aren’t true.) His personal creed? “Love & tolerance.”

Anyway, his name is Epic Atheist Brony, and here’s his Twitter profile.

[NOTE: Mr. Brony seems to be a troll. See update below for details.]

Here are some recent highlights from his Twitter timeline. (Note: “clopping” is Brony slang for masturbation.)

Love & tolerance, everyone!

But you gals will have to enjoy your love & tolerance in the kitchen, while the clearly superior Epic Atheist Brony whacks it to cartoon ponies and tweets about which cartoon ponies his penis likes the most.

UPDATE: It seems likely that Mr. Brony is a troll/Poe. “His” original Twitter profile pic was a photo of a guy in a fedora, supposedly him. Trouble is, the actual guy in the pic stepped forward and explicitly denied being Mr. Brony (and, for that matter, being a “sexist fucktarded meme-spewing Redditor.”) Here’s the pic the real fedora-wearing dude posted as evidence. Thanks to @mister_smiley on Twitter for the link.

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M Dubz
M Dubz
9 years ago

@pecunium- Oh, I know you weren’t arguing with me. I just figured that it bore repeating, given how dense our trolls can be.

Hershele Ostropoler
9 years ago

I actually don’t mind being represented by rich people. It’s almost inevitable, sadly, given the amount of class privilege and/or wealth privilege required to run for office (for pretty much everything above school board you need money, but more importantly you need influence … of a kind you’re unlikely to acquire without coming from money and/or doing the sorts of things that make money)

I object to candidates who’ve always been wealthy/privileged and tell, but don’t show, about how much they understand what it’s like not to be rich.

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