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Women! Why must you assault men with your evil sexy outfits?

Women totally slutting it up in provocative waist-cinching attire

Apparently, or so I’ve learned from the manosphere, every single thing that women do is designed to torment men. Yesterday, we learned that women with jobs are leeching off of men just as much as women without jobs.

Further proof of female perfidy can be found in a recent post on the popular manosphere blog In Mala Fide with the provocative title Provocative Female Attire is an Assault Against Men. Guest poster Giovanni Dannato lays it out for anyone who needs convincing:

When a woman walks down a crowded sidewalk in revealing clothing, she is forcing herself on every man nearby.

The woman fully understands the powerful biological drives of men. She knows they cannot ignore her, not even if they want to.

Amazingly, the fact that a woman might show some cleavage does not automatically mean that she wants to have sex with every single man who sees her.

She has chosen to advertise herself to everyone passing by, but she is looking only for a few men. The wealthiest, the most famous, the most powerful men she can attract. …

There’s an old elementary school custom…when you bring something tasty to class, it’s understood that you should put it away unless you intend to share it with others. …

Likewise, a woman who puts her goodies blatantly on display is making false advertisements. Nobody supposes or expects that she could share herself with her entire audience—not even if she wanted to.

That’s right. Women are like gum. Or that pizza Spicoli had delivered to him in class in Fast Times at Ridgemont High that the mean Mr. Hand forced him to share with everyone. And if you gum-pizza-ladies are not willing to share yourself with every horny man (and, presumably, lesbian) who happens to notice you in your slut uniform, you are committing a terrible infraction.

Oh, sure, wearing a totally cute outfit is not specifically against the law, but, as Dannato reminds us,

looking for refuge in explicit written law is inherently disingenuous. …

[W]omen exposing themselves without intent to reciprocate the attention they attract is impolite and inconsiderate – an act of aggression in which they use the power of their sex as a weapon.

So how can men defend themselves against such evil feminine perfidy? By yelling “hey, whore! How much?” or “can I squeeze those titties?” or “Can you give me directions to Pussy Avenue?” Because street harassment – sorry, catcalling – is

a defense mechanism used by lower status men against women flaunting themselves publicly – for the benefit of millionaires only.

What else are men supposed to do?

[M]en are effectively strapped down, gagged, and muzzled while females can flaunt and taunt with impunity. For many men this pretty much sums up every single day of an entire lifetime at school and at work.

And women won’t even admit that when they put on a cute outfit and leave the house that they’re doing it to torment men.

Western Women don’t just abuse their incredible sexual power, they pathologically lie about their inability to understand the effects and implications of their actions. In fact, they seem to derive a sort of sociopathic pleasure from being able to sow unpleasantness and discord without consequence – all while playing innocent. They express their contempt and hatred for men even as they troll the populace for providers. Their enormous power comes without responsibility and they love it that way.

And now these evil women have come up with an even-more-dastardly-than-usual way to torment men “[i]n the most vengeful, derisive, and mocking way they know how.” Yep, you guessed it: The SlutWalks. Large groups of women tormenting men with sexy clothes in unison!

Apparently overwhelmed by contemplation of the sheer feminine evil of the SlutWalks, Giovanni ends his post abruptly at this point.

I admit I don’t have the patience to wade through the comments. If any of you do, please post any of your findings below.

EDITED TO ADD: Ironically, Ferdinand Bardamu (the guy behind In Mala Fide) aids and abets the evil sexy-woman assault on men with his own retro porn site Retrotic. NSFW, of course. And if Dannato’s post is to believed, not safe for straight men generally.

NOTE: This post contains sarcasm.

518 replies on “Women! Why must you assault men with your evil sexy outfits?”

how many of you feel assaulted when you see women in sexy outfits?

Assaulted? Not at all. Pleased, more like.

How many of you would prefer never to see sexy women walking around, if you knew for a fact that you were not going to be able to have sex with them?

I certainly would not prefer that.

How many of you would prefer it if women just stopped wearing sexy clothes in public at all?

See last response.

Really, even if I were enough of a self-centered asshole to think women were somehow obliged to conform to an arbitrary dress code of my choosing, it would be pretty absurd of me to expect women to even be able to stop wearing sexy clothes in public, considering that my definition of “sexy clothes” is pretty expansive, and includes things that lots of other folks would probably call modest.

*takes a peek at retroric*

Wow. To think my body type would have almost been considered attractive back then. You know…when having hips were still in style.

I’m not sure how much sense that made. I’m overtired and sick. This kind of shit is highly subjective, and therefore basically unenforceable, is my point.

It made perfect sense. And also proved my point, since I would expect the average straight/bi guy’s response to “would you prefer not to see women walking around looking sexy?” to range between “hell no!” and “hey, it’s up to them what they wear”.

“Really, even if I were enough of a self-centered asshole to think women were somehow obliged to conform to an arbitrary dress code of my choosing, it would be pretty absurd of me to expect women to even be able to stop wearing sexy clothes in public, considering that my definition of “sexy clothes” is pretty expansive, and includes things that lots of other folks would probably call modest.”

There’s this, too. Imagine a woman dressed in jeans and a turtleneck sweater. Technically she’s showing no skin at all, but if both items are form-fitting it can be pretty damn sexy. Some people just love a suit, on either a man or a woman, while to others suits are the very definition of unsexy. I go nuts over perfectly fitted jackets on either sex, and again, not much skin to be seen. It’s just too subjective to even begin to come up with outfits that are unsexy enough not to potentially arouse someone. Even if you were to go for deliberately modest, that’s bound to be someone’s kink.

Also too, if I, you and a random bloke off the street all wore the same “sexy” outfit, Meller/NWO wouldn’t find all three of us sexy.

Well, Meller has declared us officially hideous due to being evil feminist shrikes, so we could all walk around in lingerie and he wouldn’t be remotely aroused. NWO, otoh, would probably have an aneurysm.

Actually, you know, for all the talk about brothels I don’t think I’ve ever seen Meller call anyone sexy. I’m not sure if that’s a result of his odd prudishness or if he’s so fixated on fluffiness that he’d automatically find overt sexiness disgusting.

Sexiness is obviously in the eye of the beholder — hell, wasn’t there a post on here at some point about a list of “stumbling blocks” that religious girls were supposed to avoid provoking male libidos with? The list included things like V-neck shirts and purses that have a strap across the chest. Because those both indicate that somewhere in there might lurk some boobs, which are apparently telepathic and will control your brain if you even think their name.

Which as any straight male will BOOBS tell you is ridiculous BOOBS because sheesh our culture isn’t BOOBS that obsessed with the BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS.

…If y’all weren’t already manginas you would totally be under my control now. 😀

You know, I love crossbody bags, and I love boobs, but I can’t say I’ve ever considered the ombination particularly sexy. The boobs and the strap mostly get in each others way. Maybe it’s the idea of women being uncomfortable that’s arousing to them

Or maybe it really is just that it reminds them that the boobs exist.

I love the Modesty Survey! 47.5% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that a purse with the strap diagonally across the chest draws too much attention to the bust. A few of the responses:

“Depends on how it is worn. If the weight is in the back so that it emphasizes the valley in the bust, then yes, it is immodest. But if the weight is on the side, then no, it is not immodest.”

Yea, though I walk through the darkness of the valley of the bust…

“This is a hard one because that is the best way to wear any single-strapped item. It would help if girls did not place the strap in the cleavage and just let the strap go straight across the chest”

So it actually seems like the woman’s physical discomfort is the preferred option.

“I hate this because I think it’s a little petty and we all know that girls have breasts. But yes, it does draw a little extra attention to that area, separating and defining them and making it kinda tough to not look at them.”

At least he admits that it’s petty. By the way, that’s a 30- to 34-year-old man talking about “girls'” breasts. Someone’s been hanging out at the middle school.

These guys are so sad. They are just SO pissed about not getting girlfriends. Don’t they know how transparent it is? And they’re just screwing themselves out of ever being attractive to anyone. Sheesh.

Please tell me that no one took Giovanni Dannato seriously? “Derive a sort of sociopathic pleasure” where on earth did he get “sociopathic” from? Okay, Dannato struggling to be able to control his sexual urges which result in him blaming women for it, is crossing the line. But then suggesting that women who do such are “sociopathic”? Better lock me up in that mental home for wearing those cute pair of short shorts last weekend guys. Dearie me, we need change.

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