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Twitter hashtag of the day: #MenCallMeThings, a catalogue of horrendous misogynist crap sent to women online

Twitter hashtag of the day: #mencallmethings, in which Women With Opinions on the Internet report some of the creepy, violent, threatening, misogynist things said to them in comments and emails by dudes on the Internet. GIANT TRIGGER WARNING for:  “whore,” “slut,” “cunt,” “fat cunt,” “ugly cunt,” “cunt bucket,” “cum dumpster,” “lesbian hambeast” (huh?), assorted threats of rape and murder —  the list goes on, and on, and on. I would post the, er, “highlights,” but, really, just go and look at it. This shit is relentless.

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Or this

A theatre play of Solanas’ SCUM manifesto

The title is ” Golden hate against men”

From the review “..How do you stage it as a play which will interest more than the already SCUM-loving, but not make the SCUM sceptical to suffocate, to giggle, or to yawn of defence mechanisms. Because these are easily triggered in a hot room under cascades of accusations against a thing called man, a biological accident, a bunch of conditioned reflexes captured in the twilight between human and ape which sometimes fucks corpses and loves death.”

All women are evidently given candy and golden cushions. The men are given a short note with the most important things if the monkey-brain is to small for the text.

Next they’ll do Chicago in Swedish!!

So, the fact that I Shot Andy Warhol was produced means english speaking countries are just as…Oh, what am I saying. We’re next. WE’RE NEXT!

Yeah, art is not for Real Men. Better to wrestle some bears in the woods.

So do you hear the sounds of impending doom yet?

Personally, as a libertarian, I agree that Sweden is super statist, (though I’m not an idiot, I’ll take kinder-gentler statism over corporate Banana-Republicanism, but I still kinda wanna move there just because the libertarian party there is AWESOME! Anti racist, pro immigrant, pro sex worker, pro feminist, pro environment, hardcore anarchist… frickin hell man, great stuff. Though I guess for american statists or anti-statists, the grass is always greener. 😉

Gets what, Brandon? This paragraph leapt out at me:

I’m just throwing this out there – maybe I’m all wrong – but perhaps the reason men treat me well is because I don’t call particular attention to myself, I don’t make demands, I don’t dress provocatively, I’m polite and helpful to them when possible, and I actually like men as a whole. I also deliberately avoid the obvious jerks.

…because she could be describing my wife’s best friend, one of the loveliest, sweetest-natured people I know, who has never dressed provocatively and who always thinks the best of everyone.

Yet – and I imagine most of you can guess what’s coming – she’s spent much of her adult life being abused and exploited by a long line of jerks. And I left in the “I deliberately avoid the obvious jerks” comment, because of course many of the biggest jerks aren’t obvious. I knew her second husband reasonably well, and he seemed like a perfectly nice guy until she found out that he’d been cheating on her for most of the marriage and then absolutely screwed her over financially when she had the temerity to try to save the relationship. She’s now given up on men altogether, which is a real shame for someone who’s only in her forties and still very attractive – but I can’t say I blame her.

So what did she fail to “get”?

Brandon: I wrote a post about how feminism and the MRM were both failing men and how we needed to pay more attention to the ways sexism hurt men. My responses included the following:

“wouldn’t fuck you with someone else’s dick. seriously. exercise and start eating. you look like a cross between jack skellington and pinnochio. And start taking care of your skin and shave that thatch. The way you are right now makes you look diseased. your boyfriend is lying to you so that you will keep fucking him. after all, auschwitz pussy is better than none. ‘ballsy’ is not attractive. ‘slutty’ and ‘whorish’ makes you a public utility, and virtually worthless. you are a feminist, so start acting feminine. and no, feminists are not better in bed. in fact, they tend to suck.”

“Well that’s gross, does your boyfriend even feel anything?”

Am I supposed to just not offer up my opinions about sexism for fear people will comment on how ugly I am?

By “gets it”, Brandon means that she says things like “Women are ensuring their own downfall with their selfish behavior and short-term outlook.

Which, coming from Brandon (albeit indirectly), exceeds the legal limit for irony.

Ozy, I know you probably know this, but if you were writing a pro-MRM blog, the exact same guys would be shitting themselves in eagerness to tell you how hot you are, how nice it is that you aren’t a hideous fatbag, how great it is that you keep up your appearance, blah blah blah. But you aren’t, and so the only thing they can come up with is “I don’t want to fuck you!” Wow…..devastating.

What Brandon’s linked blogger seems to ‘”get” is that she’s done everything right and is treated with utmost respect by men, and thus women who get threatening emails and catcalls on the street must be doing things “wrong.” (Which I don’t think works out even if you’re a member of the ladies’ auxiliary of the Spearhead. Those ladies get hated on a lot, even as they’re doing their very best to insist that women are lying pieces of garbage and men are gods in their homes.) What she doesn’t seem to grok is, like, the entire purpose of #mencallmethings. It’s not that women get called things only when they wear short skirts; more like, they also get called things when they don’t look feminine or pretty enough for the viewer’s tastes — and, more to the point, the go-to response for saying something a reader doesn’t like is a threat or an insult based on the writer’s gender. If blogger doesn’t see that’s a problem, then blogger is being willfully stupid.

Once again, I marvel that everything that Brandon links to is the complete opposite of what he says it is. Doesn’t it ever get boring, being so wrong all the time?

@Bee, his usual gig is to deny he ever said the wrong thing, and if that doesn’t work (damn! that wrong comment just stays right there so you can’t pretend you never said it!) will handwave and say yeah yeah but you missed his larger point, and when that doesn’t work he just goes away for a while and talks about something else.

will handwave and say yeah yeah but you missed his larger point

Or ya ya.

Funny how he never explains what his larger point is, though. You’d think he’d be falling over himself to mansplain it to us, what with us being such fluffy-headed ignoramuses (and that’s merely the men).

Well, I can understand why he wants to protect those of us with ladybrains, but even if you guys are manginas you don’t *have* ladybrains, so, like, what?

The only real point I’ve gotten out of anything Brandon has posted is there’s not a single problem anyone could have that can’t solved by being Brandon, or as much like Brandon as you can be.

@Ozy: I am going to assume you posted naked pictures of yourself based on the responses you provided (a commenter mentioning “shave that thatch”).

You are free to do whatever you like. However, I don’t think it is insane to say “if you post naked pictures of yourself on the internet…you are going to get some negative commentary about it”

If you don’t want to hear all the negative crap sent to you, then don’t put yourself in that position.

Also, I hardly see how people criticizing (although harshly) the pictures you post is inherently sexist. Sure, it’s a dick move and I certainly wouldn’t comment on it, but all you are getting is people stating their opinion about your photos (which you placed into the public sphere intentionally).

Brandon: @Ozy: I am going to assume you posted naked pictures of yourself based on the responses you provided (a commenter mentioning “shave that thatch”).

I’m going to assume she posted them for the reasons she mentioned in that post, because she felt like it.

Just as I assume you mean the things you say (much as that seems to pain you).

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