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Kate Beaton confuses the Reddit Men's Rightsers


From Hark, a vagrant. I photoshopped a little.

Hark, a vagrant, as I may have noted many times already, is pretty much the most hilarious comic in the world at the moment.  So recently the comic’s creator Kate Beaton got together with some of her cartoonist pals and did a bunch of cartoons featuring a gang of superheroines called the “STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS.”

Someone linked to them in Reddit’s Men’s Rights subreddit. Take a look at the comments.  The cartoons seem to have, well, confused the Men’s Rightsers just a little bit.


203 replies on “Kate Beaton confuses the Reddit Men's Rightsers”

Oh right! Sry not yet… I’ll go think about what to do for it now 😀 I can make a card RELATED to you, that I alrdy have an idea of :] I’ll also think of one to make of you :3

(sry I’ve had a bit of a backlog and sometimes I forget things D:)

But it pretty much fits with that I’ve seen of the infantilization of Americans in general – from using words like ‘veggies’ or ‘hubby’ among adults, to ‘lolcat speak’ to trying way too hard to be ‘cute’. As I said before, it’s like the Flanders family on meth. Bleah.

Are the Americans in question making fun of you at the time? That might explain the odd vocabulary. Double-check, just in case.

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