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Desperately Seeking Übermenschen

Hey ladies!

The general line amongst manosphere misogynists is that American women are a bunch of stuck-up princesses whose “ginas” – that is, vaginas – tingle only in the presence of “thugs” and “alpha males.” But one YouTube ranter calling himself LogicJunkie has a somewhat different theory, as he recently explained in a note to the moderator of the Happier Abroad forums. American women, it turns out, are basically all Nazis at heart, “preoccupied with … eugenic perfection in males.” Let’s follow LogicJunkie’s, er, logic:

American females regard as a “creep” any guy who isn’t at least six feet tall, with a pronounced chin, a jock physique, and, in general, Ken doll good Aryan looks. And money is important, too, but not nearly as important as the physiological eugenics. So, in good Germanic fashion, I think what they’re mainly concerned about, is somehow being contaminated by the mere presence of the inferior. …

America is, now more than ever, a Germano-eugenicist death camp, wrapped in the facade of “capitalism” and “corporatism” and “pop culture” and blah, blah, blah. But it’s all about covertly advancing the genetic omnipresence of the Teutonic physiological ideal.

I hate to poop on LogicJunkie’s logic here but, dude, if all the women you’re meeting turn out to be eugenics-obsessed, Aryan-fetishizing Nazis, it does not therefore follow that all American women are eugenics-obsessed, Aryan-fetishizing Nazis. It may just mean you should stop cruising for chicks at Klan meetings.

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You can’t really do the legal thing because heightism is slimy and insidious and it’s not something people DO, but just a part of the way they THINK, they probably aren’t even aware of it.

Ah, you mean just like … many other widespread prejudices that have been legislated against? Yeah, you’re right. There’s nothing to be done about that.

Actually, though, I don’t think you should bother with forming or joining any more groups. Not because prejudice against short people doesn’t exist, but because you only care about it because of your deep-felt need to feel sorry for yourself.

You know, no one thought spousal abuse was a problem. It was “just the way things were.” In fact, it used to even be required to hit your wife.

So to say “oh it is insidious! no one knows they are doing it” is making an excuse. A cop out. Get off your lazy duff and do something if it bothers you or quit whining about it to us.

You should be paying us by the hour, MRAL. What the going rate for therapy, anyways? $100/hr, $200?

Oh, so you don’t really want a solution to the problem? Ok. That’s fine too. If you want to spend your life upset about the “parameters alloted” to you, rather than trying to make the best of the life you have, that is definitely your choice.

But, here’s the thing, we all have a lot of problems to deal with. I shall provide you with some anecdotal evidence right now – my best friend was sexually molested from the age of 3 through the age of 18, at which time she finally told her mom what was happening and her father committed suicide. To cope with the sexual molestation, she allowed herself to gain weight (not an uncommon response – there is the hope that being fat will prevent the abuse). You can probably imagine that being sexually molested by your father for 15 years can impair the ability to form lasting, loving relationships. And it did for a while. She spent a couple of years depressed, and rightly so. But then she opened herself up to the possibility that good men existed, and guess what, she found one! She is now happily married and gainfully employed at a job she enjoys.

Personally, I spent 4 years in a physically and mentally abusive relationship where I was constantly awakened in the middle of the night by my drunk husband who would throw me out of the bed, throw my belongings out of the window, throw hot coffee in my face, and tell me that I was a worthless whore. You can imagine that this type of treatment might make it hard for me to trust a new man in my life…and yet, here I am, two years later in a happy relationship.

So, if you want a happy life, figure out a way to make it happen. Being angry at 1/2 of the worlds population for offenses committed by a handful of people probably isn’t going to get you there.

MRAL, sweet zombie jesus, you’re only 20 and you’re convinced you’re going to get rejected for the rest of your life? GET OVER IT MAN! Seriously! I didn’t end up in a relationship until I was 21 and after a disastrous breakup with her, the next five years just got worse and worse. I’m now married going on 13 years to an incredible and supportive woman and we’ve got a wonderful partner who’s been with us for three years now. I could have easily ended up like you after being cheated on and lied to as many times as I was. I could have blamed women for it, I could have kept telling myself that I wasn’t handsome enough or smart enough or wealthy enough. I didn’t. And I’m thankful every day that I didn’t.

You could start an awareness campaign. Take exception to expressions of entrenched bias. Go silent at “jokes”, or take people aside and quietly explain that what they’ve said is hurtful, and that you know they don’t mean to hurt you but they should refrain from using such terms as “falling short”, or “short comings”, or even “short bread”, because they are derogatory references to a truly painful, discriminatory situation. You can strike a blow against prejudice. Go for it!

Maybe I should interject and point out that I am a grand old 5’4″ and have dated more than one woman. Then again, I am not filled with an overwhelming virulent hatred of them, which certainly helps the issue.

I know all sorts of lovely men who have not gotten their first kiss by the time they’re twenty; virgins are rather a specialty of mine, in fact.


Never mind. The answer is probably “not born yet.” Oh well. 😉

You should be paying us by the hour, MRAL. What the going rate for therapy, anyways? $100/hr, $200?

I charge $95, but then I tend to low ball it. I go quite a bit lower for low income clients.

Rachel: “20 is an adult, yes. But a young adult with a lot of life to live and a lot of formative years ahead of you. I suspect you are in college? Why are you spending so much of your time here, rather than out meeting new people?”

Forget meeting new people, why isn’t MRAL studying? MRAL: Set your priorities straight, man. Hit the books, for crying out loud. I realize kvetching here is more fun than doing organic chemistry problem sets, but you will one day regret the giant waste of time. Unless, of course, you keep telling yourself that the reason you flunked out of college and didn’t get a high-paying job is because you are short, ugly, and OMG, feminists!! Seriously, don’t go down that path. Stop worrying about dating or how tall CEO’s are and get an education. Because let me assure you, at the CEO level, there definitely IS discrimination against people who are academic and professional failures. So buckle down and do some work. There will be time to play — just not now.

“Lieutenant”, my foot. The way you are going, you’ll never get to the lieutenant level in anything except whining about how unfair the world is.


Try this: Learn to love yourself. Try starting with your eye. It may make you stand out, but that’s not always a bad thing. Think of it as having its own unique composition. If people ask about it or point it out, try joking that you got it in some epic battle against forces set on destroying the world or evil dragons or something like that, or that it actually gives you superpowers.

Just please, get comfortable with the skin you have. You’ll have to live with it the rest of your life.

> Like 3 people have said they dated someone with eye problems. I don’t buy it, it’s not common, I’m basically the only person I’ve ever met with a deformed eye.

Here’s a picture of the friend of mine I’m talking about.

Again, he’s happily married to a thin, attractive, blonde woman. So please, please STFU about how disadvantaged you are and grab a hold of the nearest clue.

Avi: You’ve multiclassed, it seems.

Captain Bathrobe: I dunno, all the members of the Holy Order of the Virginity Takers which I know have retired and gotten into proper relationships. It’s a tragedy, really.

Amused: He might have just gotten out of school; a lot of schools are letting out for summer around now. If not, DUDE, FINALS SEASON.

Man, MRAL.

I didn’t get my first kiss until I was 21.

I didn’t have sex until I was 24.

I also used to be very bitter toward women. I wouldn’t say I was an MRA, but I was definitely a “nice guy”. But life is a process, eventually I came into my own physically, artistically, intellectually. Speaking as a guy who was EXTREMELY awkward an considered pretty ugly at age 20, and who now has a vibrant, healthy sex life: it gets better.

Sheesh, 20 years old and ready to call it the end of the world.

It’s my mixed race, the downsides are excess body hair and people think I am a terrorist when the reality is worse (Tamil/Burmese – terrorist/nutcases who cut people’s heads off for collections)

Is MRAL saying that if you were taller you would be a CEO? Man if I were blacker I would be an NBA player!

Look being short has nothing to do with your problems. Women actually tend to not care as much as you think. Your poisonous attitude to them is what keeps them out of your reach.

MRAL, I am going to tell you about my friend.

He has repeatedly said that his life mission is sex. He currently has two hot, bisexual, kinky girlfriends, one of which (my roommate) is nearly half his age. He has had sex with, I believe, nearly a hundred people.

He lost his virginity to his first girlfriend at 23.

I know it’s a cliche, but it gets better.

He currently has two hot, bisexual, kinky girlfriends, one of which (my roommate) is nearly half his age.(Ozy)

Really? Damn, I know my wife might not agree, but, Really? 😉

If things turn out the way I think they will (and he is shyly hoping), the guy I am apparently now dating will be my 13th virgin. And second who is in his thirties. *mutters to herself* I thought I said I would never do this again…bloody hell…

titfortat: Yep. There was one time, a few years ago, when he had three hot bisexual kinky girlfriends and was unemployed, and had sex twice a day for six months. Dude is Living the Dream.

And, no, he’s not an alpha. He’s a librarian, perfectly kind to everyone and not particularly hot. On the other hand, he is tall, so maybe that explains it.

PosterformerlyknownasElizabeth: I’m on my sixth virgin. I feel your pain. 🙂

The number of “omega” men I know, who have hot/kinky/poly/bi girlfriends is ever a source of amusement to me, when I read the accounts of MRA/PUA types who complain they can’t get the sort of action they “deserve”.

Honestly, if I were less vanilla, and moved into the more esoteric realms of kink… I think I could spend all my spare time in bed.

As it is, well I get enough that I have no need to complain. If I want more, I know that I can get that too; even with being not as “wild and crazy” as some.

I can’t sing a success story for MRAL. I as 15 the first time I was kissed (though by all rights I was an “omega” skinny, 15, a bit short for my age, etc.), and 16 when I had sex the first time.

I was also pretty clueless. I probably missed a lot of chances for fun too. I admit, when I think about it, that my life (in lots of ways, not just in bed) has been exceptional. Even with that admitted, there were chunks of time when I was 1: angry at women (my second girlfriend, and my first fiance were each, in their way, awful to me; the one kept me pining for a year or so, an the other put me off any sort of relationship for about a year) and 2: there have been periods of time when I wasn’t able to find one who was similarly inclined, and so lacked for company.

Neither of those states was permanent; mostly because I knew them to be passing, the first as a result of my knowing it was reactive, the second because I knew it was situational; and things change.

The MRA/PUA types don’t seem able to admit the first, and flat out refuse to consider the second.

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