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>Virtual Women, Real Annoying


Probably not the woman of your dreams.
Hey fellas! Are you tired of dealing with actual women? Would you rather spend a nice evening at home chatting amiably with a tiny virtual woman who lives inside your computer instead? If so, would it be OK if instead of resembling any woman you’ve ever met in real life this tiny virtual woman instead acted as though she’d been designed by some dude who’s never actually spoken with a real woman? 
Also, I should add, if you chat her up cleverly enough, she’ll take off her virtual clothes and show you her virtual lady bits. 
If this all sounds like heaven to you, you may want to check out a little “game” called Virtual Woman Millennium Edition. A friend of mine found it on theother day, and naturally thought of me. The game, such as it is, allows you to create the woman of your dreams. As the game publisher, an outfit calling itself CyberPunk Software, put it: 

Virtual Woman users can build, talk, and compete against Virtual Women with full artificial intelligence. You choose their ethnic type, personality, location, clothing, etc

By “compete against,” the game makers mean, basically, that you chat with her until she either tells you to fuck off (you lose!) or she takes off her clothes (you win!). Sex, evidently, is something that women own, and the point of dating, for guys at least, is to sweet talk – or wheedle, or con — the ladies into giving it to them. Women “win,” by contrast, when they force guys to listen to their inane blather without giving the poor schmucks even a glimpse of their titties. (I’d like to think that when my dates take off their clothes we both win.) 
I played the game the other night – or at least as much of it as I could stand. The first time, the game crashed before the conversation started. The second time, I played as a raging misogynist and offended my date by calling her a “whore” and a “cunt,” and she left in a huff. The third time, I chatted long enough to convince my date to remove her top. At which point real life asserted its demands, and I set the game aside, never to resume it.
Let’s just say that the conversations I had with each of these imaginary women were something less than sparkling. The woman who eventually took off her top blathered happily away about her hair for a few minutes, then segued into a conversation about how she hated going to new supermarkets because she wouldn’t know where to look to find the milk. She was shallow, silly, and self-absorbed, a virtual incarnation of every sexist stereotype of modern womanhood.  In other words, she seemed to come straight from MGTOW central casting. My “conversation” with her only lasted a few minutes, but it seemed to take forever. If real women were like this, I think even I would consider Going My Own Way. 
As one review on put it:  

the girls are just plane stupid, they … keep repeating themselves over and over again, and allot of what they say makes no sense, I say something to them, and they asked me some silly question that makes no sense, once I said what to one about something stupid it said that made so sense, just to see what it would do, and it said ( why are you so worried about me being what?) and it did that with other things I said to it too, its stupid, don’t waist your time with this. 
That pretty much hits the nale on the hed. 
So many questions:
Were the makers of this game deliberately trying to make the women as annoying as possible, or do they think women are actually like this? Was the inanity of the conversation a bug – the result of shitty artificial intelligence programming  – or a feature? Probably a bit of both. 
More to the point: who could possibly enjoy a game like this? You’d have to have a pretty low opinion of women to be able to put up with the game’s casual misogyny. But if you hate women that much, why would you want to spend your evening talking to an imaginary woman about shopping and hair? 
Perhaps that’s why the publisher seems to have abandoned the game; the latest update on its web site is from 2008. 
As I’ve pointed out before, a small but significant number of “mansosphere” men are eagerly looking forward to the day when sex robots and/or “virtual” women will give men what they see as a real alternative to real women, thus putting supposedly spoiled “western” women in their place and destroying feminism to boot. One of the many fatal flaws in this scenario is that the only people who seem to be interested in making sexbots and VR women are guys who have no fucking clue what actual human women are like. But, hey, if it gets these guys out of the dating pool, that’s pretty much good news for everyone.

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>If those MGTOW guys actually had robot and virtual reality women, then they better hope the virtual women don't ever get artificial intelligence. As soon as that happens, even robots will reject those guys.

>"That pretty much hits the nale on the hed." lol. :)Conversation is a very tricky thing to emulate, its no surprise these guys get it wrong. The easiest thing to do is to regurgitate stock phrases, perhaps trying to insert key words from the user's input. ELIZA did this to great effect, and managed to convince many people that it was a psychotherapist.This doesn't excuse the particular stock phrases that the programmers chose to use, nor the intent of the game to chat an AI's clothes off (cause thats how it works IRL).@Elizabeth: a stereotypical male would be too easy to emulate. :PUser: Hello.VRMan: *takes clothes off*YOU WIN!

>Hey everybody, misogynistman here. Oooo, I like that name. Anyhoo, I figured all you gals who own your sexuality, (cause it ain't a resource you use to garnish attention and/or material goods) would be pushing for VR sex and sexbots for men. I mean those guys are all losers anyway, right?

>I played with a different execution of the same concept sometime last year. The funny thing about this one was that the developer claimed that she had some amazingly awesome super-convincing AI chatbot algorithms. Turned out she just repeated the same three "sexy" phrases over and over again. Thus conversations went something like this:ME: What, in your opinion, is the most important challenge facing our youth today?HER: I want to suck on that big throbbing cock of yours.ME: Okay… so… oral sex among teens?

>Kirby: I should have been more specific-the female sex bots would have stereotypical male traits since these guys hate women but like boobies and other things.

>Kirbywarp, I can't believe you actually said this which can in no way be taken out of context…"This doesn't excuse the particular stock phrases that the programmers chose to use, nor the intent of the game to chat an AI's clothes off (cause thats how it works IRL)."Which would of course mean that a womans sexuality is her body and a mans sexuality is his ability to sweet talk a womans clothes off. In other words a man is visually turned on and a woman is verbally turned on. This is dangerous thinking, you're putting men and women into a box. Oh this is priceless when everyone proves me right AGAIN.Elizabeth, I can't help but think your comment was directed at me, I feel so wounded.

>But seriously, back to sexbots and VR girls. I mean why not? I am actually interested in your thoughts on the andvancement and perfection of the sexbot. Kinda a refernce to silons from the original battlestar galactica.

>Ahh I see, that does seem to be the case all to often. Ya know what would be cool Dave? If when an evil misogynist like myself posted something Mozarts Reqieum played or something equally evil sounding. And when everyone else posted flight of the bumblbee played or something equally angelic.I mean ya gotta admit that would be cool.

>(Note: nice ninja, David, and thanks. Thought I might as well still post a response)NWO: "Kirbywarp, I can't believe you actually said this which can in no way be taken out of context…"Should I congratulate you for doing the impossible then? My statements and intents:"This doesn't excuse the particular stock phrases that the programmers chose to use" – The programmers chose phrases that were vapid and shallow, possibly… I haven't played the game."nor the intent of the game to chat an AI's clothes off" – it should be clear why this is misogynistic"(cause thats how it works IRL)" – sarcasmI'm kinda confused how you could take this and get anything about a what a person's sexuality is IRL, let alone that I want to put men and women into boxes. Feel free to clarify your reasoning. I'm all ears.

>NWOslave: this may shock you but sometimes people say things that have nothing to do with you.And some of those people are female people and they still are not talking about you.

>Reguardless of wether I missed the use of sarcasm due to my own dimwitted self, I seriously am more interested in everyones opinion of VR girls and more importantly sexbots. Which the Japanese seem to be pushing ahead full throtle with.As far as being misogynistic game, men do "chat womens clothes off in real life." I mean how else are they going to get to the good stuff? If I sit there and say nothing those clothes aren't going to just magically pop off.

>NWO: I'm not going to tell you my opinion of sexbots because I'm 100-110% sure that you are just looking for ammunition to prove how horrible feminists are.And about your last paragraph: You really don't understand the concept of relationships, do you?

>Wow, this game is stupid. At least "Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball" had actual mechanics (even though it it's a bad game). This is just a chat simulation with a girl who is deep into uncanny valley.Another thing that's bothersome is that there are many examples in gaming that emulate this game to varying and horrifying degrees. Games like Heavy Rain, Metroid: Other M, Ninja Gaiden etc. try to have female game avatars bogged down with storylines and crap that make them absolutely nothing like women in real life. Even worse, these pathetic efforts are praised by the gaming industry and press.Ah, well, at least there's Ms. Pac Man, Final Fantasy, Super Smash Bros., Pokemon, Bejeweled, Tetris and even the original Metroid games. BTW, those games happen to be A LOT more popular than the aforementioned games with objectified chicks. I mean, who even remembers "Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball"?

>Now, now, cboye, how can you be sure I'm looking for "ammunition?" Besides, think of it as opportunity to further expose my backward thinking. Plus the mass media tells me women are superior debaters. I wouldn't stand a chance.Elisabeth, I prefer to make breats out of real dough, then I can bake them, watch them rise and eat them. I'm soo damn evil I scare myself.

>Umm…because, based on every other thing you've ever said, your rudimentary cognition faculties only make it through enough words to identify a buzzword you can wank about?

>cboye: its possible, just possible, that NWO has learned a little something about sarcasm, and is now exercising his newfound skill. :PI don't personally care that much about sex bots and VR girls. I've seen, and played, games similar to the OP. However, I also interact with real people on a daily basis, and recognize that the virtual women in those games are charicatures. Someone who is only exposed to those charicatures may find themselves unable to relate to, sympathize with, or understand real people. Therein lies the danger.

>Kirbywarp, good answer, very well thought out. As most people don't have much free time these days "meeting" and relating to people gets harder all the time. My job flies my all over north america and I meet new people all the time, however since my work is done in dairies for the most part, the work needs completetion quickly. What usually happens is I'll work like 5 to 7 16 hour days in a row to finish a job. So meeting and forming any meaningful friendshio/relationship doesn't really happen.Even other more stationary jobs, you might meet only the same people day in and day out. So a sexbot for a lonely man unable to "talk it up" due to poor social skill would be able to meet his sexual needs. Kinda of like a mechanical pet.

>Well Kave, When I get home from my job I normally sleep for about 20 hours straight. Believe me when I say working 40 feet in the air for a week or two of 16 hour shifts can be mildly exhausting.And if my poor social skills and work schedule dooms me to a life of solitude what choice do I have? Sexbot? Am I simply unloveable? Deep questions. I was kinda hopin after 50 years of feminism my problems would be solved by feminists. I mean gender being a construct and all and women holding more employment than men. Alas women seem to still want boyfriends/lovers ect. that are better off than themselves. Thus as employment remains stagnant, it would seem that $19.00 an hour doesn't cut the mustard.According to the "theory" once women got the "power" they were supposed to ask guys out and offer to pay for meals and so forth. I have yet to meet a man, (and I've been all over North America) who has ever told of a woman doing any of these things.Ahh the poor slave, rotting away in solitude. Perhaps I'll get a sexbot when they come out and a dog for companionship, since I just don't measure up. Pity the poor slave, he has nothing to "offer."

>NWOslave:If you are going to say that you travel and work so much that meeting people becomes impossible, then in the same breath state that you have met enough men to firmly state that no woman every asks a man out or pays for meals… well.. Perhaps you can see the contradiction. It would seem that the main place you would talk to men about this issue would be MRA forums, in which case its not surprising you can't find what you're looking for.I happen to know women who ask guys out and offer to pay for meals and so forth; my girlfriend is one of them. *shrug* Perhaps you should talk to more men than just the ones who congregate to complain about women…

>Hmm… sexbots would really be that satisfying? I can only picture a computerized female voice, a la extra normal and a silicon-bag feeling thing: "" & etc.Except for high school, all my lovers have gotten off as much (or more) on me getting off as well. Course, that's just my personal experience, and very small sampling, but still. With a sex-bot, you could never get that feeling of being a satisfying lover. Or are some men so convinced that women hate sex anyway that they don't care if they are good lovers or not?

>Oh, and not that anecdotal evidence is worth a damn, but my lover isn't gainfully employed at the moment. (And didn't make as much as I did when we met) When we go out, I pick up the tab, movies, drinks, dinners, whatever. I don't mind, because I'd rather do dinner with him than alone. And I like treating him.

>Kirbywarp…Always with the MRAs, since this blog specifically plucks comments from MRA sites wouldn't mine be everywhere if I frequented them? I mean in my obvious misogynist ways surely my posts would be everywhere. Forgive my scepticism at your assertation that women do indeed ask and pay for men, but I find this to be if nothing else a complete rarity, having never met a man of the thousands I've met who has had this happen.

>NWOslave:Don't MRAs complain that David only picks and chooses the worst of the bunch? Perhaps you aren't trying hard enough? :PIn any case, if my assumption that you visit these sites is incorrect, I'll happily take it back. I simpy find it hard to believe that not one man you've talked to (out of "thousands") has met the same kind of people that I see on a regular basis. *shrug* such is the fate of anectdotal evidence, I suppose.

>P'raps it is a generational thing? My experience socially is strictly among the shiftless youth of the under-30 set, and we all pay each other for everything, boys, girls, groups, whateva. It all "comes out in the wash" as they say. And mostly we are poor.

>Kestra:Possibly, perhaps probably. I myself fall under that under-30 category, as do my peers. Isn't it also said that progress happens when one generation dies off and a new one takes its place? It'd be interesting to know the ages of some of the MRAs David quotes.

>@ KestraThat's the thing about the female sexbot fantasy: The MRA/MGTOW-types who root for it have such contempt for anything to do with women (even fictional things), that it's unlikely that a sexbot will satisfy them. Hell, given how much they scrutinize even FICTIONAL depictions of women (for example, the manboobz blog post displaying quotes of MRA's criticizing female action heroes as being "stupid" and "unrealistic"), it probably wouldn't be long before the female sexbots are tossed into trash heaps, upgrades and customization be damned.

>NWO, I am a bisexual woman. Over the past few years, I have "asked out" several men (all of whom accepted). I frequently "treat" my dates and partners, regardless of their gender. If you don't know any independent, self-supporting women who are willing to pay for dates, then perhaps you're running with the wrong crowd.As to the "too busy to meet someone" conundrum…in all seriousness, have you considered on-line dating? As a first-year PhD student, I have an erratic and demanding work schedule, and few opportunities to meet people. I'm also profoundly socially awkward, to the point where I suspect that I may be somewhere on the autism spectrum. Finding a partner in "real life" seems hopelessly daunting to me. But I had no trouble finding a wonderful girlfriend on Okcupid–someone who's just as busy as I am, and who finds my awkwardness charming. And yes, she pays for things herself.I do think you need to make some MAJOR adjustments to you attitude and behavior before you're likely to get a date with a self-respecting woman. But being busy and awkward, by itself, doesn't mean you're doomed to eternal solitude.

>Kirbywarp, I do frequent the MRA blogs and their ages vary from top to bottom, and I have posted there. Probably my posts weren't quite misogynist enough to make the cut. Maybe they weren't misogynist at all. Cha right. Just out of curiosity, not that I know if it's true or false, but did you ever wonder if those really awful, hateful comment were a plant? Stranger things have happened.Also couldn't this same tactic be used by the State? Such as identify and magnifying a problem that doesn't really exist? Offering to open an agency to "investigate" the problem. Then finding a problem, then "offering" more "security" to rectify the situation. Of course when I say "offer" I mean to tak the people for said service. I'm guessing the only way to increase revenue to these "agencies" would be to continually "find" new problems. Just a little food for thought.

>Well Simone Lovelace, being purely straight and my job normally takes me all over, plus the fact that dating sites run at about 4 or 5 to 1 men v women, I'd guess that kinda answers that.More than likely I'll end up marrying a woman from the phillipenes/mexico where my value is increased. As what I have to "offer" in monetary value is far less in the US than elsewhere. You see I prefer a long term relationship not just fun sex.

>NWOslave:I've seen forums deal with something similar to this, known as Poe's Law, which I'm sure you've heard about. Groups tend to "know their own" so to speak, and therefore "fake" commments can reliably be ousted (take FeministTrollQueen for example) unless they align with the group's mentality.As far as I'm aware, and you should be as well, the comments appearing on this blog usually are upvoted considerably, with opposing statements downvoted into oblivion. Based on the evidence, I'd say these comments are real.I don't take conspiracy theories very seriously, since they almost always start with a conclusion and find any means possible to support it, rather than putting evidence first. If you're implying that somehow feminists are planting and magnifying misogyny to be able to "offer" more… what, equality? The very second the feminist movement tries to install some sort of matriarchy, you can rest assured that I would stand right beside you denouncing feminism and its goals. But, and I'm sure this is a quote from somewhere, "it just ain't so."

>NWO, for what it's worth, I've had better luck on Okcupid as a women seeking women than I ever did as a woman seeking men. While there's a huge surplus of men on most dating sites, a massive percentage of those men are–as far as I can tell–just trolling, or they're douchebags who like asking strange women for pictures of their tits. So if you can get yourself to a place where you don't come across as a troll or a douchebag (which won't be easy, but is probably possible), your chances are much better than you might think.

>But my larger point is this: you're dateless, and you're unhappy, but you don't seem to be doing anything about it. Yeah, I know, it's tough, but you're not even trying. And until you have (a) changed your attitude enough so that a self-respecting woman might possibly want to date you and (b) made some kind of good-faith effort to get yourself a date, then I have precisely zero sympathy for you. And I imagine that most of my fellow commenter feel the same way.

>He doesn't try to do anything about it because that would require changing himself, which takes real effort. Much easier to sit back and blame feminism and women in general.

>Noble words Kirbywarp, however as everyone knows women these days recieve the lions share of college degrees, Yet just a little over a week ago Title IX just tripled it's power.Since women now obtain a mojority of college degrees why is Title IX growing? Since 1913 no State agency has shrunk. You're fooling yourself if you believe AA, Title IX or any other agency will "go away." Marxism doesn't work that way. The hatred must be promoted and expanded.Do you really believe a State agency that is pulling down billions of dollars every year is going to say, "well, theres no more need for Title IX, everybody gets these tax dollars back." If every man and woman got together and said well theres no more "oppression" of women in college. Every media paper, TV, billboard outlet would have front page news of rampant rape, sexism and oppression. They would blare every firehouse siren, they would bring back morse code to get the message out of men oppressing women.Make no mistakes, they, the media, corporations and State work together. They are your enemy. You have far more to fear from the State who in the guise of "caring" about your oppression than any MRA. When "they" empower you with a "right" that you believe "helps" you, they weaken us all. Believe me they know exactly what their doing. Know your enemy.

>So when men design virtual women, they intentionally make them shallow, vapid, and stupid, huh? No wonder they have so little success with real women…we just don't tend to have those traits I guess. 😉

>Oh and of course he can plan to take advantage of the financial insecurity of some woman from another country. I've seen pathetic specimens like that in one of my old jobs; these guys who make sure their new wives learn little English, have no independent social lives and are pretty much totally dependent on these meatbags to survive. Disgusting, really.

>Yes, NWOslave, I'm sure any Filipino woman would be honored to be approached by a guy that can't even be bothered to spell the name of her country right.Where his "value" has increased? Translation: Where he assumes women have no standards.

>Simone Lovelace, I can get dates and sex. My attitude is just fine. Just out of curiosity, why should "I" have to change. Are we assuming "I" am broken. It seems passing odd that the consencus is "I" and many men, particularly MRAs need to change. Are women and particularly feminists "perfection" No "change" is needed.Are we again back to the slave is broken. What "changes" do I need to make to myself? This is one of the problems with the "movement." I assure you I'm quite fine just the way I am. If men are "supposed" to accept women for the people they are without change, I demand equality.

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