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>I used to be Snow White, but I drifted. And then some cars drove by and spewed exhaust on me.


An apple a day scares the men away?

Women’s magazines can be terrifyingly good at reinforcing every bad thing women in this culture feel about themselves. Take, for example, this awful blog post over on Marie Claire, written by a dude, on “why men prefer innocent girls to bad girls.” It’s filled with statements like this, on why guys (supposedly) prefer virgins or near-virgins to more sexually experienced women — aka “bad girls”:

Guys just want to be the leader of that journey instead of the followers. I guess it’s like white fresh snow versus the snow that’s turning black on the side of the road … under the haze of car exhaust. The fresh snow is more of a palette for adventure.

Yep, that’s right. He’s comparing post-virginal women — that is, most adult women — to DIRTY, SOOTY, PROBABLY PISSED-ON, SNOW.

Actually, don’t click on his article. Not yet anyway. Click here instead, to see Captain Awkward’s masterful and often quite hilarious takedown of Rich and his paean to not-very-experienced, not-too-confident women.

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11 years ago

>evilwhitemaleempire– You may understand feminism more if you stop viewing it as WOMEN vs. MEN, and instead as PEOPLE vs. PATRIARCHY. "Patriarchy" is a system of structural relationships that tend to lead to sexist gender roles and male domination, and can be supported by men or women.Rich– I think the most unsupportable aspect of his theory is his simplistic division of women into "innocent" and "bad girls." I am sexually promiscuous and have low self-esteem, but I dress like a nerd and get along with people's mothers. I fit in NOWHERE.

11 years ago

>@oz – LMFAO!Dave – how come I am no longer on your "boob roll".Am I not a boob?Must I try harder?

Hide and Seek
11 years ago

>Tri:I know, but I'm not willing to engage with this guy as the "Voice of Men" regardless of how he presents himself.

11 years ago

>"I would say from the tone and content of his column it is fairly clear why Rich is sexually inexperienced."That, or is a really terrible lay (or really worried that he's a really terrible lay) and thereofre all his sexual insecurities are HER problem. An experienced, confident woman would know how horribel in bed he is and leave him. Then he'd be mad at her for not fixing him. Just like all the other flaccid little MRA cowards who troll around here, the real issue is their own insecurity that HAS to be a woman's fault, because boys have no personal respnsibility for anything. Apparently. Out of curiosity, what *are* feminist supposed to do about male suicide, exactly? Of course, I'm not surprised that another spineless coward is making feminists at fault for men's actions – but what, specifically, are feminists supposed to do about male rates of suicide?Does Silly Flaccid String go to MRA websites and demand to know what they are doing about female suicide rates?

Lady Victoria von Syrus

>You know, at least he's up front and honest about wanting a girl he can control, rather than do the bullshit maneuver of saying he wants an independent girl, but then loading that statement with so many qualifiers and exceptions that really does add up to 'I want a girl I can control.'

11 years ago

>"Out of curiosity, what *are* feminist supposed to do about male suicide, exactly?"I'd say we start with breaking down gender roles that make it unmanly and taboo for men to reach out for help when they're suffering emotionally, level the career playing field so there won't be as much pressure on men to be the sole breadwinners and take all the more dangerous and challenging jobs, and work to dismantle the cultural encouragement of male aggression and violence that prompts good-at-heart men to take more extreme and violent measures in situations where such an option is available (such as suicide.)Well, it's not like anyone is already working on this! We better get started!…hey, wait a second.

11 years ago

>@missyb9479 :"What they want is not a virgin. They also don't want a woman who is overtly sexually experienced. What they want is a liar. They want someone who is sexually experienced but pretends like they aren't."That's the reason these Nice Guys ™ are constantly complaining that the women they meet are manipulative bitches. The only type of women they can get are liars.

11 years ago

>I think women just don't want to fuck Rich because he has a cabbage for a head.

11 years ago

>e4919700-4d45-11e0-bbf3-000bcdcb8a73……probably should have linked to something specific on suicide.

11 years ago

>"What complete and utter horseshit."No it's not, wytch, and this is why you fail.

11 years ago

>"No it's not, wytch, and this is why you fail."—PPNo, you fail. And you fail to see reality—feminism makes things worse for (most) men and male suicide is a non-issue for feminists.

11 years ago

>So tell us O Supposed But Not Really Wise One-what would you have feminists do about male suicide?

11 years ago

>You know, guys like this "Rich" fellow really piss me off. They go on and on about how girls that have had sex are so nasty and used up and disgusting and unappealing and no guy will ever want them, right? Which raises MY hopes that, seeing as how I've had sexyfuntimes a lot already, the Riches of the world will leave me the hell alone. If only.That'd be such a great deal. "Have a bunch of orgasms, and your pussy will gain the power to repel PUAs!" (Maybe it's all the orgasmic contractions of the vaginal walls, working like uber-kegels that give your vagina the power to crush PUA-boners at 40 paces.) "Fuck your way to a PUA-free day!" "A fuck a day keeps the PUAs away!" There's a self-help book to be written from all this, Mr. Futrelle. I'm just saying.

11 years ago

>I'm fairly share Shakespeare provided the perfect example of this kind of 'nice guy' centuries ago in 'Measure for Measure'.

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