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>All the single mothers


It’s the one in the middle that’s the problem.

Fellas, be careful out there, lest you run across the single gravest threat to modern man, and probably civilization itself: the single mom. These money-hungry, baby-hungry monsters will seduce you and abandon you, after extracting from you the magical substance that allows them to pop forth babies that you will have to pay for forever. Young or old, straight or lesbian, they all want your sperm and your money.

At least that’s the argument of a dude calling himself The Fourth Planet on the message boards. I’ve put some especially good bits in bold.

[T]he time has come to look at male sexuality as a weakness that makes men vulnerable to all kinds of predator. It’s a sexual vulnerability that makes you prey to baby mama or baby-hungry women.

Your sexuality is tolerated only when it’s necessary to provide young women, long past menopausal women, lesbians, single mothers by choice … with children. In other words, only for as long as it serves women’s needs to satisfy their baby urges. …

Women’s sexuality gives them, and the state, almost unlimited power to control men. As long as women are free to use their power of sex to exploit men, then all the things we resent in women will continue and get worse.

Our weakness for pussy is … being used to destroy us. …

You must reject single mothers because she represents all of the things that destroy men, our children, our families, and our communities.

Today, women only engage in sex for as long as it takes to establish a claim on a man’s resources. In other words, through marrying and divorcing him or having a man’s child out of wedlock. They want the benefits that that provides in marriage, but not the commitment to one man. That’s because they want to be free to use their sexuality for themselves and be free to exploit other men for their resources.

Damn those sneaky, sexy ladies and their sneaky, sexy sexiness! If only there was a way to get rid of all desire altogether.

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>David Futrelle:As much as I consider you to be a putz: you do occasionally make some good points.In fact: it is those points you make: that prompted me to write the blog I have. Whilst I was perusing various "MRA" blogs: I encountered a lot of the garbage that you have as well: that is what made me climb up out of the rabbit hole.It is your other points that prompt me to refer to you as the MANBOZO.

>Yeah, that pic and caption is hilarious. Seriously you did a great job on that. As a single mom that did not want to lose my husband to the teenage girl he ran off with, and as a woman that's stayed single for the 16 years since until very, very recently…and coupling with a man that's been single his whole life and not a bit bitter about it, I have to say I find these men baffling. I mean anyone wager that the men that wrote this post about women wanting their sperm doesn't get to touch women in real life? I really don't know but it's hard being a single parent and over the years I've been through tragedies relating to that and have developed complex PTSD, which is how I got into feminism online, through that research. PTSD is the problem of the oppressed, which is why women mostly have it and share the disorder with soldiers and sex workers, also objectified, oppressed and in dangerous circumstances. I am not in an elite enough demographic to meet these women who supposedly steal men's sperm to put themselves in oppressive circumstances, generally without an adequate support system. But hey, that's just me apparently. -Theresa

>@mark exactly, it's not like you were *planning* on leaving your husband, before he ran off with someone else.It's time for the poster to admit that not only does he have a "weakness for pussy", but he also has a weakness for grandiose persecution fantasies.My own experience is that my wife stuck with me for 11 childless, unmarried years, and now that we're married and still don't have children, we don't even have a joint bank account. If she's planning on somehow forcing me to father a child (not sure how she could get the sperm through the condoms I choose to wear) so she can take my money, she's running out of time, because she's about to hit menopause after which it is just a teeny bit difficult to get pregnant. Maybe she is one of the evil, scheming women being described by the poster, but she's just a total underachiever? Or maybe, just maybe–and I realize this seems bizarre–she actually loves me?

>"If she's planning on somehow forcing me to father a child (not sure how she could get the sperm through the condoms I choose to wear)"Oh hey, Joe, those guy'll tell you how!! Didn't you know that there's a near-epidemic of women who poke holes in condoms in order to ensure that they are impregnated by unsuspecting dupes who they then bleed dry??

>@ joe I didn't leave him, he left me. (maybe totally besides the point, but just in case it's relevant somehow…)And Pam, yes I have heard hysterical people talk about this sperm stealing. I've heard a very abusive misogynistic woman "warn" men about this. Absolutely bizarre. Granted, she has major clear mental problems, but still it's just scary that these guys think that's an issue or something. Sperm stealing. o.0 Weird. -Theresa

>@Theresa,I have even read a recommendation made by more than one MRA blog poster that men should have a bottle of tabasco sauce handy at all times, so that they can shake some of it into the used condom prior to discarding it so that the sperm cannot be stolen.Granted, throughout the history of the world, there may have been some women (or men, for that matter, who wanted to impregnate their partners)who utilized methods of getting pregnant that were unbeknownst to their partner, but these guys think that it is so common that it's of epidemic proportions!!

>I'm not sure I'd call it an "epidemic," but I'm not sure if it's as rare as you folks would say, either. It's obviously hard to get reliable statistics on something like 'sperm-stealing,' after all.That said, there are certainly crazy guys who poke holes in their condoms and all that as well, for whatever reasons, so it would be unfair to call this an exclusively female problem.

>Aishlin — Yeah, these guys have a somewhat, uh, limited understanding of women's bodies and how they work. Pam — MRAs/MGTOWers ARE pretty adept at finding evil feminist agendas in almost everything, but in this case I actually think the guy calling for banning there is just making a joke. At least I hope, for his sake, that he is.

>vagrant, it's actually possible that there are more guys poking holes in condoms than women. Here's an discussion of an interesting related study, in which men say they'd be far more welcoming of an "accidental pregnancy" than their partners: Forty-three percent of young men responded that they would be "a little pleased" or "very pleased" by the news; only 20 percent of women answered the same.

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