QUIZ: Which of these quotes came from the MGTOW subreddit, and which from the Daily Stormer?

By David Futrelle Pop quiz! Your instructions are simple: Just tell me which of the following quotes came from the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, and which from articles or comments on The Daily Stormer. (You can click on the “source” links to see them in their original contexts, though that will tend to…

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Quiz: Who said it — A “Gender Critical” Redditor, or The Daily Stormer?

By David Futrelle One thing I’ve learned doing this blog lo these many years is that hate looks like hate, no matter what kind it is: Misogyny looks like racism; racism looks like antisemitism; antisemitism looks like homophobia. While these different forms of bigotry aren’t identical by any means, they do share many of the…

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QUIZ: Can you tell which quote from “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell is real?

By David Futrelle Pop quiz! Which of the following statements did “Crying Nazi” Chris Cantwell post online several days ago?

cis-splaining incels irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny quiz reddit TERFs transmisogyny transphobia

Quiz: Who said it, incel or TERF?

By David Futrelle So yesterday, I was poking around in the Braincels subreddit, Reddit’s main hangout for incels, and was struck by how often the regulars there discuss trans women.

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QUIZ: Who called #MeToo accusers a bunch of “starf*ckers” — putative leftist Aimee Terese or professional misogynist Paul Elam?

By David Futrelle It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a certain subspecies of contemporary leftist — the anti-“identity politics” types who take a naughty delight in dismissing their foes as “retarded” — and the pepe-posting assholes of the alt-right and/or the woman-hating dinguses of the Men’s Rights Movement.

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Lady Lemming Liberal Ivanka: A We Hunted the Mammoth News Quiz

Time for a news quiz!

incel irony alert men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny reddit vaginas

Quiz! Computer-generated recipe title, or misogynistic slur for women?

Yesterday I ran across an amusing blog post from research scientist┬áJanelle Shane who, just for the hell of it, has been “training this neural network to generate cookbook recipes by letting it look at tens of thousands of existing recipes.”

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Memeday Pop Quiz! Men’s Rights Activist meme or White Supremacist meme?

Memeday has returned! Today’s installment consists of a one-question POP QUIZ. Question: Where did I find the meme at the top of this post? The MGTOW subreddit A Voice for Men The Daily Stormer I’ll give you the answer after this weirdly filtered picture of my cat Sweetie Pie Jonus:

a voice for men alt-right antifeminism bad history crank magnetism gynocracy imaginary oppression irony alert literal nazis men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA paul elam quiz

QUIZ: Who said it — A Voice for Men or The Daily Stormer?

Challenge your brain with this little quiz testing your ability to tell MRA rhetoric apart from neo-Nazi propaganda! It’s harder than you might think!

antifeminism bad boys beta males empathy deficit entitled babies evil sexy ladies ha ha I tricked you mansplaining men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny MRA oppressed men reddit vaginas

Quiz! Complete this MRA sentence: Women are “manipulation devices attached to … .”

Pop quiz! Today, dear readers, I present you with the following one-question pop quiz to test your knowledge of Men’s Rights Activism.