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“Sarkeesian Effect” auteur Jordan Owen hopes to con gullible internetters out of $60k to make his next film

In what is fantastic news for all fans of cinematic ineptitude, Jordan Owen — the hirsuite, well-scrubbed film auteur partially responsible for this year’s smash hit documentary The Sarkeesian Effect — has announced that he is planning a second film, and by the way he would like people to give him $60,000 for it.

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Bathtub orator Jordan Owen responds to critics of The Sarkeesian Effect Trailer with funny voices, mansterics

If their reaction to the widespread mockery of The Sarkeesian Effect trailer is any indication, the two biggest critics of the “critic who cannot be criticized” cannot handle much in the way of criticism. Davis Aurini, the Nazi-er of the two Sarkeesian Effect auteurs, has been blocking the critics on his Youtube channel, evidently oblivious to the ironies.…

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I Don’t Care if You Donated $10,000. F**k You: Jordan Owen graciously replies to critics of The Sarkeesian Effect trailer

Alleged filmmaker/bipedal mammal Jordan Owen has a few choice words for critics of the new trailer for The Sarkeesian Effect, the allegedly finished documentary he and white nationalist (on paper) Davis Aurini have been spending other people’s money on for the past who the hell knows how many months. Wait, did I say “a few choice words?”…

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Sarkeesian Effect Makeup! Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini are reunited, and it feels so weird

Woah, as Keanu Reeeves, playing Neo or possibly some other character, might say. Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini, the Sarkeesian Effect duo, are BACK TOGETHER AGAIN, and plan to finish their, er, “film” together shortly! Aurini posted the video above yesterday, announcing the reunion and giving a timetable of sorts for finishing the film, which…

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"Sarkeesian Effect" drama gets uglier: Davis Aurini compares Jordan Owen to incel killer Elliot Rodger

If you watch only one 15-minute interview with Davis Aurini about his breakup with his former Sarkeesian Effect collaborator Jordan Owen today, make it this one! Ok, I realize that might not be quite persuasive enough to get all of you to click play, but, seriously, this is pretty primo internet drama here, especially when…

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BREAKING GAMERGATE BREAKUP NEWS: Jordan Owen has fired Davis Aurini from #TheSarkeesianEffect!

Oh, say it ain’t so! The creative team behind The Sarkeesian Effect has fallen apart in a wave of mutual recriminations and accusations and general bad feelings! Owen is accusing Aurini of blackmail! Aurini is accusing Owen of being a nerd who can’t get laid! They’re both accusing each other of trying to take the…

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Jordan Owen rants about Fifty Shades of Grey for fifty-two minutes … in a bathtub

This somewhat alarming video was recently posted in Reddit’s GamerGhazi subreddit. It features Sarkeesian Effect co-creator Jordan Owen explaining, at some length, his disagreements with antiporn feminist Gail Dines over the book Fifty Shades of Grey. (Dines, you see, was Owen’s previous obsession, before he discovered Anita Sarkeesian; this video is a couple of years…

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JordanOwen42 on the Couch: Two wannabe Sarkeesian muckrakers react to the horrible news that she's been telling the truth

So what do you do when a fondly held fantasy crumbles? That’s a question that both Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen have had to ask themselves this past week, when something they both desperately hoped was true – that Anita Sarkeesian had lied about contacting the police about death threats she’d gotten on Twitter –…

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Sarkeesian Effect duo split again! Aurini demands another $15,000, Owen disowns him

Ah ha ha ha ha ha! The Sarkeesian Effect duo have split up again! It’s a Fourth of July Miracle! So today, a furious Jordan Owen put out a video denouncing his now ex-partner Davis Aurini. Why? Because Aurini is demanding another $15,000 to edit the “film” and has set up a fundraiser without Owen…

#gamergate $MONEY$ drama kings dudes who look like anton lavey hypocrisy irony alert men who really shouldn't be making movies men who should not ever be with women ever misogyny PUA rhymes with roosh sarkeesian!

The Top 8 Most Cringeworthy Moments from the Aurini/Owen Chat Logs [Sarkeesian Effect Breakup, Part 3]

Do the Sarkeesian Effect dudes — now in the midst of a painful and noisy breakup — not realize how ridiculous they look to the rest of us? Ok, maybe that’s not the right question to ask. After all, we’re talking about Davis Aurini, a sort of low-budget Anton LaVey with a plastic-skull fetish who…