#NotYourShield trump

#NotYourShield, Donald Trump Edition

Wait, did I say #NotYourShield? I meant the complete opposite of that.

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Milo’s fans descend on my Twitter mentions with their #NotYourShields on full power

So yesterday, I wrote a post about Trump supporters who are talking about bringing guns to rallies and polling places — and some who are even talking about starting up what would amount to an unofficial Trump militia.

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Just some “GenderCritical” transphobes talking about using disability law to ban gender-inclusive language on college exams

By David Futrelle I have to give the inhabitants of the “Gender Critical” subreddit credit for one thing: they are endlessly creative in coming up with new ways to be assholes.

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Erin Pizzey’s fake White Ribbon site declared officially fake by United Nations agency

Two years ago, Men’s Rights hate site A Voice for Men decided to get into the violence prevention business, in its own backwards way, by getting up in the business of the White Ribbon Campaign, a longstanding international initiative to encourage men and boys to fight against violence against women and girls.

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Monkey Hippo Like Goyim: What you get when you do a Google image search for “Cultural Marxism”

“Cultural Marxism” – the alleged conspiracy of alleged secret Marxists allegedly trying to destroy Western Civilization through Political Correctness and feminism and racial equality – is a favorite boogeyman of the far right. That includes, of course, large sections of the “Red Pill” world. Roosh V’s Return of Kings site publishes reactionary diatribes with titles…

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Return of Kings explains how videogames will make you a man

Over on Return of Kings, one brave gamer dares to ask the question of our age: What will the world look like after the inevitable triumph of GamerGate? I know, I know, just humor him for a few minutes. Because he has a rather, well, revealing notion of what triumph will look like, and it’s…

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#GamerGate's new champion is a wax replica of Patrick Bateman who thinks gamers are a bunch of dateless nerds

Watch out, Milo Yiannopoulos, you’ve got competition! #GamerGate has a new journalistic champion — and this one, like Milo, seems to have come straight from central casting, a virtual embodiment of every snooty reactionary preppie stereotype from every bad 80s movie. A libertarian think tanker and erstwhile journalist with the unlikely name of Mytheos Holt,…

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Inside #GamerGate's super seekrit plan to take over Tumblr with cute cat pics and Vivian James

GamerGaters claim they’re on the side of truth and righteousness, but they sure do love monologuing like cartoon villains. They claim to be shocked by alleged evidence of journalistic collusion, yet they happily plot strategies and “operations” together both in secret and in broad daylight. They claim to be about ethics, but regularly employ not-so-subtle…

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Actually, it's about Zoe Quinn. The midwife of #GamerGate has no regrets.

Do you remember when #GamerGate was young? You know, back before #NotYourShield and Vivian James and bizarrely complicated conspiracy theories involving Gawker, Weird Twitter and some sort of international Jewish conspiracy? Remember when #GamerGate was still called #BurgersAndFries, and the angry gamebro army was focused on the real enemy of all that is good and…

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7 Totally Awesome Last Minute #GamerGate Halloween Costumes

So you waited until the last minute to pull together your #GamerGate Halloween costume. And you’re lazy as crap. Well, you’re in luck! Here are seven totally half-assed, no-effort #GamerGate costumes you can pull together in a few minutes with stuff you have around the house!