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Secret (Russian) Agent Trump: New memes for new revelations

Never go anywhere without your shoe phone!

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In light of the latest revelations about Russian interference in the presidential elections, I made some more memes you might want to post around this internet of ours.

Well, they’re basically all the same meme, with slight variations. And only two of them are usable. But I’ll be making more!

Here’s the meme with standard white meme-y text:

Here’s a weird and unusable variation:

And another even weirder and even more unusable version:

Here’s a song about a much cooler secret agent:

Feel free to make and post memes of your own!


By request, here’s one with no text:

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I love Johnny Rivers and his string of 1960s/1970s hits, including “Poor Side of Town” (there were a bunch of songs about poverty separating lovers back in the day) and “Seventh Son” (who is one gifted, lucky guy).

In his heyday, Johnny Rivers had two looks: cool & smooth (mid-1960s) and peace & love & long hair (late 1960s and 1970s).

Secret Agent Man
(Slightly revised lyrics)
“Secret agent man, secret agent man
Oh, he’s givin’ Trump a number
And takin’ away his name.”

Re the video, my daughter and I have been watching the old Danger Man series with Patrick McGoohan. What’s so great about it is that despite an obviously _very_ low budget (we have fun spotting the re-used sets and props) they busted their butts to be as accurate as possible, down to the Eastern European cars and phones. And John Drake is just… competent. Really competent. No misogyny, no puns, no jokes. He solves the problem and gets out. Like the opposite of James Bond – and McGoohan was reportedly offered that role as well.

My understanding is he didn’t take the Bond role because he thought the character immoral – sleeping around and killing indiscriminately.


Soon, production executive Lew Grade approached McGoohan about a TV series in which he would play a spy named John Drake. Having learned from his experience at the Rank Organisation, he insisted on several conditions in the contract before agreeing to appear in the programme: all the fistfights should be different, the character would always use his brain before using a gun, and, much to the horror of the executives, no kissing.

No kissing! Due to him being a Catholic.

MGTOWs, shield your eyes:

McGoohan fell in love with actress Joan Drummond, to whom he reportedly wrote love notes every day. They were married on 19 May 1951.

Then of course McGoohan starred in The Prisoner, which many people believe was an extension of Danger Man/Secret Agent (the latter is what it was called in the US). I have always felt that the Prisoner was John Drake.

I love how you made “weird and unusable versions”.

Never seen Danger Man, but I loved The Prisoner. I watched it in the 2000s, and I felt it had aged better than most fiction from the 1960s (bar a few plots that have become cliché since then; “The General” comes to mind, and was also one of my least favourite episodes), to the point where I jolted when McGoohan’s character made a joke about wanting to be the first man on the moon. I mean, it was obviously rooted in its era, with Cold War paranoia etc., but its surrealism makes it pretty timeless.

I feel like giving Danger Man a shot now.

I’m gonna recap our birthday dinner! 🙂 In case anyone’s interested.

We went to the excellent restaurant Koka, for a 5 course vegetarian meal. This is a very rare treat, since the place is rather fancy and expensive (at least $100/person, including tip). We’ve been to this restaurant only once before, for our graduation dinner, and we were so impressed with the creativity and quality of the food that we instantly decided to go back at some point in the future. And now the future is here!

This is technically a pre-pre-appetizer, if the first official course is an appetizer. It’s a small sip of mushroom broth with tomato flavor and lovage.

This is the pre-appetizer. It’s an almond potato with a spread of sourcream, elderberries, elder-infused capers, and topped with dried and grated egg yolk.

The bread is two types of sourdough. The hard bread is made from rye and the soft is from wheat.

Their own home-churned butter. Served on a rock from the ocean?

And, finally, it’s time for the first actual course. It’s a bed of creamy goat cheese, underneath caramelized onions and kohlrabi in a cream of leek, topped with ridiculously thinly mandolined root celery. Seriously, the root celery was like velvet.

Second course. This is boiled beets with wild garlic, capers, and creamy cauliflower (sorry, cauliflower haters), and deep fried beets sprinkled on top.

Third course. It’s spetskål (a type of cabbage for which I can’t find a proper English translation) on a bed of tarragon cream with sago, and buckwheat sprinkled on top.

The fourth course is the entrée, consisting of portobello mushrooms, root parsley, black beans, pumpkin seeds, and Chinese flowering quince.

Fifth and last course, the dessert. Walnut ice cream with fermented walnuts, apple chunks, leaves of frozen apple, sourdough chunks, and powdered walnut.

Okay, I guess there was one post-dessert dessert, too. It’s a cracker made from bark flour, with a filling of blackberry jam, and juniper berry whipped cream.

But that was the night before Otter’s birthday. Yesterday, on her actual birthday, I made a pasta gratin with faux meatballs from soy protein, wheat gluten, spicy Thai basil, onions, and thyme, plus faux ground beef, leek, garlic, and crushed tomatoes. And, of course, ridiculous amounts of cheese. I didn’t take a picture of this abomination.

However, I also made a fruit tart for dessert! Served with tawny port and julmust.

Now we won’t need to eat for about two weeks. :p

Holy cow IP, that meal looks amazing. (And it’s just before lunch–now anything I go out to get is going to be a disappointment.) I have an old friend in Gothenberg–I’m going to email her to say I’m coming out to visit so we can go there.


Just … wow. The most interesting stuff is not always found in the places one expects. That’s a fiery article!

PS have not forgotten email exchange – will reply soon. Fascinating and thought-provoking 🙂


Your friend probably knows about Koka, since it’s a fairly famous restaurant. It’s been awarded a Michelin star, and was named best restaurant in Gothenburg by White Guide (and 9th best in the country, but I’ve never been to a better restaurant anywhere). It used to be known as Kock & Vin, and most people probably still know it by the old name.


Surely you have good restaurants in Australia too? 🙂

Hmmm… Rex Tillerson, Exxon-Mobil exec and Putin fanboy to be nominated for State Department head. Dumpster fire positions the pieces he will use to fill his pockets with the Public Treasury….

In other news, voters who elected Dumpster respond; “Nanananammmmmm I don’t HEARRRR YOUUUUU”

Trump’s never wanted to admit he had help with anything, so why should he admit the Russians helped him now?

Would someone please put trump’s face on a Zardoz floating head so i can laugh? Me no have photoshop skills.

@Alan Robertshaw

Another heavy-hitter from Teen Vogue! What the hell, man? Lifetime has good TV, Teen Vogue has good journalism, Donald Trump is going to be my president, we’re actually talking about white supremacy, cats marrying dogs, ski holidays in Hell… What world is this? How did I get here?

OT: put up a podcast episode all about how movie heroes tended to sexually harass and assault their love interests until very recently and how that gave a bunch of viewers some messed-up attitudes about sex and romance. The comments section should be really interesting!

@David: Just got an ad in an older post saying ’15 thoughts men have when dating big-chested women’. The company might be called TheRichest, that text is in the upper left corner of the screen.

@Laugher at Bigots, @Bill Stickers

IDK, but if you can get to a better dimension, do so, and tell us how.

Beam us up, Bill!

In the meantime, I’ll be humming the Fifth Dimension’s big hit from Hair, “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In.”

OT but perhaps of interest to David and others…from Canada:

Fed up with meaningless attacks on female politicians: Timson
Direct attacks on female politicians have to be vigorously called out in Canada

This direct attacking of female politicians has to be vigorously called out in Canada, no matter how cornily derivative and even meaningless the “Lock her up” chant is. NDP Premier Rachel Notley has so far as I know, not even been falsely accused of a prison worthy crime.

OT, but I guess slightly tangential to user-created content: I took some of the lyrics Troubelle posted recently and made it into a song:

I’m still figuring out how to best work my recording setup for single track recording (mucked up the gain on the mic, so, sorry about vocal clipping!) but I think it has some promise.

@Troubelle, if/when you see this: I did some minor word changes to help with timing, and added a few line repeats to make a “chorus-y” bit. My style is really not particularly folk-y so it might be something different from what you were thinking, but I’m open to feedback if you have any!

Thanks for sharing, @Fishy Goat! I didn’t know about that one. Looks … well, some of the people there seem a little questionable, but they have a pretty big name in Parliament, and it looks like he’s going to be a great source for federal news.

Friend of mine is falling down the right-wing hole recently, and it really worries me. He’s been citing Rebel Media as an appropriate source, and… well, I’ve never really watched or read much Rebel Media, but wow. Exactly as right-wing biased as I expected it to be. I watched a few videos, and only one of them had any citations at all – the others were purely emotional pieces. The one with actual content was pretty clearly cherry picking and leading the audience.

Poor Rachel Notley. Something more really needs to be done. Thanks again for the link.

@SHFC – 🙂

@dlouwe – Hey, sounds good! It’s a rousing song, with a nice pairing of lyrics and tune. I like the major-to-minor switches.

@Scildfreja – That reminds me of when I was in Toronto this summer, walking past Eaton’s Centre on Bay Street on the way to the train station, and I saw a man holding up a sign saying “Trump for PM too!” He was also promoting something about a right-wing news station – if not Rebel Media then something like it.

My thoughts on the sign: “Hell no” and “Good thing that’s not especially likely,” but I guess a Trump-like character taking office was the intent 🙁


….holy butts.

The track could use some rebalancing, but yOU DID A GOOD. You should be proud.

@Scildfreja No problem! Yeah, can veer into the ridic occasionally, but I did see this item on other news sites so hopefully there’s a higher probability that it’s accurate.


Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Agree that the recording itself could use some work; I wanted to get your ear on it before putting a ton of time in. I’ll very likely put together a more polished version… eventually. (I’ve got a small queue of my own songs that I keep putting off recording, hah.)

You can shoot me an email to let me know how you want to be credited and so I can send you any future recordings; it’s my username at

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