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Trump-loving Muslim-haters escalate their rhetoric in the wake of Nice attack

Fans of Trump and/or Hitler have been quick to exploit the tragedy in Nice
Fans of Trump and/or Hitler have been quick to exploit the tragedy in Nice

In the wake of the horrendous attack in Nice last night, Internet Nazis and their enablers on the right took to Twitter to tell their followers and anyone else who would listen that they had been correct all along: Islam is our enemy, Trump is our savior, and any white person who disagrees with these propositions is a terrorist-loving traitor — and a “cuck” to boot.

Never mind that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Africa and the Middle East hate ISIS (the heinous group that mostly likely planned or inspired the Nice attacks), or that Trumpian “solutions” to terrorism like his famous “Muslim ban” are not only abhorrent but would also, almost certainly, be a recruiting bonanza for ISIS in the West.

For many on the “alt-right,” only an immediate ban on Muslim immigration or, better, the deportation of all Muslims in Western countries will be enough to protest our fragile Western civilization from these alleged “savages.”

Breitbart “journalist” and alt-right apologist Milo Yiannopoulos conjured up as much gravitas as he could muster as he warned his 330,000 followers about what he sees as the possible death of Western Civilization.

But @Nero couldn’t help but fiddle a little as the West (allegedly) burned.

@PizzaParlorBen, Milo’s young swain and ideological compadre, sent some strikingly similar thoughts to his 54,000 followers.

Mike Cernovich, the endlessly self-promoting juice seller and “mindset” guru, offered some similarly blunt and ridiculous thoughts on the matter.

Racist fantasy author Theodore “Vox Day” Beale agreed:

Meanwhile, the neo-Nazi hacker known as Weev managed to make the subtext text, as they say:

Other Internet-famous white supremacists jumped aboard the train as well:

You may remember that Mr. Heimbach’s organization, the Traditionalist Worker Party, organized that recent demonstration in Sacramento in which five anti-Fascist protesters were literally stabbed by neo-Nazis.

Mr. RAM-Z was not the only one saying this little prayer:

And of course there were those who called not just for expulsions but for literal genocide:

While most of the hatred in right-wing circles on Twitter was directed at Muslims, some directed pointed tweets at the people they see as the real enemies:

Others took swings at another favorite alt-right enemy: the mighty “cuck.”

Mr. Watson, just so you know, has 189,000 Twitter followers.

While most of the rabid Islamophobes on Twitter today — or at least those who live in the US — are Trump fans, it’s clear that for some of them Trump is just a stand-in for the leader they’d really like to see.

Occidental Odinsson, for example, made clear he’d prefer the Nazi-occupied France of 1942 to France today:

Fash McQueen, meanwhile, just went with a direct Hitler endorsement.

You may have noticed that some of the worst Tweets in this bunch sport the hashtag #FightForWesternCivilization. In my next post, I’ll take a more detailed look at that hashtag, which is quite possibly the worst thing on Twitter today.


79 replies on “Trump-loving Muslim-haters escalate their rhetoric in the wake of Nice attack”

…This is OT but does anybody know why the hell Milo has a ひ by his name? I get that the “x” is a reaction to getting his checkmark taken away but what exactly does he think ひ is other than a Japanese syllable?


You strike me as someone who has never listened to any counter-arguments ever. That whole screed was such 101 right wing bigotry it’s hard to believe anyone could write it in the year 2016. If this were 2003 I would’ve probably tried to argue with you, but at this point I have to assume you’re either dishonest, incapable of understanding any kind of complex issues, or both.


as if being against Islam was a bad thing; as a feminist it’s a given I’ll be against misogynistic ideologies, duh

For myself, as a feminist and an atheist, it’s a given I’ll be against reflexive bigotry that demonises & lumps together an entire demographic, duh.

Last night a Muslim Australian woman was being attacked on Twitter as if she was responsible and/or complicit with terrorism. By that ‘logic’, all Catholics are involved in the abuse of children. All Jewish people are war-mongering Zionists. Et cetera. No.


@Phryne, if you’re still around – I had exactly the same visceral reaction to the stuff about “mixed-race” kids. I’m white Aust. and my partner is a Sikh from Punjab, so our boy is … beautiful and perfect, that’s what he is. Stay the fuck away from my kid, assholes. You don’t deserve to breathe the same air.

Oh, I bet your boy is gorgeous! Funny how mixed kids have a better-than-average chance of being beautiful; I haven’t seen any mixed people who were less than stunning.

I’m glad it’s not just me. I don’t want to kill people, but if they threaten my kids, all bets are off. (Especially the younger one, because he’s LITTLE. The older one is more capable of defending himself, but I’ll still metaphorically fluff up and start hissing.)

Márcia Vasconcelos | July 15, 2016 at 7:58 pm

To be fair, most of the Nero’s tts were about Islam, he IS right that Islam is horrendous and all that. He is a hypocrite because he supports many of the atrocities the Koran teaches, though. So maybe he should shut up.

Wow. I have no words for the level of straight up bigotry (and just straight up bullshit) I just witnessed in this first paragraph.

I imagine the rest of this wall-o-text is going to be just as fun.

An attack happened against people in France. People died. It has nothing to do with colonies, ghettos, “islamophobia” (as if being against Islam was a bad thing; as a feminist it’s a given I’ll be against misogynistic ideologies, duh) or anything else you said.

Islamophobia is a thing, so your little scare quotes are fucking adorable. I mean, you’re a perfect example of the kind of bullshit Muslim people have to face every day simply for being Muslim and daring to be open about it. You rely on scare tactics and willing ignorance instead of educating yourself and actually learning what Islam really fucking is.

And as a feminist, it’s a given I’ll call out other feminists for being assholes. Your feminism (as lazy as it appears) isn’t an excuse for bigotry. You can be against misogyny within a religion or its practices, but you don’t have to condemn an entire religion and the people who practice it peacefully to do it.

So, Marcia, you’re being an asshole. Not just to us, but to all the Muslim feminists out there who are trying to just practice their religion in peace.

Just like any religion, Islam has the ability to be used for bad things, misogyny being one of them. But I don’t see you calling Christianity “horrendous” and all that, despite the fact that the Bible is also extremely misogynistic.

So can it, hypocrite.

Twisted ideologies or/and psychopathy can usually do, though.

So nice to see you think your feminism gives you a free pass for ableism too.

I guess you are forgetting, by the way: Europe did “open the border wide open” and let many people in without properly knowing who they are. Many immigrants in Europe live with fake IDs and receive way too light to no punishment for their crimes; a very high number of them are Muslims. It is chaotic.


It’s sad most leftists won’t bother with these problems and let the conservatives/hard right deal with it in the worst ways possible. You see, some problems affect BOTH the left and the right, they are affecting everyone and will keep affecting us even more if we don’t at least start talking about it, offer solutions and criticizing it harsher. We don’t have to be black and white with everything.

“Everyone’s wrong but me! Obviously, I know exactly what everyone’s doing wrong, and I have lots of complaints! No solutions though, beyond being racist and condemning an entire group of people for their beliefs, because they’re all misogynists! I totally know that!”

What happened needs solution. It will keep happening, unfortunately, but we can try to make it more difficult for it to happen. The victims deserve respect. It’s not the time to blame innocent people for it, blame it on past mistakes or defend those who weren’t the direct victims.
Both the right and the left are doing it wrong. It’s a general problem.

Says the person who just barfed out a load of Islamophobia into our laps.

Do you know how many Muslim people also died in that attack, Marcia? Because last I heard, it was quite a few.

So before you go rampaging off to condemn an entire religion because you think you know best, mayhaps you should take a look at who the victims actually fucking are.

Because a lot of them are Muslim. The Daesh are targeting other Muslims with their attacks. They attack places like Nice, they cause terror attacks here in the States, and you know what people like you do?

You play right into their fucking hands. You spout ignorant hatred, and you chase victims, actual fucking victims of a group who uses a hateful version of a peaceful ideology, right into their hands, so they can hurt, control, and terrorize them.

Fuck off. I’m not Muslim, but I won’t stand for this blind hatred and your pathetic excuses for your ignorance.


I didn’t even notice the dick at first – the whole thing’s a sideways fist. The dick might’ve been accidental, but I can guarantee the fist wasn’t.


Maybe, if you squint real hard, ひ kinda looks like a check mark? I’d scrounge around for a better, linguistic explanation, but I get the feeling I’d be putting more thought into it than he did


I have some homework for you in the form of an unofficial challenge:

1. Malala Yousafzai. Muslim, feminist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, modern-day civil rights hero. Google her.

2. Search the WHTM archives for articles about her. Specifically, articles about what your right-wing buddies think about her. (Here’s a hint: They all want her to be murdered or worse. All of them.)

3. Try not to explode from the sheer cognitive dissonance.

Oh fuck, a White Feminist in the wild.

Look, religions are old. There’re not perfect guides to living in the modern world. Most people who practice them know that. Feminist Muslims, and yes that even includes vieled women who cover for numerous and often personal reasons, exist. You really need to find them and listen to them.

Also, why the fuck are you defending conservatism/the American right? That ideology has wreaked havoc on the lives of women, lgbt+ people, poor people, disabled folks, and people of color in this country? If it was smaller and had little political power, we would recognize it as a hate group.

PI, that was BEAUTIFUL.

I swear, half the reason I read here is for the glorious takedowns. And they volunteer for this shit by showing up and spouting things that are best left in the toilet! The mind, it boggles.

@PI *standing ovation*

@Marcia I have family members who are Muslim AND feminist. Please go away.

@Handsome Jack
As nice as the idea of all of us having been women at some point is, I’m think the theory at the moment is that brain sex is a multifaceted process that does not start with a female template.

Am I the only one who gets annoyed when porn is held up against the conservatives as some kind of gotcha? I don’t care what porn people enjoy as long as everyone is consenting. I know there’s often a lot of hypocrisy, especially the people who go on about the evils of porn and are heavily into it themselves, but honestly it doesn’t matter whether they’re hypocrites or not. The harm they do in trying to control others’ sex lives is the same regardless of what they do in private, and we shouldn’t shame them for their kinks any more than they should shame us.

Sorry, steven, this isn’t directed at you specifically. You’re not the only one to bring it up here.

Mels, that hiragana character is “hi”, which is pronounced exactly like the English word “he”, so it might be simple male-supremecy. (masculinism?)
Of course, as Axecalibur said, I may be putting more thought into this than Milo did.

I’d like to say that I rather prefer the racist scumbags peddling their bullshit in the open, because the usual dogwhistling and sealioning is annoying as heck.

@dust bunny
Literally my first thought about #FightForWesternCivilization was “It’s too late, Columbus already sailed”. Where do you start with the sheer factual wrongness of white supremacist ideology? European civilization was imported from the Middle East and beyond, and the Germanic and Scandinavian countries were some of the last to be lifted out of barbarism.
Re Nazis and Muslims, I’ll just leave this here:

I agree. I think they do it at least partially because it annoys us. In my experience when toxic people talk politics, they do it to score points and irritate their opposition, rather than to achieve anything.

For personal reasons, I’m changing the name I use here – substituting the first letter of my surname for the whole thing. I should stress this is not because of any threat to my safety or that of anyone else.

It’s not that porn preferences that are being mocked. It’s the hypocrisy. If they’re going to pretend to be too righteous for something, they deserve to be mocked for engaging in it themselves.

Er, TMI warning, but I tend to indulge in some noncon erotica from time to time. I fucking despise rape and all forms of disregard for consent, and I endeavor to combat rape culture as much as I can. But in fiction, sometimes I find it terrifying but thrilling, like watching a slasher flick. (And yeah, I’m aware of how sexualized nonconsent can contribute to rape culture. My indulgence is not unproblematic.)

If someone tried to go “oh you say you’re against rape, but just look at this erotica you read! Are you suuure you hate rape?” I’d be pissed as hell. Fiction and reality aren’t the same thing.

100% of the tweets in this post are disgusting but Occidental Odinsson’s made me literally cry. And, not that there is anything wrong with crying, I am not a crier. How many many things must be wrong with you to post something like that? I think I need to go puke.

I’m not a Donald Trump supporter, but I see absolutely no problem with critiquing religious fanatics who use outdated fundamental religious beliefs as a reason to murder, rape or terrorize people. I don’t care what religion it is or what race or culture the person/people come from. If this gets me labeled anti-Muslim then so be it.

I don’t understand feminist or liberals who try to defend or make up excuses for Muslims. Everytime a Muslim rapes or murders someone, liberals and feminist deny it has anything to do with religion or whine about not blaming all Muslims for those crimes. Yet on the other hand if some Christian guy flips out and murders or rapes someone, they do the exact opposite, not only will they put direct focus on him being a Christian, but they will also blame the whole of Christianity for one mans actions.

The idea is that every single Christian should be blamed for a single guys actions, but Muslims should be coddled, given consideration and treated with kindness, no matter what they do. Nope, I don’t work that way. I will harshly criticize any person or group who rape, murder or commit other violent actions in the name of some outdated religion.

Muslim immigrants commit murder, rape and other violence in the name of Islam every day all across Europe, many of the victims are women, yet the feminist won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Muslim crime has become such a problem that I have no problem with European countries banning immigration or deporting Muslim criminals to cut down on crime. If that’s what Europe has to do to keep there people and women safe, then that’s just what they have to do

If feminist want to live in denial, then go right ahead, but I won’t.


I see absolutely no problem with critiquing religious fanatics who use outdated fundamental religious beliefs as a reason to murder, rape or terrorize people

Good thing none of us do either! Check it out *ahem*: “Abubakar Shekau is a religious fanatic, whose outdated religious beliefs are a piss poor justification for terrorism. Fuck him.” You’re welcome, rando!

whine about not blaming all Muslims for those crimes

If not engaging in collective blame is whining, then consider me a Merlot

Yet on the other hand if some Christian guy flips out and murders or rapes someone, they do the exact opposite

Muslims just murder and rape. If a Christian does it, they musta “flipped out” 1st? I’m sure you didn’t think that thru, but one learns the most interesting things about people that way

The idea is that every single Christian should be blamed for a single guys actions, but Muslims should be coddled, given consideration and treated with kindness, no matter what they do

1 of those is singular, and 1 is plural. Again, interesting…

Muslim immigrants commit murder, rape and other violence in the name of Islam every day all across Europe

There are 770m people in Europe, 74m are immigrants total. 11m of those come from Muslim majority areas. Let’s assume all of them are practicing Muslims. There are 8m violent crimes committed every year in Europe. Now, this is incomplete information, but I have a hard time believing that a Muslim immigrant specifically commits a violent crime everyday, let alone to the point that it poses a specific problem separate or bigger from those of other religious groups

If that’s what Europe has to do to keep there people and women safe, then that’s just what they have to do

So fuckin interesting…

If feminist want to live in denial, then go right ahead, but I won’t

Appreciate the permission. Be lost without you!


Comrade Malala is fantastic. It makes me laugh how the MSM like to whitewash her political beliefs tho. She is a member of International Marxist Tendency and has been a keynote speaker at our youth events. When you see her on TV playing the role of ‘Mother Theresa Jr.’ with heads of state like Obama and captains of industry like Bill Gates, wouldn’t it be cool if she came out that she was a Marxist!? They would poop themselves! Here’s a picture of her speaking in Pakistan. Note funky hammer and sickle on the lecturn, along with Lenin and Trotsky. 🙂

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