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Spermjackers, Free Bleeders, and Beard-Hating Feminazis: The United Anti-Feminist Coalition fights the real enemies of men

They might as well be twins!
They might as well be twins!

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So I’ve discovered a new bunch of antifeminist meme-makers who’ve somehow managed to pull off something close to the spectacular ugliness, incoherence, and just plain wrongness achieved by the meme masters at A Voice for Men.

Let’s give a big round of applause to the graphics whizzes of the United Anti-Feminist Coalition and their lovely Facebook page.

The Godwin-tastic meme at the top of this page —  which gets bonus Godwin Points because Gloria Allred is actually Jewish — may be my favorite of theirs I’ve seen so far, but there are so many other brilliant contributions on their page that I hardly know where to start.

The UAFC meme-makers, like those at AVFM, do love battling straw feminists.

You know, like the straw feminists who HATE MALE FACIAL HAIR!




The Straw Feminists who are always demanding that random dudes make them happy.




And of course the Straw Feminists who demand “women and children first” when it comes to evacuating ships that for some reason don’t have enough lifeboats.




When the UAFC memers aren’t fighting imaginary feminists, they’re railing against imaginary feminist campaigns. Like the “Free Bleeding” campaign,  a phony “feminist” celebration of menstrual blood that was actually concocted by 4chan in an attempt to make feminists look silly.

Well, it’s not feminists who look silly here. Especially given that the kid in the picture below is clearly holding a “Honk if you support Obama” sign with the words “if you support Free Bleeding” photoshopped onto it.




And when they’re not fighting off the specter of “Free Bleeding,” the UAFC is railing against the evils of “spermjacking” with barely comprehensible graphics.




Never mind that men are the ones actually poking holes in condoms; indeed, 16% of women on one recent study had a partner try to sabotage their birth control in an attempt to get them pregnant.

Then there are memes that are just plain incomprehensible:




I mean, I’ve been to Mangina Boot Camp, and it’s nothing like this!



260 replies on “Spermjackers, Free Bleeders, and Beard-Hating Feminazis: The United Anti-Feminist Coalition fights the real enemies of men”

I read that headline and thought “Free Bleeders?” Are there women who get PAID to menstruate? Or does free=freedom? Because there ARE cultures that banish women to menstruation huts and other ghastly practices. The first one made me LOL- all this time I’ve been a “free-bleeder” when there was profit to be made!?

This video makes much more sense and is more enjoyable than all their memes and arguments combined.
Some feminists like men with beards. What is up with the pheonix? It looks like the hunger games logo. The rest I don’t even know what to think.

I can’t believe the “free bleeder” thing is still being talked about like it’s a thing. It’s not a thing. It’s never been a thing. What is wrong with people. No radical feminists are walking around with blood running down their legs. Never have.

I mean, if nothing else, who wants to do all that goddamned laundry?

I thought the SAME thing about that logo! Hopefully their movement will NOT catch fire *bah dum tsh*
Also, I think facial/body hair is sexy, but it really depends on the person (like most characteristics). Guess I’m not feministing correctly. The high council will be most displeased.

Picture of a sad male clown riding a donkey backwards, with the caption reading “Women are RIDICULOUS.”

See, making a meme isn’t hard AT ALL. It’s first-year material here at Internet University.

Haha, the ladies want equality, but they also want me to hold the door open for them! I remember making that exact argument: when I was twelve. How old are these guys?

Looking at the second meme and in light of the the recent post on the evils of treacherous make-up I’d like to warn y’all about the evils of the beard!
Yes! Treacherous menz grow the beard to cover up the fact that they’re secretly ugly!
Yes! The beard covers the bone structure that we women crave. How many women have had relations with such an individual only to discover (the horror) that without their beard the menz look…different.
Do you know what lies lie under the beard? Is it a chiseled chin? Maybe. But maybe it’s spaghetti, a bunch of flowers, a brick, a 2005 Ford or worse.
Don’t be fooled! Don’t accept inferior genetic material! Don’t trust the beard !

I can’t load the comment section maybe that’s a good thing.

Because reasons
Everybody likes different things and it all depends on the person like for example I like guys who shave their armpits but if they don’t want to then that’s fine just like if the guy that I’m dating doesn’t like girls who wear makeup but if they want to then he would understand and would leave it like that.

Nobody should judge or force someone to be their “fantasy girl/boyfriend.”

I guess I’m not feministing properly either.

So anyway what it’s like to be in mangina camp? Anybody been there?

I mean, if nothing else, who wants to do all that goddamned laundry?

That was my thought too. Not to mention your furniture. Who wants to steam clean the couch every month?

I couldn’t make it through that video. I kept laughing every time she mentioned the Honey Badger Radio Show. Seriously? They have a radio show? And apparently people only listen to the show because they want to hear a woman’s voice. Charming.

Someone should let the mememaker know that “woof” is often an expression of sexual approval… using it on a meme in response to a “kid” is super duper skeevy.

Apart from that, wow these are awful. It took me 10 minutes to figure out that the point of the “women and children first” thing was in the lower left-hand corner (as in; “hey feminists, I challenge you to justify why you voted yes on this poll, because of course you did”).

The mangina boot camp one? What? It makes it look like the “Misandry is real and women have never been repressed” line is coming from a mangina.

Not to mention the single mother one, where I’m pretty sure there isn’t an either/or between failed contraception and fertilization.

Which feminists are against beards again? That sounds like something out of r/TiA.

They should have combined their memes to have a poor man who’d recently been spermjacked go down with a sinking ship cause the last spots in the lifeboat went to Gloria Allred and her hairy feminist friend Katie who isn’t personally attracted to beardy men, while the manginas stand idly by doing nothing and a goose honks at him mockingly. Meanwhile, other women in the lifeboat are shouting through their megaphones at the man, telling him to dance for their amusement.

Now that’s a meme!


That’s not a meme, that’s a political cartoon! All you need is a weeping statue of liberty and a horrid pun by a little cartoon author-stand-in, and it’d be perfect!

Does someone understand the connection between the alleged Allred quote and the alleged Hitler quote? Is it some kind of “both these people hate us because we’re atheists and we hate women, but we’re just telling it like it is” thing?

@fruitloopsie Exactly.

As for mangina camp, since David’s been maybe he can enlighten us. I imagine it includes classes on respect, equality, parenting skills, being a good lover…basically anything you’d want your dream partner to learn. Because what these guys call manginas, I’m pretty sure most of us would call “catches”.

@Falconer Maybe because they’re somehow both fascist? Well, at least Hitler is one, IDK about the other.


It’d be a pretty sweet cartoon. I’m not sure if feminist friend Katie’s dislike of beards should be displayed through a sign or shirt with a bearded man crossed out, or through a word bubble directed at Gloria Allred, or just a thought bubble. The oppressed man going down with the ship should probably have a beard.


Alright, not only have I never seen anybody say that even as a joke, but I’ve never seen anybody hint towards something that could possibly be mistaken for it if you were wearing earplugs and a blindfold. There’s arguing with the straw feminists in your imagination, and then there’s whatever the hell that was.


I was imagining her wearing a shirt saying “Kate Hates Beards,” but a sign could work.

The goose would have to have a label or sign as well, declaring her (of course “her”) a supporter of free-bleeding. I guess she could have the “honk if you support” sign while honking, that’d work!

Now, how do we get Gloria to have Hitler’s eyes? Does she wear a Hitler shirt with the same facial expression as she has?

Since when are beards something that feminists take a stand on? As I recall, a couple of years ago, it was a thing for guys to have old-timey beards, like from the 1890s. There was even some baseball player for Boston with a beard and they had some beard day/free admission event. I mean, sure individuals might prefer a man with or without a beard, but a feminist issue?

That spermjacking one took me a while to figure out. All of these are so cluttered and full of weird stuff, I think my forehead wrinkle just got deeper.

I just love how real issues and every random assertion on the part of individuals gets thrown in together like a disgusting garbage soup. The whole message to me is: women shouldn’t have opinions, individual or collective.

To state the obvious, the equivalent of expecting a woman to shave her body hair would be…expecting a man to shave his body hair. Not his face.

That’s about what I was going to say. I’ve never heard a feminist say that men should be required to shave their beards. There are some feminists who only attracted to clean shaven men, but that’s not the same thing. There are also feminists who are attracted to men with beards and feminists who aren’t attracted to men at all. So I really don’t get what they’re saying.

I’ve come to suspect false-flag campaigns like “free bleeding” and “#EndFathersDay” are not actually aimed at trolling women, but rather keeping the manosphere good and angry. Like right-wing bafflegab about “Where’s the birth certificate?” and “BENGHAZI!!!!11” the goal is simply to dump false information into the collective memory; no matter how many times it’s rebutted, the true believers will still have a vague memory of That Time Feminazis Tried To Ban Father’s Day or How Those Gross Feminists Worship Menstrual Blood.

At first, I thought the “Mangina Boot Camp” was supposed to be a re-education camp FOR manginas–ie, the guy standing in the background is the instructor, trying to un-brainwash the manginas of their feminist indoctrination. This would then work if the camp residents were still stuck with their heads in the sand, regurgitating a poorly satirized version of feminist doctrine. Thus, “Entire Class Fail” would indicate that clearly, we who are indoctrinated manginas are somehow impervious to the logical arguments of the MRM.

Of course, this coming from the Greatest Human Rights Movement In History, they failed and just had the guys with their heads in the sand just saying random dumb shit that is utterly unrelated to feminism, pro or con, and thus even their potential point meandered off into the wastelands.

I remember reading that female gorillas also menstruate. So SOME primates actually engage in free bleeding. As far as I know, the male gorillas don’t mind.

Rebbecca Watson did an excellent evidence-based takedown of the “Misandry” of “Women and children first” thing.

Turns out, in actual sea faring disasters before minimum lifeboat laws, with the notable exception of the Titanic(from which that phrase is drawn), women and children were far more likely to die on sinking ships than men. That men overwhelmingly got to lifeboats more than both women and children.

Yeah, that’s right, assholes, your “misandry” was a one time event that reversed the overwhelming trend of killing women(and children) to save men. And most feminists absolutely detest benevolent sexism. Look it up.

Down with spermjacking! Freejaculation for all!

Hey, I can come up with inane antifeminist memes for non-things, too!

WWTH: I don’t think they even get what they’re trying to say. I don’t think any person would get it Maybe cats would get it, chinchillas, titmice or Red Pandas might get it.

See I can be non-sensical, too, but clearly they have mastered that s***.

Oh Robert, in Primatology they have long observed lowland gorillas forming crude belted pads out of twigs and bird nests. IN MY IMAGINARIUM!

These are so terrible it’s almost like it’s intentional. Nobody could make something so hilariously bad by accident, surely?

The “Feminists have double standards on hair”:

All women don’t have to do stuff to please your boner if they don’t want to. All you men also don’t have to do to stuff to be attractive to women. That’s between you and the person(s) you’re having sex with.

My boyfriend shaves his face because 1) he has literally the worst beard in the world, 2) he knows I like his adorable baby face. I shave my legs when around him because I know he likes smooth legs. We both forgive each other if we forget because that’s what reasonable people do while in love.

tldr: Not all men nor all women have to be attractive all the time. Deal.

Because of the way the “women and children first” poll is worded, if you think children should have priority in lifeboats you have to vote yes. They’ve assumed it’s nothing but feminists voting to save women when it’s more likely just people putting kids first.

@Dee, I had that thought too.

I also wonder what they think about the notion of lumping women as a group with children. They probably don’t.

Far as I can tell, that poll about the feminists wanting to Titanikill the menz has all of eleven voters, five of whom said yes. One of those five wrote in a comment that he was only voting yes on the “children first” part. The other four were mostly operating off the “women = nurturing” angle so…probably not feminists. And again, there were five of them, all from a self-selecting group.

Which was presented by the mook who created that image as “fifty percent polled.” Sure, buddy, those eleven people were surely representative of the population as a whole.

Could the beard thing have originated with the neckbeard nerdy gamer stereotype and been taken out of context and inflated to be a straw feminist anti-beard thing?

Also, I’m pretty sure someone photoshopped Adolf Hitler’s eyes to look dark. In reality, they were blue.

(But still scary for all that.)

Free bleeders, LOL. #nofathersday, LOL. They make shit up and then they rail against it.

I’m not sure if feminist friend Katie’s dislike of beards should be displayed through a sign or shirt with a bearded man crossed out, or through a word bubble directed at Gloria Allred, or just a thought bubble.

Kate should lean over and whisper “I’m glad there aren’t enough life boats, his beard is gross.”

It wouldn’t be an MRA cartoon without being bizarrely extreme.

During my time as a feminist, or in fact a woman or a girl, I have never uttered the words “You go girl!” or anything like it to support anyone’s actions. I see this often in anti-feminist memes. But then, that is not the weirdest thing to be seen in them, as underlined by this post.


Also, um, one of those poll results says “White people and children should go first.”

I think that’s meant to say that, like “white people and children first”, saying “women and children first” is bigoted. It’s hard to tell because of how poorly it’s written.

Oh and the free bleeding thing is a scream. Did the 4channers get anyone to actually fall for that? Last time I checked in the real world there were feminists campaigning to stop sanitary products being taxed as luxury items.

You know, if you say “Women and children first,” it sounds sexist, but if you say “children and their caregivers first,” that sounds pretty reasonable and frequently comes to the same thing.

Oh, Sambarge; it’s not *strictly* accurate to say there are no and have never been any free bleeders. Even Ensler is, somehow, a real person. So yeah, free bleeding is a thing in the same pedantic way that SCUM was a thing.

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