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These Men's Rights Activists and GamerGaters get off — literally — by fantasizing about sexually humiliating feminists.

Every MRAs not-so-secret fantasy. (From a vintage cigar ad.)
Every MRAs not-so-secret fantasy. (From a vintage cigar ad.)

[TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of rape, violent misogyny]

Today, the easy winner in my informal “Worst Thing I Saw On The Internet” contest is a horrendous little hangout for dudes with a very particular sexual fetish: they like to fantasize about raping and sexually humiliating feminists.

The Breaking Feminist Superheroines subreddit (r/breakfeminazis), with 865 subscribers, describes itself as

A Fantasy BDSM Subreddit devoted to a Supervillian who enslaves, degrades, and humiliates Feminist Superheroines to teach them their place as women

Some of these “feminist superheroines” are mentioned by name. The top two posts in the subreddit right now link to badly photoshopped fake porn pics of Anita Sarkeesian.



Another of the top posts is a story in which a TV news anchor named “Rachel” – presumably Rachel Maddow – is cavity-searched against her will by a Sherriff.

Most of the other “superheroines” remain anonymous, probably because the bulk of posts in the subreddit consist of BDSM fetish porn repurposed into antifeminist fetish porn through the use of lurid headlines:

The Feminist political prisoner is awakened from her sleep to be dragged by her hair to her daily fucking by MRA prison guards

Ex-Husbands line up to apply a paddling to the ass of the Feminist Divorce Attorney who had ruined their marriages

The Misogynist Activist gloats as he enjoys the abundant company of the sex he despises and has brought so much misery to

Clearly, the fantasies described and depicted in the subreddit aren’t only sexual; they’re derived, in large part, from the political and social fantasies of Men’s Rights Activists and other manosphere misogynists.

This is hardly surprising, considering the people behind the subreddit. One of the subreddit’s mods, and its most active contributor, seems to consider himself an MRA. He calls himself mravidz, which I can only assume is short for MRA vids, and his submissions often feature MRAs enjoying their new supremacy over women – including one in which an MRA, after a lifetime “struggl[ing] against militant Feminism [had] achieved total victory, [with] former Radical activists serv[ing] obediently as foot-rests.”

The other mod, oxymuncha, is the founder of TumblrInAction (an anti-”Social Justice Warrior” subreddit with 137,000 subscribers) and mods four other TumblrInAction spinoff subs. He’s also a mod of KotakuInAction (the largest pro-GamerGate hangout on Reddit) and the Gor subreddit (a porn subreddit inspired by an infamous series of male supremacist SF novels).

Indeed, the central fantasy underlying the subreddit – a postapocalyptic utopia in which men reassert their dominance and control over their former feminist rulers and women in general – has long been a favorite topic of discussion amongst Men’s Righsters and Red Pillers. There’s a certain kind of MRA who gets as excited as any doomsday prepper when talk turns to what many MRAs see as the impending apocalypse – when society collapses and women are forced to come begging back to men for protection and guidance.

“Men will notice a decided shift in women’s once hostile attitude towards them,” the MRA message board regular Keyster wrote in the comments on The Spearhead.

They will be actively engaged in seeking out male protectors and openly using sexual allure to attract them as mates. Men are so much better at defending themselves from bad guys, so you’ll want one with you if you’re a woman.

The Breaking Feminist Superheroines subreddit turns this rather widespread MRA fantasy into an explicitly sexualized vision of male (MRA) supremacy and female (feminist) submission, and adds some science-fictiony overtones to it all.

The subreddit’s sidebar spells out the basic narrative:

A Historical Chronicle of the Gender Civil Wars, in which Radical Feminists finally push Men too far, leading to a hot War of the Sexes in which the forces of the Feminist Menace are smashed in battle. What would a hypothetically constructed world in which Feminism has been decisively defeated, and women have been returned to their natural condition as Slaves look like?

Apparently for some of the contributors it looks a lot like a world in which Anita Sarkeesian’s face has been badly photoshopped onto porn pictures.

But others on the subreddit are a little more, er, imaginative. In a post titled “How would you tame a Feminist Leader you captured in the Gender Civil Wars?,” a contributor who calls himself femshit asks for advice in coming up with fantasy scenarios.

Suppose the Gender Polarization continues along current lines into a full blown Gender Civil War, a hot war of the sexes. Males are sick of emasculation and revolt against Feminist Totalitarianism and their mangina white knight allies.

Males quickly establish tactical supremacy. And the only advantage females have, is that MRA forces use rubber bullets, so they can capture Feminist POWs and transform them into cuntslaves.

MRA forces capture the Feminist Senate Hall of the Herpublic. And you are assigned one of the captured Feminist Senators as a War Prize. What steps do you take to break her in and teach her to accept her gender inferiority?

She is totally at your mercy, but still spouting tumblr SJW about gender equality and how her spirit will never be broken.

what are some ways to humiliate and degrade her feminist ideals of equality? how do you show her just how weak her soft feminine body really is?

how do you get her to learn the inherent inferiority of her cunt sex?

A commenter called cuntamer responds:

As a leader she’ll need to be held accountable for her crimes against men during the war. She should be put on trial in the local stadium and made a spectacle of as any man with a grievance comes forward and testifies against her. After all the intimate and humiliating details of her life are read aloud as evidence, and testimony is over, she will be sentenced appropriately for her infractions. The trial will conclude with a ceremonial stripping and burning of her and her colleagues clothing and worldly possessions as they are led off in chains.

I’ll spare you the elaborate rape fantasy that follows.

While most of the “stories” in the subreddit consist of little more than elaborate headlines, there’s a separate BreakFeminaziFavs Tumblr blog [NSFW] in which some of the fantasies are developed in more detail.

In one vignette, a new widow is turned over to “the bloodsucking loanshark who had driven her husband to suicide.” When she resists,

He handed to her the MRA Civil Code and to her horror it was all true. She would not even be given the mercy of attending her own husband’s funeral. Instead she was to be taken away immediately to become the fuck-slave of her husband’s worst enemy. Her black mourning lingerie just aroused the beast more.

In another, a former Feminist assassin becomes a pregnant slave to a mansplaining master with a fetish for Evo Psych:

For him the ideological victory over Feminist Science was more important than petty abuse. 

He lectured the Feminist Ideologue like a little schoolgirl, on how her strange cravings were easily explained by Evolutionary Psychology. How Cavemen would slaughter entire tribes and take the women as booty. Women’s entire psychology was shaped to serve the children of their Master’s. Their taste buds were totally warped to protect their babies. … She no longer existed for herself but for his child. She was but a robot fulfilling the needs of the fetus. 

Again and again in these little stories, “uppity” women are brought low by men they had oppressed or insulted. A “fallen” female CEO is subjected to spankings at the hands of her employees; a Feminist philosophy professor is humiliated by “Frat Bros [with] a more intrinsic understanding of the Ethics of Nietzsche”; a “Christian Fundamentalist Congresswoman” is raped and impregnated by the “Atheist Liberation Front.” An Occupy Wall Street protester is forced to serve drinks “for her Wall Street masters” wearing little more than a ball gag.

Paul Elam of A Voice for Men famously told one feminist that “the idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection.”

Apparently he’s not the only MRA who feels that way.


232 replies on “These Men's Rights Activists and GamerGaters get off — literally — by fantasizing about sexually humiliating feminists.”

*MOD hat on*

A thread about men fantasizing about punishing women with rape is NOT the place to overshare about your own rape fantasies. Knock it off.

*MOD hat off*

Rmfishburne, if you don’t have enough sense to realize that random women probably aren’t going to want to hear about your rape fantasies and enough respect for our boundaries not to vomit them up all over a thread like this then no, you are not a good ally.

I’m sorry for offending people. I try to be as honest and open as possible about myself, especially on internet forums, since it’s a “safe” arena with people I don’t personally know, but I can be pretty sure disagree with me. I also assumed that anyone reading this probably would apply trigger warning to the comments, so sorry for oversharing there. I don’t often have the best sense about these things. I probably should have, at the very least, been a lot more vague, or talked about the clowns instead. People always focus on clowns, they’re a good distraction.

This is my first time really commenting and I didn’t do so for any other reason except to present myself as an example of someone who feels conflicted about what arouses them vs. what they know to be morally right. I know that any evidence I presented in support of my character is already overshadowed by how I revealed the worst part of myself, and that is one of my biggest fears in life, with my second being accidentally hurting people (because I could never do it on purpose). I know, however, that my comment was very ill-advised or at the very least ill-phrased, so I am sorry for hurting people emotionally here.

@rmfishburne, thanks for the notpology, especially the detail in the second paragraph. Clearly you think your ability to tell people about your fantasies, in a thread dealing with seriously problem elements, over-rides anyone who doesn’t particularly care.

Dude, shut up about your fantasies already. Shut up about your angst. Why the hell do you think a thread about sadist misogynistic rape is the appropriate place to hear about your fantasies, it’s not a bloody me-too sharing thread. We don’t care, and we don’t need to hear it.

A better apology would have been: I’m sorry.

“Women-Exclusionary Liberal Feminist.”


Aaaand now I have a headache. Gotta go take something for that bit of cognitive dissonance.

rmfishburne: An apology shouldn’t be yet another excuse for you to get off violating people’s boundaries. You’ve traeted this comment section as a place for you to skeeve on strangers. Don’t come back.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the “please share your rape fantasies with us! we’d just love to hear them!” thread and never was.

Stop trying to manipulate women into giving you ass-pats and reassurance, dude. It’s not appropriate, we are not your mommies, and several people have already told you that they don’t want to hear it. Whatever guilt you’re feeling is yours to process – stop trying to make it our responsibility to help you work your way through it.

an example of someone who feels conflicted about what arouses them vs. what they know to be morally right

Which is what makes it irrelevant to this thread, as the post is about people who write about the morally horrendous things that arouse them AND think they are completely in the right.

The things those people write about are HORRIFYING dude. And not in a “oh, can you believe they wrote that” way. I mean in the literally horrifying, in the “makes my stomach clench and my skin crawl” way. To come in here with your boner updates, no matter what they are, is completely insensitive, and not a tiny bit helpful.

Men who want to round women up and put them in rape camps are not “clowns”. Now go away.

Okay, I’m back for one thing. I’d never actually *gone* to that reddit and just assumed it was like other stuff I read.

It’s not. I was wrong. This isn’t even remotely erotic. The old adage of “I can’t define porn, but I’ll know it when I see it”? This isn’t even porn. It’s just bafflingly hateful trash. Anyone aroused by this really is a vile garbage person.

Shit, no wonder my comments pissed people off. I’m a goddamn idiot.

You know the old saw about assumption. Only this time it just made an ass of you.

Look, you want us to hold your hand and tell you it’s OK? Not gonna happen.

Thanks for the illustration of dudely privilege and entitlement: “I won’t bother to read, but I’m sure these women are just dying to hear what I have to say.”

You know, your behavior here isn’t exactly inspiring confidence that you really are a person who respects boundaries and would never do anything without someone’s consent, honest. I have lots of experience in the BSDM community, and dude? I can see exactly what you’re doing here.

Now take your hand out of your pants and use it to click the little arrow that takes you away from this blog, and don’t come back.

That’s a charitable reading, but dudes like this aren’t questioning shit, they’re the blog equivalent of a weenie-wagger on the bus. He’s only backpedaling because we’re not having it.

Hmm, man who comes into thread about abusers’ fantasies of enslaving and raping women, to share (oh so sorrowfully) details of his rape fantasies … what’s the word for it again?

Oh yes.


I haven’t been to it either – but I can read the bits in this very post. Even if they are literally the worst bits and the only bad bits (which I highly doubt) they are terrible and that is what this post is about. To claim you didn’t know what the post was about because you only read the post… well… I doubt you read the post.

Kind of suggests that the stuff that was quoted in the post resembles dude’s own fantasies, doesn’t it?

Note – I do not want to know whether or not this is true, dude, I just want you to go away.


I’d never actually *gone* to that reddit and just assumed it was like other stuff I read.

Why? Why the hell would you assume that a subreddit posted about on a site specifically about mocking MISOGYNY, presented as “Worst Thing I Saw On The Internet”, WITH A FUCKING TRIGGER WARNING was somehow just BDSM funtimes? Ignorance is not a fucking excuse here, nor is being a noob. Do you know much horrible shit is posted about on this blog? A LOT. Do you how many posts come with a trigger warning? Not that many, proportionally. But you just went ahead and assumed this was the perfect time to talk about your rape fantasies. Ass, indeed. Gtfo.

Quick update on Oy de la Vey XV: Triumph of the Shill.

I got a message from Facebook today:

We reviewed the Page you reported for containing hate speech or symbols. Since it violated our Community Standards, we removed it. Thanks for your report. We let Oy de la Vey XV: Triumph of the Shill know that their Page has been removed, but not who reported it.

I guess enough people reported it. It only took a week.

They will be actively engaged in seeking out male protectors and openly using sexual allure to attract them as mates.

So this is not happening now?

He lectured the Feminist Ideologue like a little schoolgirl, on how her strange cravings were easily explained by Evolutionary Psychology.

And this? It’s not what men actually do?

After all the intimate and humiliating details of her life are read aloud as evidence..

And this, this doesn’t happen now either.

Why do I get the sense that while they’re describing a “utopia,” they’re actually only telling us about things that they already do? The whole post is very self-revelatory of the whole “MRA movement.” They have just put on paper the bowel movements of their minds and admitted it’s not men’s rights they’re after, or that they are defending equality. They just like to humiliate women. And they use all these tactics to do it (mansplaining, rape, etc.)

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